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Fred, George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
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General, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2007-07-08 6:10pm
Last Chapter
2007-08-07 7:40am
Last Updated
2007-08-07 7:40am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Lonely People

The man was shaken out of his thoughts when he felt something, or rather someone, bump into him from behind. He quickly turned around to find a woman about his age on the floor. He looked beside her and saw a small child with his leg stuck out. The man figured that she had been tripped.

1,561 31
2 Learn To Do It

George and Aubrey talked about different subjects while their dinner continued cooking. George found himself rather excited when the subject of Quidditch came up. He spoke animatedly about it. Though she appeared to like the sport, her excitement about it was much more subdued. He was glad that she at least liked Quidditch. That was one quality he liked in a woman, though it was all right if she didn’t like Quidditch.

1,831 30
3 For You From Me

George set the book down after reading one of the short stories from the book and picked up the quill, ink, and parchment that was sitting on one of his night stands. He picked the book up from beside him and placed the piece of parchment on top of it. He dipped the quill in ink and began writing.

2,227 23
4 This Year's Love

He put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer as her hands snaked to the nape of his neck. George averted his gaze from Aubrey’s eyes to her chest as they pulled slightly apart. She didn’t seem to notice, as her eyes were shut and her lips still locked with George’s. He had never really noticed her curves, but in this particular top, the fabric clung to them in a flattering way.

3,445 21
5 Ordinary People

“Your charming brothers told me when you went to the restroom yesterday evening. I chose to believe that you were a virgin despite what your brothers told me! I trusted you George! How do you think I feel right now?”

4,093 13
6 You're Still You

George leaned down so that his and Aubrey’s noses touched. Smiles curled on each of their mouths. She clasped his hands between hers and ran her thumbs over his. The two said nothing for a few moments, but enjoyed the quiet. Even George’s owl didn’t make a noise. His lips softly brushed Aubrey’s before she spoke.

2,096 15
7 I'll Be There For You- Part One

George walked through the halls of St. Mungo’s grimly. Since he did not know where Oliver had gone, he looked in every wing. Oliver was found sitting outside of the hospital with Jack. The little boy was crying and screaming, making passersby stare at the star Quidditch player.

1,473 13
8 I'll Be There For You- Part 2

George could feel the smile creeping on his mouth. ‘Romantic evening at home’ was the phrase that got his undivided attention. What sane man could resist that? Seeing as he was at least partially sane, he most certainly could not.

2,184 13
9 If The Rain Must Fall

“Erm, I’m waiting for my girlfriend,” he said, feeling himself shrink back in his seat. The woman’s eyes grew large and she quickly scurried away from George. He did not know whether he should feel relieved or afraid that people were running from him.

1,548 16
10 Accidental Man

As George smiled cheekily, Aubrey playfully hit him on the top of his head with a newspaper. She turned to walk into the kitchen, but he stopped her by wrapping his arms around her from behind.

1,752 15
11 The Way You Look Tonight

George arrived home in a giddy mood. As he walked over the threshold that evening, Aubrey was sitting on the couch with a confused expression on her face. Even Delilah’s ears were perked up at the oddness of George’s behavior.

1,832 14
12 Lost

George simply could not sleep that night. He sat in bed, awake, and feeling as though all the life had been sucked from him. Now he knew how Aubrey felt after she had lost Isabelle. It was just an awful feeling. No one should have to go through this emotion. It was far worse than melancholy. There was no word for it.

2,504 14
13 Brighter Than Sunshine

“I love you,” Aubrey said quietly as she leaned over to kiss George. A grin played upon his face. He loved the fact that they were married and that they never would part. When they were not married, there was the uncertainty that she would leave. He now knew that she would always be by his side, even when he was being a complete idiot.

2,405 13
14 She Is

“I have no clue. Sometimes she won’t say a bloody thing and other times—like today—she won’t shut up. These damned hormones drive me mad!” George said as he sat down and flicked his wand. This action brought him a coffee mug and the pot of coffee. Pouring the coffee into his mug, he checked to see if Lee had any. He did, so they continued their conversation.

1,764 9
15 Our Morning Star

Only moving his hand to the side a little bit, he could feel the sensation of something hitting up against the wall of Aubrey’s stomach. Upon placing his ear where his hand was, he could hear the thumps that their child’s little feet were making. Their child…It was hard to get used to the fact that in nearly two months they would have a baby other than Delilah in the house.

1,241 7
16 Amazed

As the wedding party began, Aubrey placed her hand on George’s thigh and grasped it. It was as though she was in immense pain. Looking over to her, George could see that she was clutching her stomach.

1,754 10
17 White Christmas

“Maybe she’ll leesen to zee baby,” Fleur said, clapping her hands together and roaring with laughter. George smiled as he looked outside. It was the perfect first Christmas for any baby. The snow was falling delicately over the trees, grass, and bushes while family kept hearts warm inside the house.

1,321 11
18 Growing Up

As Aubrey cooked supper, George sat in the kitchen with her while Brynn went upstairs to play with her millions of stuffed animals. He found himself recollecting every important thing that had happened in Brynn’s short life, starting from when she was conceived—which he quite enjoyed, mind you—to now, when she spoke words that they could understand.

1,696 7
19 Always

“Yes, dear. Today is Sunday,” Aubrey said, reading his mind. He picked Lorraine up from her carrier that was sitting on the table. She looked very much like her twin brother, but she had blonde hair. Neither George nor Aubrey understood this, but that was the color of hair that their youngest daughter had.

1,476 16
20 Preview


613 4


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