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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-06-05 12:09pm
Last Chapter
2011-05-18 9:43am
Last Updated
2011-05-18 9:43am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 It Started With A Birthday Party

Wrappings left on the floor, Harry was left with something in each hand. In his left hand were a pair of shiny sleek Quidditch Goggles, a brand new design that would fit over his glasses, but it was what was in his right hand that held his green-eyed gaze.

1,951 22
2 "Everything is just"

And stunning really could be the only thing to say. Not lovely, not beautiful…but stunning. For the colour of the entire room was an almost blindingly glittering pale pink.

2,451 19
3 The Only Difference Between Feasts and Balls is Student Interest.

But instead when she lifted her gaze, she was only met with Draco’s piercing grey eyes. And for the briefest of moments, for the fraction of a second that she allowed herself to peek behind her, the two shared a look of understanding.

It was scary.

1,922 21
4 ..In which Draco is Afraid of Ron.

"But Granger, most girls would do anything if I asked them…nice enough.” Malfoy said smugly.

Hermione paused to look at the Slytherin with disgust, “You want to seduce girls into doing our work?”

2,575 18
5 The Epic Tale of the Search for the Dress.

“Good. Well, you need a dress then, for the ball.” Hermione rolled her eyes at Lavender’s obvious statement.

But it was easier said than done.

The four girls raided all of the clothing stores in Hogsmaede, and Lavender pushed and ordered and demanded like no tomorrow. Hermione could hardly get a word in edgewise.

2,291 22
6 Frustrations, Complications, and White Gold.

“You know what this means?” Hermione mused as Ron sat on one of the desks while waiting for her, “Not even a tradition can make someone dance with me.”

2,806 15
7 Run-Ins With the Element of Surprise.

How would everyone react after the ball when Hermione didn’t return to her regular old bushy-haired self? What if Malfoy hated it? …What if Malfoy loved it?

3,256 22
8 Masquerade: You Can Fool Any Friend Who Ever Knew You.

It was something new. Something she loved. It was a look that she wanted to share with someone every day. If Malfoy had looked at her like this every day, there was no way that they would hate each other like they did. But then, that was the problem now wasn’t it? Draco didn’t know that she was Hermione Granger.

3,330 22
9 Masquerade: Seething Shadows, Spinning Lies...

“What’s wrong.” Malfoy maintained through Emily’s nervous rambling. The girl wrung her hands together before saying:

“Ron Weasley’s attacking Harry Potter on the front steps of the castle.”

3,478 32
10 Meeting Miss Potter.

“Potter girl? You’re silly,” almost as if she were sleepwalking, the girl calmly said this as she started gliding towards the staircase, “there was some Canadian there raving to be Harry’s sister, but I don’t believe it.”

3,488 3
11 The Fun Factor

“Wait, you’re asking her to go to Hogsmeade with you?”

Draco nodded eagerly, “Potter’ll be miffed, won’t he? That’s why it’s so great; she’s fit, and he’ll be pissed.”

3,686 7
12 Hogsmeade: Take 2

Hermione’s shocked face quickly spread into one of pleasant surprise. Her lips spread into a cheeky smile, “Are you apologizing to me?”

“Trying to, yeah,” Draco sighed, squeezing his eyes shut and bracing himself, “Hermione, I’m…sorry.”

2,930 20
13 Fragmented Courting

“And that date was just to spite Lottie.”

Perhaps it was the wrong thing to say, but it sure got Harry’s mind off of the whole ‘Draco’ issue. His eyebrows narrowed, his chest swelled, his back straightened, and Hermione thought he must have somehow instantly grown half a foot.

2,644 11
14 Snowfight Saturday

“Draco, how come—“ she started tentatively, and quietly had to muster up the courage as she paused before finishing her question, “Why don’t you ever touch me?”

3,613 12
15 The Art of Avoidance. And Surprise.

A howl sounded from the direction of the Forbidden Forest, and Hermione glanced towards the full moon and thought idly of Werewolves. She had to get inside. Bringing one hand up to rub at her eyes and yawning, Hermione turned slowly towards the large front doors to Hogwarts castle. That's when she noticed the movement.

2,425 4
16 Back In Time.

“I'm Hermione Granger of Gryffindor! Not 'some poor Hufflepuff',” her face was reddening quickly, and the glare she fixed on Sirius was no casual matter, “and what a rude thing to insinuate about Hufflepuffs. I know more than one Hufflepuff with more bravery than any Gryffindor could shake a stick at.”


“Completely muddled,” James finally agreed with Sirius.

2,351 3


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