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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Snape, Lucius, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-06-18 1:50am
Last Chapter
2013-05-15 2:48am
Last Updated
2015-09-04 1:30am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Lie Number One: Blood and Identities

Hermione's parents come home from work early and she discovers the first lie she's ever been told.

960 12
2 The Sword of Truth

After a shocking discovery, Hermione gets the last of her inheritence, but what now? And if Draco Malfoy hot on her heels or someother crafty witch?

1,635 15
3 Dreams

What are Ron and Harry hidding? What will Happen when Hermione and Draco meet?

1,156 16
4 Talk With Death

Hermione is unsure what to think after one of the strangest encounters she's even been in.

3,243 11
5 Telling The Tale

Hermione final meets up with Harry and Ron but was it really worth it?

2,514 6
6 Snake Meat

Hermione hopes for the best on a date with Draco.

1,733 10
7 Arranged Luck or Planned Doom

The ending of a not so wonderful date.

1,272 5
8 Awkward

Hermione's true feelings about the date...Or what she thinks are her true feelings.

1,723 12
9 Small Price To Pay

Poor Hermione. An arranged merriage, her friends are hiding things from her...and now THIS.

2,127 10
10 If You Fight Love...

Hermione learns a little more about Draco...

3,595 9
11 Virginia

A little less about Hermione but more about Draco and Hermione's mysterious mother.

1,404 8
12 Why Would The Truth lie?

Harry has nightmares and the sword of truth reveals some helpful information. But how will Hermione use it?

2,527 8
13 Finally Falling

Hermione spends a little more time with Draco.

1,388 12
14 Lie Number Two: Death, Sides And Ronald

Draco convinces Hermione to talk with the Dark Lord...

1,956 9
15 The Room of Destiny.

Hermione has a close encounter and struggles to find which way to turn in her upside down life.

1,927 6
16 Confused Snake

With news of the most resent betrayal Hermione is forced to make some decisions in a rather uncomfertable setting.

1,738 3
17 Old Friends And New Ties

Hermione find the Weasley's and they have a short conversation.

1,836 3
18 Not That Kind Of Goodbye

Hermione runs into Ron, but will it end in happiness or tears?

1,644 5
19 Different Indeed!

Harry's business...

792 5
20 Black Rain

Hermione discovers the most important things of her life.

2,575 11
21 Spaniards and Aztec Indians

Hermione has trouble with her own memories. Meanwhile Ginny is thinking about how you should live life.

2,521 8
22 Purple Sky

Harry and Ginny talk. Ginny meets the Dark Lord.

2,397 8
23 Bruce Pentington

After a long week at Draco's Hermione is about to face her unavoidable future.

1,660 4
24 Six Months

Six months later Hermione is living a double life.

2,134 7
25 Pregnant

Hermione has to deal with many scares.

2,621 5
26 Lie Number Three: Why My Parents Told

Hermione confronts her death. Harry and Ron face the past.

2,346 6
27 Split

Hermione and the Dark Lord come to an agreement., but little does she know it awakens something deep inside her.

2,510 5
28 Past and Present

Harry contemplates his past and tries to figure out his future.

3,032 8
29 Fifty-Five Minutes

A dark burn on her wrist, a menacing voice in her head. What in the world is Hermione going to do now? Well a picnic sounds good.

5,824 2
30 Sane

The Unofficial Guide to Dealing With the Other You: Split-Personalities  Need I say more?

2,838 4
31 Transition

Ginny finds her family and Hermione makes the plans.

2,628 5
32 Regroup

Ginny and Harry find old friends and strategize for the future.

1,567 1
33 Waiting for the Cures

An on-edge Hermione waits for the final battle to begin.

1,985 1
34 Lie Number Four: Ronald Weasley

When the final lie is revealed, how will Hermione and Virginia react? How in the world will they move on after Tragedy strikes?

1,775 4
35 The Final Battle

The final battle. Do or die. Potter’s gonna kill the Dark Lord.

1,784 1
36 Finally Over

The war is over.

806 1
37 Epilogue

The ending

593 3


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