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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
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OC/OC, Other Pairing
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2007-06-17 7:58pm
Last Chapter
2007-07-10 3:22pm
Last Updated
2007-07-10 3:22pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Your Guardian Angel;

But even though he was leaving, it was really hitting me that this was my life. We were growing up, getting old, moving out and moving on and it was all a huge blur. In one year we would all be adults, one more year after this of school and that’s it, one last hurrah before adulthood, and we all wanted to hang on to it tightly. 1976. Already. It seems like 1972 was yesterday, and 1968 right before that. When did I get so old?

1,666 39
2 Best Mistake;

Narcissa Black and her little troupe of girls, if you can call them that. They are by no means ladies. There were about five overly hair sprayed, overly made up, overly whorish girls coming towards me, Narcissa one of them. I walked past, not making eye contact or anything, I swear I did nothing wrong. Do I sound guilty?

1,782 33
3 Modern Swinger;

A collective sigh of contentment echoed through our group of girls when we walked in. The warmth was amazing; it felt velvety against our cold skin. We stomped off the snow when we walked into the pub and filled all of the empty seats at the rickety wooden table the boys were sitting at.

1,450 30
4 Demolition Lovers;

The whole group in the pub knew who it was before anyone said a word. We had just been in the same room as Voldemort. And survived an attack. I never want to see that man again in my life. Sirius put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me close to him. I shivered. I dug my head into his shoulder. That man had just died. And everyone in the whole damn pub was too afraid to do anything to help him.

1,999 29
5 Settle Down;

I should really learn to just shut up and stop over reacting. I’ll never learn. My eyes were slowly filling with tears. Don’t do this Cara, your above crying every time you argue you with him. I sniffled, trying to hide it. I turned around, and looked at him blankly before heading back up to the castle. I sat down on the edge of the stone steps and looked out at the water. A single comet shot through the sky. God I was furious, mostly with myself.

2,817 24
6 Lullabies;

It was one of those amazing hugs where he spins you and holds you real tight and he smells good so when he moves you get this amazing aroma of good-smelling boy. Best apology ever. All I had to do was throw myself at him. That’s all I could do. Hand in hand we headed down to the kitchens for some strawberry ice cream.

1,669 26
7 Staplegunned;

“Please don’t ever leave me, you’re the perfect guy for me,” I said back, leaning my head on his shoulder comfortably. The cutest Valentine’s Day ever. And I wanted to tell him I loved him, badly. Suddenly, the words that I had said to everyone but him seemed unspeakable. Trepidation hung in the pit of my stomach the whole night, for it had been dwelling inside of me. I LOVE YOU. Why couldn’t I just say it? What was is so scary about saying those three words? Actually, what isn’t?

1,585 25
8 Wonderwall;

Speaking of which, my parents are really worried about everything and each other. And my mum absolutely exploded when she found out how close I was to HIM. My mum sounded so weird. She’s up to something. Immediately after lessons I had all Sterling children attending Hogwarts assembled in the library for some discussion on the current situation involving SOMETHING being different about mum.

1,583 25
9 Beating Heart Baby;

Dazed, I looked up to see James, who had climbed over us and was now throwing up. I got up, dizzy and stumbled out, hair disheveled, tank top only covering one shoulder, really cliché. I walked straight down the stairs, and to the Firewhisky table, where I grabbed two cups, chugging one and then the other without even blinking. The burning in my throat made some of my stomach knots untie. Sirius hadn’t come down the stairs, and I didn’t really care, currently

2,329 21
10 We've Only Just Begun;

Everyone else in the room was sitting up, tiredly looking at me. I snatched my wand and hurried out of the dorm, running straight to Dumbledore. My hair was matted down with sweat, my throat raw as if I had been screaming all night, my back throbbing. I tore down the hallway, and hurriedly said the password, then shot straight up the stairs into Dumbledore’s office. “Miss Sterling?” he said, fully clothed and sitting behind his desk. God does this guy sleep?

2,188 23
11 Dear Time Traveler;

And I decided to lift my head up a tad to connect my lips to his, when he lost his footing because someone, (probably James,) bumped into him, sending us sprawling to the ground, laughing hysterically. I glanced up at the picnic tables to see many people I didn’t know staring down at us. “Oh, Cara, Sirius, I would like all of you to meet some new people,” James’s mum said cheerily, looking down like this happened every day. Sirius and I scrambled to our feet.

3,306 22
12 My Beautiful Rescue;

The air was thick, the tension, it was written on every witch and wizard’s face. You could tell that everyone was waiting for something big to happen, to officially send the two sides, good and evil, raging at each other. It was the calm before a huge storm, and I think it was beginning to get to everyone how big the storm may actually become.

2,075 15
13 Hallelujah;

Well, I never realized how eerie walking around Hogwarts completely alone is when you know you have six Slytherin girls that would kill you if they got the chance. It was like I expected to see them lurking around every corner. No, I did expect that, that is exactly when I seem to meet them. I heard a meow! An amazing, wonderful, meow! Relief washed over me as I prayed to Godric it was actually Emmeline’s cat as I lit my wand and walked into a room, calling for Clyde.

1,324 22
14 Coffee Shop Soundtrack;

Tightly, I pushed the top onto the box and placed it in its spot and then glanced out the window. The reflection of the sun off the lake was dazzling, and I smiled just looking at it. Yesterday had been my party, and I knew the after-effects, the hangovers, the post-party-drama would all set in the second I stepped out and was informed of what everyone really did last night. Sure enough, I was ready to leave, fresh as a daisy, when Lily tore in, crying and throwing a fit, with all of our friends closely trailing behind her.

1,859 25
15 Here I Stand;

My heart seared with guilt. I wanted to dissolve into the ground and take it all back. Everything I ever did to deserve this. Our relationship seems to be nothing but arguing and cute, romantic moments that leave too quickly. I had noticed that the girls had gravitated towards me and the boys towards Sirius. So its gonna be a boys vs. girls battle, is it? At least someone’s on my side. “You,” I said, “it will always be you.”

3,397 26
16 This Is A Suitable Valedictory;

“GROUP HUG!” Peter shouted as Sirius grabbed me quickly and soon three more people were all piled on top of me. Remus seemed to be fine, which surprised me, but hey, with these boys, I will always be surprised. We were all laughing and making attempts at tickling each other while piled haphazardly. And here I was, smothered in boys that I loved more then life itself, made me feel like anything could be fixed, and that I would always have them here for me. I think this was the best start to the last day of classes I had ever had.

2,908 27
17 Fall To Pieces;

The train stopped, and I was pale and shaky as I went back into my compartment after everyone had left to find that my stuff had been taken by all of them. I tried to prepare myself for everything, and I walked out and towards everyone. I was so angry with her – my mum. I saw her standing there and got so mad. Chris put his arm around me and squeezed me close.

2,071 45
18 No;

Everyone was solemnly eating a huge breakfast. I smiled at everyone encouragingly and fixed myself a plate. It felt like the last meal I would ever eat, and everything I ate sat in my stomach like a quaffle. It washard to believe I would sit down for lunch in a completely different country. It was 7:35 before I knew what was going on, and our Portkey was set at eight, and my mum softly suggested that we should start saying our last goodbyes. I stared at her, her words hanging in the tense air.

2,173 60


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