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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bellatrix, Lucius, Voldemort, Cho, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ginny/OC, Ron/OC
Drama, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-06-12 1:36pm
Last Chapter
2012-11-12 8:40pm
Last Updated
2012-11-12 8:40pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Beyond the Veil

The League of the Phoenix begins their quest to release Sirius, Aragorn and Legolas from the haunted depths of the Veil. But a new obstacle will mysteriously present itself and lung at the golden trio.

2,070 17
2 Chapter Two: The Secrets Beyond the Veil

The League of the Phoenx faces their ups and downs. Thanks to Cho, Harry and Hermione's relationship is falling apart. The league must infiltrate Snape's hideout, recover Dumbledore's pensieve and discover the contents of Dumbledore's memory. But when they do, a earth shattering discovery is made revealing a member of the league's deepest secret.

4,351 20
3 Chapter Three: The Five Houses of Hogwarts

Can there really be five houses of Hogwarts? If so, then someone is doinng a good job keeping the fifth house a secret. The league recieve clues to where they can find the dagger of Gryffindor, but are detoured by the Death Eaters, or were they? A familiar face from Part 1 resurfaces and gives Harry news that will lead to the start of the Crusaders of Gryffindor.

3,301 9
4 Chapter Four: The Crusaders of Gryffindor

Ron and Arthur are summoned to begin their crusade for the Dagger Of Gryffindor

4,394 15
5 Chapter Five: The Secret of the Weasely Family

WE'RE BACK! We're finished with our tests and can now concentrat on our story. Our apologies to everyone who has been waited. We thank you for your patience. The Crusaders of Gryffindor must fight their way to the Dagger of Gryffindor, and at the end of their Crusade, the darkest secret of the Weasely family is revealed...with a sword.

2,810 9
6 Chapter Six: The Grandfathers of Potter and Weasely

It appears that the Dagger of Gryffindor links Jasper Potter and Commodore Bartolomeo Weasely. Ron makes a decision from his grandfather's proposal, and Harry takes things into his own hands. But when Voldemort doesn't get what he wants, he forces Harry to chose between saving the world, or saving his family

3,569 5
7 Chapter Seven: The Phantoms of Azkaban

Harry finds information on Voldemort's immortality, and outsmarts the dark wizard.

4,801 19
8 Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

NEW CHAPTER! Powerful revelations are revealed as Harry, Sirius, and Oliver are forced to team up with Ducard to unlock the mysteries of the Fifth House of Hogwarts. Cho begins step one of her plan to get Harry, and leaves the League in a devasatating crippled state.

2,617 32
9 Chapter Nine: Secrets Beyond Control

NEW CHAPTER!!! After three years of tragedy that have struck our family, we have returned to finish what we have started. We apologize to those who have waited so long. PLOT: Harry disappears after finding Ron and Hermione in bed together. With the league against Hermione and Ron, Hermione finds an unlikely ally in Oliver, who promises to investigate what has happened to Hermione in the past months. Hermione decides to find the next recruitment of the league on her own as startling revelations take place.

4,439 0
10 Chapter Ten: Cho's Deception

Harry, accompanied by Cho, investigates the mystery of the fifth house of an ancient Hogwarts shield. As Harry dives deeper into unraveling the secret, he runs into a trap that he thought he would never fall into.

3,137 1
11 Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1

Cho has Harry under the illusion that she is Hermione, and plans to have a child with him. Within the deep recesses of their dreams, several members of the Phoenix encounter an old man as they try to discover who he is. Luna Lovegood returns with an important role to the League.

3,669 6


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