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Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Tonks, Regulus, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, James/Lily, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Fluff, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-07-11 6:02pm
Last Chapter
2007-08-12 7:40pm
Last Updated
2007-09-08 7:44pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Transition;

Gathering the letters in my hands and reading them, one by one, I began to shake. My hands trembled while holding the letters. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. We were supposed to be here together, like the best friends we always were. Rage heated up my veins as I thought of the one man who had torn our lives apart completely. I shook with rage, sadness, heartbreak. I closed my eyes tightly and when I opened them, Remus was standing there.

1,186 35
2 All Around Me;

“Emmeline Prewett you steal one more morsel off of my plate-,” Dumbledore came in to address us all, I stopped talking instantly. He didn’t have to call for silence, everyone else stopped talking too, and even the children stopped gibbering the second he came in. Little Billy Weasley motioned the kids young enough to repeat things out of the room and the meeting started, including a bouncy, purple haired five year old, Nymphadora Tonks, whom I loved dearly.

2,188 29
3 Saved;

We pulled off the mask and she was still the same girl who had ruthlessly harassed me back when we were sixteen. Screaming with frustration when Arthur was stunned, I did my best to revive him before wildly looking around for Sirius. With two pops, the Death Eaters had vanished, even if there was an Anti-Apparition charm on the room. Alecto remained arrested, tied, and venomous, and the one Death Eater was still missing, just like Sirius.

118 21
4 Que Sera Sera;

“Go, GO!” Nymphie yelled as I did my best to run while holding her. Laughing as he grabbed me from behind, I stumbled and set Nymphie up on a jungle-gym, holding her legs to keep her steady. I looked behind me to see someone darting between two trees. My hand twitched on my wand, and I slowly turned back to face Sirius and Nymphadora, neither of which had noticed.

2,639 30
5 Brighter;

I instantly felt bad. I had been off with Sirius; he had picked me up after work as a surprise and taken me to dinner to celebrate my random Auror offer. And to properly celebrate us being engaged. And here I was now, Sirius had had to go back to the shop, apparently the teacups had escaped, and I had come here for a quick drink, and stumbled upon James, who had been attempting to drink himself stupid.

1,792 25
6 Running From Lions;

Molly smiled graciously. “It is my pleasure; you girls could use some more nourishment, skinny as house-elves! And you boys, you need more meat on your bones too!” Hours later, it was us women helping Molly do the dishes while the men talked about something along the lines of quidditch, probably. Even though we girls could argue about Beaters and rivalries and tactics until we were purple, they seemed to think it was a ‘guy thing’.

1,885 21
7 Take This To Heart;

I looked down, the gold band on my finger shooting an image of Sirius into my eye. Make him proud, Cara. There four or five cloaked men standing in the room before me. Masked, they gazed down at me maliciously. Fear blossomed within my stomach but I ignored it. Me against all of them? I was taken back to the day where it was me and the Slytherin girls in the bathroom. “We’ve got her, we have your little girl and you need to tell us where the Potters are to get her back.”

2,164 26
8 Mistakes We Knew We Were Making;

Absentmindedly, I shoved my files aside and put my head in my hands. I love everyone too much to lose any of them, but if I spend these dark days worrying and trying to keep them safe, then I won’t be making any memories to have if, Merlin forbid, someone isn’t safe. Sighing, I grabbed my pen and continued to try to finish up this last file. Eyes blurring as I tried to reread the same words over and over, I set it down again. I had to verify a report that I had taken care of, by signing it at the bottom.

1,789 20
9 Born For This;

“I am going, goodbye,” he said, looking into my eyes before heading off quickly for the door. But the look in his eyes rattled me. They were wild, scared, like he was leaving to do something very important. I didn’t get to finish a sentence. At all. Not a single bloody sentence. But the fact that he was here, looking so shaken and worried, looking so scared, telling me to let Sirius know he always looked up to him... Was he in trouble for saving me? Was he in trouble with Voldemort?

2,127 19
10 On The Radio;

Frantically, I ran towards him, firing random things over my shoulder, hitting Death Eaters that were already arrested. I did my very best to revive him but truly, as horrible as it was, needed to be elsewhere. Running full speed towards the house, my eyes flickered towards the sky only to see the bright green Dark Mark illuminating the sky. “Admiring our work?” said a woman. I turned to see Bellatrix Lestrange, unmasked.

