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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-07-04 7:30am
Last Chapter
2008-01-28 10:55am
Last Updated
2008-01-28 10:55am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Cubboards and Brothers

Harry, Ron and Hermione begin their quest for the Horcruxes by going to the Dursley's.

2,331 10
2 Thanks for Nothing!

Harry prepares to leave for Grimmauld place.

3,925 4
3 The Headmaster's Will

The Order hears the Will of Dumbledore, and Harry he is not the only one that Dumbledore has secrets for.

3,502 0
4 Moving On

Harry is jolted out of feeling sorry for himself by his friends.

3,821 2
5 Downfall of Fred and George

Harry gets to begin his training with surprising results.

3,485 2
6 Giant Disruptions

Death Eaters attempt to break into Hogwarts.

2,373 3
7 Till Death Do Us Part

Harry and Ginny train together for the first time and then are off to France for Bill and Fluer's wedding.

7,070 6
8 Something's Wrong!

We find out wear Harry and Ron were sent to after the port key activated in Percy's office.

4,634 4
9 Revelations

We find out some very important information about Harry's abilities and Harry had a birthday.

2,419 5
10 Mum, Dad...I'm Home

Harry finaly goes to Godric's Hollow

5,364 6
11 Connections

Harry and his friends take a trip to Diagon Alley.

4,869 3
12 Trains, Dementors, and Big Headboys

Harry and his friends head back to Hogwarts.

5,535 4
13 Dream a Little Dream

We get to see the after math of the battle at Hogsmead station, and Harry has a very bad dream.

3,116 6
14 Life, or Something Like It

Harry's dream continues to an impact on his life and friends. 

4,473 4
15 Rumors and Rewards

Harry learns hears rumors about his favorite Red Haired girl and the ministry tries rewards those that led the battle at Hogwarts Station.

4,434 5
16 Hufflepuff's Cup

Harry attepts to retrieve a Horcrux by himself.

4,682 4
17 Singulus Substantia

Harry and the gang destroy and Horcrux.

6,107 2
18 It's Quidditch

It is the opening match of the Quidditch season and Harry gets a letter from an unexpected source.

4,715 4
19 Home for the Holidays

Harry and Ron make plans, and Percy sends an other note.

4,866 3
20 Choices

We find out what Harry does to Draco, and some interesting tidbits about Nevilles love life.

3,510 3
21 I'll be Home for Christmas

Harry and his friends get enjoy some Christmas Cheer and a certain rat appears on the scene.

4,650 1
22 Lancaster

Harry goes in search of another Horcrux to RAB's old house.

6,031 4
23 Changes

Harry makes some decisions about life and love.

4,809 4
24 Worth It

Harry and Ginny finally figure things out.

4,908 3
25 Imperious

Harry's training goes to a higher level.

4,743 3
26 Krum

The title says most of it.  Krum returns and interesting situations insue.

4,052 5
27 Truth, Lies, and the Shrieking Shack

What happened to Hermione?

5,153 9
28 Consequences

Every action has consequences.  How will Voldemort respond to Harry's display of power.

3,068 4
29 Mind Trap

Harry and Ginny struggle for thier lives.

4,413 6
30 Awakening

What will happen to Ginny and how will Harry handle it?

4,069 8
31 Percy

We find out of Percy is good or bad. We find out if Snape is good or bad, and we loss an old friend.  (kauri  I hope this is long enough for you :) )

7,380 8
32 Job Well Done?

Life after Voldemort's supposed demise.

3,828 10
33 Skivving Quidditch

So we start to wrap things up for another year at Hogwarts.  Quidditch is coming to an end and Gryffindor as a chance at the cup.

3,433 9
34 Back to the Ministry

Harry gets set to recieve his ministry award and some Death Eaters come to pay their respects.

4,401 8
35 Life and Death

The final battle, "neither can live while the other survives."

4,002 6
36 A Toast to our Friends

The final battle is over, how will it all turn out?

5,122 5
37 Chocolate Frogs

Here it is folks, the epilogue.  I hope it is satisfying.  Thanks for reading.

4,773 36


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