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Lucius, Narcissa, Luna, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Romance
Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-07-12 8:56am
Last Chapter
2008-10-12 7:11am
Last Updated
2008-10-12 7:11am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Draco's Mess

Draco ends up getting himself in a mess in an attempt to live up to his father's expectations.

2,304 15
2 Persuading Luna

Luna tapped her nose with her index finger. Did she trust him enough to go and meet him? She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. “Curiosity killed the cat.” She told herself.

2,263 12
3 How Far?

“Come on Luna, where are you?” Draco shifted about in his seat, he had a horrible feeling that she had changed her mind and wouldn’t come. There was no real reason why she should help him out was there? But she had agreed to come and Draco had the feeling that Luna didn’t back away from her promises.

3,532 11
4 Lucius Takes Control

"....Good idea?” He questioned mentally chalking one up to himself and feeling immensely pleased at the horrified expression on his sons face.

1,949 9
5 Pleasant Plots

He would stand his ground and do whatever it took to keep the upper hand, it was even more important now than any other competition he had been involved in with his father.

1,988 14
6 Poker

“Poker night, Draco, listen when I’m speaking will you? I’ve sent the relevant invitation to the Crabbe’s, Goyle’s and of course young Mr Zabini.”

3,074 12
7 Shenanigans

Lucius closed the door soundlessly giving Draco the feeling of his retreat being cut off. The moonlight came in through the windows whose heavy drapes had not been closed, and cast long shadows on the walls.

2,450 15
8 Race Day

“Father reminded me this morning that it‘s Race Day today. He can‘t go and wondered if we would like to go instead. Do you want to go?” He wondered flicking his hair out of his eyes.

2,491 19
9 The Invite

Draco was totally mortified himself, she had seen it, Luna must have see it in his eyes the thoughts that lingered dangerously close to the surface when she was around.

2,264 14
10 Realisation & Opportunity

He had thought that buying her pretty and expensive things would show her that he thought she deserved all the fine things in life and ultimately that he cared about her. Why else would he shower her with gifts if he didn’t care?

2,268 10
11 Sore Feet

The creases in her forehead deepened as she surveyed his innocent expression, the expression she knew meant that he was as innocent as the devil! She knew him well enough now to know when he was up to something, when he was trying to push her into doing something she didn’t really want to do. Luna jabbed a finger at him her tone accusing, “Your worming again.”

2,941 3
12 Lucius' New Plan

Lucius smiled at his son, it was easy for him to mask the annoyance he felt at Draco‘s cowardly behaviour. He wondered if his son thought he was blind? Or worse, a complete and utter idiot? He had taught Draco at a young age to conceal all emotions from others; emotions made you weak and could drag you down. Draco had been a keen listener and eager to please back then; he had mastered the art of becoming icy cold and disdainful at the drop of a hat with ease.

4,060 3
13 Confession

Draco’s cheeks began to heat up. “I… I don’t …I…” he stammered, unsuccessfully attempting to form a sentence that wouldn’t make him look stupid, but nothing came to mind.

3,285 27


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