2,014 23
11 Out Through The Curtain;

He sunk down into his pillow, completely in shock. He wiped his eyes, as if it could erase the knowledge. I got up from my bed, head spinning and throbbing and my legs almost buckling, and curled up next to him, intertwining my arms with his. Sirius sat down on the chair next to us, and I laid my feet on his lap. And we stayed like that, all of us crying, all night. Morning roared in our faces too soon, my face was sticky with dried, salty tears, eyelashes stuck together stubbornly. I didn’t want to face the day, the things I would have to hear, believe.

2,243 26
12 Lady;

The cat tired out eventually, and ambled up into my lap where he fell asleep. Absent-mindedly stroking him, my mind sunk into thought, which was a dangerous place for it to be. Weddings. We were old, we were living on our own and getting married, not only that, but we were postponing weddings because family members were dying! If I have to go to another funeral before I turn twenty-five, which is some years off, I will personally go strangle Voldemort. “Darling, you look like hell,” Sirius said, sitting down next to me on the floor, not bothering to flick on the light.

1,976 23
13 Regret;

“Did ANYONE pay attention in Defense against the Dark Arts?” I said under my breath, furious. Remus is one of the all around best people I have ever known; his problem doesn’t make him a bad person. But people are too dim to see that. Affronted whispers followed my muttered comeback as I tried to steady myself. I have been an emotional wreck lately; I could literally rip these women to pieces. I took a deep breath and shuffled my papers, avoiding their icy stares as I looked for something that could calm me.

1,951 16
14 Blue Burns Orange;

Today was December 8th, bright and early, all of us were excited, and it mounted as the music began to play. Charlie and Nymphadora started down the aisle, and around three feet down it she tripped, petals going everywhere. Laughing happily, she turned and gave Lily an apologetic smile before her and Charlie started picking up bunches and throwing them as far down the aisle as they could, much to the amusement of the guests.

2,326 18
15 We Are Broken;

He sneered and I sent a stunner that almost hit him – but he disappeared in the knick of time. Shaking my head, I turned to the person fighting me, who I could tell had not fought before. A spell on the tip of my tongue, my voice faltered when something registered in my brain about the person I was fighting. He was too familiar, way too familiar, more familiar then Malfoy had been. I stunned him, and shot up red sparks, and Fabian arrived to arrest him properly. “Wait!” I screeched as he lifted his wand to bind him.

3,198 27
16 Stay Awake;

Cody looked pathetic, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. It was hypnotizing, I kept staring at my brother, in disbelief. Why? He shouldn’t have. He was stupid. So, so stupid. And maybe, if I had been closer to him, known more about his life, spent more time with him and less with my friends, I’d actually know what was happening in his life. Who else was a Death Eater? Who else was hiding their allegiance?

2,914 21
17 Memory;

My headache, no, migraine, was not getting any better. If anything, it was worsening every time I blinked. My eyes found the window, and I watched the snow pile up on the window pain, white, fluffy…ah, what a marvelous thing it must be to be a snowflake. A very short life, maybe, but lived amongst your fellow snowflakes, happily falling, settling, and living until you melt. Maybe life is one long, drawn out snowflake cycle. Or maybe, life for us will be as short as a snowflake’s. Thinking my grim, twisted, sadistic thoughts, I missed the rest of the meeting.

2,210 23
18 Three Cheers For Five Years;

Something that had been biting at my mind, a knot that had been tied in my heart…maybe I didn’t go completely without communication. Yes – I exchanged a few letters with Ryan whilst attending Beauxbatons. But, I figured since the letters were coming from different places every day, I was switching owls…using a code name…that nothing would go wrong. Figuratively speaking, nothing did. Oh, how all of them would hate me when they found out. So, no one ever did. “I’ve missed you,” I said quietly, taking the next glass put down in front of me.

2,956 34
19 Bruised;

The door was heavier then usual to push open, and the inside of the dingy pub seemed darker then usual. Why was everyone looking at me? Did they know? Could people smell the infidelity? Why isn’t there a scarlet ‘A’ burned on to my jacket? “Ryan?” I croaked, walking straight at him as he stood up from his meal and embraced me. I hadn’t noticed that he was sitting with six other members of his quidditch team. Nor had I noticed that he had been in the middle of a sentence and laughing with everyone. Nope.

2,277 30
20 Samson;

I hate coming here to see her off, deep down; it brings back too many bittersweet memories for me to cope with. The six times I had to do this myself, the day when Ryan cheated on me, the day when we started sixth year, even when I started first year…Every year started with friends by my side, friends that were shattered, torn apart and each and every one of them dealt with by Voldemort personally.

2,991 74


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