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Drama, Action/Adventure, Angst
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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2007-06-27 1:19pm
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2008-08-09 5:14pm
Last Updated
2008-08-09 5:14pm

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1 September 1940; Part I

I couldn't lose it. I wouldn't bare to lose that. My family had used that for so long in practises no one had seen before. It meant something to me, and to my mother and her parents before her in Poland. It had created things for this family, this long line of Jewish Wollsburglen's, that nothing else could be completed. Magic. Magic had come out of that stick.

1,772 35
2 September 1940, Part II

"No!" His enraged voice shook the entire house, as little as the brick box was. "Didn't you read the newspaper, Josey?! Minka and Josef won't be safe! Krakow, Josefine! Krakow!" Momma sniffled again and I wanted to go comfort her - show her how I made the candle twitch beneath my power. She would be proud, but distracted by this mess, I supposed.

1,299 18
3 September, 1940; Part III

"Lookit here, boys," This thick voice made me shudder and I refused to let myself be shaken by this twig. So I just averted my eyes away from him, and continued to look back down at the ground, where Alfred's puppy ate grass at our feet. "Two little Judens off on a date. Going to impurify Germany with their scum! Now I understand why Fuhrer is sending you all to be exterminated!"

1,923 16
4 September, 1940; Part IV

My joints protested as I rose to my feet, my knees cracking unpleasantly, my nose running as I wiped it haphazardly on my sleeve. Nothing seemed fair today, nothing seemed right. Not even Alfred's consoling words lasted long in the treacherous world outside of a school house. My hands were shaking, and I could feel Alfred's eyes on my back, he had obviously followed me out of haste. I mentally thanked him, for being such a good friend - but this was not the time to thank my friends. It was the time to say my prayers as I gazed into the gun barrel, gazed into my death.

1,555 17
5 September, 1940; Part V

"Alfred," I hiccuped. I couldn't speak properly - it was like my tongue had been glued to the roof of my mouth. Alfred, with his glittering, emotional eyes, had seen it all - and I hoped he held some comfort before I was sent off to who know's where. "I ne-need you t-to do something -hic!- for me. . ." I was distraught, and it had shown completely in my voice. I hoped, I dearly hoped that he would understand my situation - wouldn't ask questions, and tell everyone at school that I had been shipped off somewhere. Or was deathly ill.

1,828 16
6 October, 1940; Part I

I opened my mouth, and then swiftly closed it, like a gaping fish. His eyes were narrowed underneath the brim of his cap, and I saw him adjust his collar, a little pin digging into the side of his neck, which he quickly fixed. Had I had more time to examine his appearance, I would have found out that the little pin was indeed a swastika. Apparently, one could never have too many. He looked ready to argue with me when I shook my head violently, but he too, had his jaw clamped shut when our compartment door whizzed open, and a swaying man stood just over the threshold.

1,826 10
7 October, 1940; Part II

 I whimpered and looked up in the darkness that had enveloped each and every carriage before coming to the realization that the slender silhouette that was half crouched over in the threshold was none-other than my grandmother, muttering to herself in rapid Polish. I gathered myself, and pushed my body up off of the floor; not forgetting that the family heirloom - the wand itself, was somewhere on the floor around me. "Grandmama!"

1,926 12
8 November 1940, Part I

It had been a month. Didn't Momma say she'd be here soon? I arrived beginning of October - shouldn't she have arrived beginning of November? How was I to learn spells? Grandmother and Grandfather didn't have wands of their own - mine was the last. How was I to learn, to protect, should they never come?

1,426 6
9 November 1940 / February 1941 Part I

The rapid knocking became more urgent and Babcia gave me a look as if to ask if I had told anyone that I was here. Of course not! I didn't even have a chance to get outside unless it was to chase the chicken away back to the coop! Grandmother stood, her gray hair flying as she raced to the door and looked out of the peep hole the front door had. "Minka, child!" She whispered and beckoned me into the damp, dark hallway. "Did you invite any sort of boy over here?"

1,211 8
10 February 1941; Part II

I couldn't help but keep thinking that somehow, he'd come back bouncing into my arms like he always did after school. One week went faster than I could have ever imagined - and I wanted time to go more fast, faster than a speeding bullet, or U-boat. Maybe if time went more fast, then he'd come back, Momma would come back, and Papa would come back. It was only a matter of time, right? Time smothered, yet time also healed. Maybe, though I had little hope left to confide in anything - let alone time, it'd heal this. This sense of overwhelming, unbearable loss.

1,287 7
11 February 1941; Part III

Alfred looked at me with his warm eyes that hadn't changed. They showed he was older, yes, and wiser, but his happiness in them hadn't changed. Letting go and surveying me, he placed his slender hands on my arms.

"You've gotten thinner."

1,788 10
12 March, 1941; Part I

My eyes were crusted with that 'sleepy dirt' that Josef would wipe away with his entire fist when he woke up, and instead of the rest of the kitchen being eerily silent. . . Something disturbed the early morning. Knocking, and yelling.

1,502 8
13 April 1941; Part I

The thought of the Germans actually caring slightly about our well-being had my brain spinning into hypothetical overdrive. They would never dare to show the slightest compassion to us. Any of us.

1,754 2
14 May 1941; Part I

I realized this was the feeling I had been anticipating all day. Fear. I gripped my wand clutched in my waistband and wished desperately that I could do something, stop them from moving. Magic, I thought I was magical if I had any magic left, couldn't magic do anything?! Panic. Footsteps. Yelling.

1,672 0
15 June 1941; Part I

Our voices were in hushed whispers, even though it was but the middle of the day. Noises, I had come to find, traveled extremely easy in our complex. It was best to keep things like magic under-wraps. Seeing his fidgety stature, I took one of his hands in my own as an instinct. For a brief second, it was like going back to how it used to be.

2,102 2


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