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    Lupin, Sirius, James, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    General, Humor
    Strong Language
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2007-06-28 9:31pm
    Last Chapter
    2009-07-16 5:21pm
    Last Updated
    2009-07-16 5:21pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Buckets of water, one sock, and Sirius Black

    Turning and walking back over to the book that I’ve set down about to write my latest escapades with Sirius and his lot of mindless idiots, I glance down with a large frown. I just stepped in a puddle. What’s worse is that it was only one sock.

    Damn him. Oh how I loathe Sirius Black.

    2,520 35
    2 Dinner Parties and Patheticness

    ‘D’you often admire yourself in house-hold appliances?’ Caught. Time for damage control.

    ‘Do you often get buckets of water thrown on yourself during a pathetic attempt to coax a girl into your love-sick patheticness.’ I return, while spinning around hitting my hand on the counter in my efforts.

    2,492 33
    3 Balcony, bushes, and brooms

    ‘Get out!’ I snap. ‘Go find your friends and have a nice life, and stay out of mine!’ He chuckles at me. Jerk. I grab the diary and throw it, cringing as it lands god knows where, I just hope it didn’t land in a puddle. Pushing him through the boundaries of the door, I shut them firmly behind me.

    ‘What are you going to do, push me off the balcony?’ He poses the question while leaning back and looking like a bigger jerk than usually.

    1,797 29
    4 The big bad bug

    ‘Where is the big bad bug, Asher?’ James’ mocks looking around. I see it at his feet suddenly, glad that he’s already tossed my clothes out to me.

    ‘By your foot!’ I shout pointing and jumping from foot to foot nervously.

    2,484 28
    5 Entrance of the girl called Lizzie

    ‘So, looks like we are neighbors!’ She says, thank god for at least one sane person on this entire beach. ‘How long are you staying?’ She asks.

    ‘I was disillusioned into thinking that it was merely for the day. I protested loudly when my mother packed my bags. She’s told me a week, though I doubt it. Apparently I’m a big riot, who knew? At the end of the week she’ll probably tell me that we are staying, and that it’s national pink week and all my white clothes have been dyed pink to accommodate.’ I mutter before looking over to her.

    2,485 31
    6 Of Distorted Castles and Glass Panes

    ‘Your not as good looking as you think you, and you’ve got horrible hair.’ I tell him, turning around and looking down at him. His face goes to one that is of pure horror. Grabbing Henry, whose proved useful with the sand and everything, I dump the beach water that is in it on Sirius.

    ‘Again with the damn bucket, Asher!’ He splutters. I shrug.

    2,193 25
    7 Oh MacDonald had a farm...

    ‘I’m Lizzie.’ She introduces herself in a smooth voice. I must say she’s handling herself very well around Cindy. Quite impressive, if you ask me.

    ‘Oh, so you’re the brat that Asher met on the beach, yeah?’ Her tone turns icy. Ouch. I can see Lizzie’s eyebrows raise before lowering back down. Oh, this will be so incredible.

    3,191 26
    8 Battle: Plastic Wrap

    I rolled over and heard small sniggers. Putting it up to nothing, I remember muttering something about the Gnomes. From there, everything went hazy and I fell into a blissful slumber.

    1,772 26
    9 The navigations of Christopher Columbus

    ‘Um, I hate to be the one to tell you, but I didn’t do anything.’ Lizzie says looking at them. They know that she’s right and they grumble.

    ‘Yeah, but it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you. You’re the one that unleashed the beast.’ Sirius said, clearly happy that he’d made the connection and that she wouldn’t be getting out of the trip anyways.

    6,145 32
    10 Releasing the Marauder's secret Possessions

    ‘What do you need me to do?’ She asks, a glint in her eyes.

    ‘Well, I may have taken something from each of the boys, payback for the diary, you know? And, well, I can’t keep it in my room, but you can!’ I tell her. She’s looking at me waiting for me to elaborate further.

    3,117 29
    11 Raccoon with Rabies

    “Where’d it go?” He asked, and before I could utter a single word, Lizzie voiced up.

    “Don’t worry James, you didn’t loose your sense of direction, and no one took it. You never had it.” I couldn’t help but snort with some strangled laughs as he glared at me. Remus looked like he was uncomfortable and couldn’t look me in the eyes. Poor kid… yeah, right.

    2,654 34
    12 Ooga Booga

    “Ooga Booga!” I yell as I leap into the room, only to hear her shriek before pushing past me and running out into the hall. Oh that was so much sweeter than I would have thought that it was going to be. Laying down on her bed, as I don’t want my own to get wet and sandy I try to think of what it is that I am going to do next. Sabotage, that’ll more than likely be a part of it.

    2,109 20
    13 Interaction with the Devil

    “No, it’s not the frizz-control that I want. You’ve helped me realize something.” He states, his voice full of unrivaled happiness.

    “That you’re a stalker?” I asked, my patiences which were already thin wearing out almost completely.

    3,868 43
    14 What Must Become

    “Asher, you’re an idiot.” She finally says.

    “I know, right... wait. What?” I ask her, which was the last thing that I would have expected her to say to me. Honestly, where is the sympathy? Did she not hear me correctly, or has she lost her mind.

    2,421 24
    15 Shirtless Boys, Castle Making Toys, and Hallway Showdowns

    “I will, give me a minute. Get off of me! Stop… Hitting… Me… With… That… Bloody… Shovel!” I gritted out, making desperate attempts at grabbing the little yellow spear of death. It hurt like hell against my leg. I mean, who the hell gives such young kids instruments that hurt so much.

    “NO! MUM!” The kid began to scream, and I turned, only there was no movement.

    “Too bad, kid. You’re mum’s not coming. She doesn’t love you!”

    2,573 42
    16 Counting Sheep

    “We can’t let it go too far… got to anchor it.”

    “Is there even a spell for that?” Dunderheads.

    2,725 6
    17 Making Maps and Plotting Plans

    “You forgot something on Cindy’s face.” I commented lightly, pointing to her figure on the board. Quickly, Sirius picked up a crayon and looked at her and then back at me.

    “What did I forget?”

    “When she makes a frown like that, her upper-lip? The corners of it illuminate the moustache she’s beginning to grow.”

    3,113 21


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