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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Lupin, McGonagall, Draco, Fred, George, OC
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General, Humor, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-07-14 1:33am
Last Chapter
2008-12-12 12:41am
Last Updated
2008-12-12 12:41am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Just a short little beginning so that you get to know exactly how close Astra and Remus are and how she feels about her parents.

1,375 12
2 On Twins, Toads and Tales

Introduction: you meet Astra, Fred and George, Neville, Hermione, Harry and Ron. In pretty much that order, along with a few others. 
It's the train ride to Hogwarts and the Sorting! Yay!

3,622 10
3 On Letters, Matches and First Crushes

Astra writes a letter to Moony and starts her first day of classes at Hogwarts.

2,451 13
4 On Pranks, Gringotts and Replies

I know that this is a long time coming. I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to update. But I'm back (with an awesome new laptop) writing the whole thing over again. I just started winter break so I'm going to be spending a lot of my time dedicated to catching up to where I had been before. And now, without further ado, Chapter 4.

1,189 4
5 On Bad Luck, Good Luck, and Slimy Gits

First flying lesson with the Slytherins. A little bit of Taylor's fight not flight is shown in Astra.

2,455 2
6 On Duels, Trap Doors and 'Family'

The 'duel' and meeting the three headed dog. Harry learns a bit about Sirius Black and Hermione learns a bit more.

1,983 3
7 On Brooms, Charms and Pricks

Astra flirts with Seamus and the kids learn Wingardium Leviosa.

1,904 4
8 On Tic-Tac-Toe, Trolls and Memories

Astra and Hermione have a heart-to-heart in a bathroom stall

2,589 6
9 On Books, Rules and First Matches

They learn more about what Snape was doing on Halloween and Harry's first Quidditch match.

3,067 0
10 On Fluffy, Flamel and Evil Librarians

After the match, the four go to Hagrid's Hut and learn important information about what the three headed dog could be guarding. Astra makes a decision that Hermione reprimands her for, but who doesn't make decisions like that, really?

2,351 0
11 On Cloaks, Tiaras and Mirrors

It's CHRISTMAS! They get their presents, Astra is in love (11 year old love, anyway), and her reflection is something she had never expected it to be. But you know what they say, mirrors show the truth and sometimes, the truth is ugly.

2,878 0
12 On Neville, Frogs and Light Reading

More research in the library and some Quidditch. You know, the usual. Oh, and Astra gets in an argument about werewolves with Quirrell which makes Hermione suspicious.

3,829 0
13 On Dragons, Girls and Too Much Trouble

Hermione starts worrying about exams, Hagrid is up to something in the library, Malfoy finds out what Hagrid is up to, and when the four of them try to help Hagrid, Malfoy tries to get them all caught. Well, 'tries' might not be the right word to use.

4,066 0
14 On Shame, Resignations and the Anti-Sleeping-Beauty Effect

Harry decides that it's for the best that they don't get involved in the sorcerer's stone anymore but is it the right desicion? Astra gets her first kiss, but it's at a price.

3,100 0
15 On Chimaera's, Exams and Give it 112%!

Exams, kisses and all that jazz.

3,464 0
16 On Baron's, Plants and Keys

They enter the trap door and being their journey

2,430 3
17 On Chess, Hope and Visions

The four continue on their journey to save the Sorcerer's Stone.

3,573 5
18 On Rumors, Points and Boyfriends

End of the first year!

2,593 7


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