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Harry, Hermione, Snape, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Neville
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-06-04 2:17pm
Last Chapter
2012-08-31 9:02am
Last Updated
2012-08-31 9:02am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Back To School

As Hermione prepares to return to Hogwarts, she receives a pleasant surprise.

957 23
2 Sorting It Out

Hermione returns to her beloved Hogwarts.  Her excitment soon turns to dread when the new Potions master is revealed.

1,199 23
3 Revelations

Harry & Hermione confront McGonagall.
Draco ponders his situation and a certain someone he's never been able to forget.
...and turned towards the large bow window of the turret to see the sun sinking below the tree line of the Forbidden Forest. Forbidden… The concept lingered and swirled in his brain. Hermione Granger… He tipped his head back and closed his eyes letting his mind wander to the slight brunette...

1,726 28
4 Strong Words In The Staff Room

Her face was still flushed with emotion, high color on her cheeks. Her luxurious chestnut waves were held tight in a neat French twist exposing her creamy, slender neck. He had the sudden urge to steal up behind her, slide his hands around her waist and nuzzle that delicious neck with his lips.

2,077 18
5 Dream On

“Draco, where have you been the last five years?” She asked quietly and stopped walking. He stopped too and turned to face her. Hermione’s eyes searched his; he did not look away from her and she saw a flash of anger, pain, and then regret.

4,046 17
6 Trust

It comes down to one question.  Does she trust Draco Malfoy, or not?

5,519 20
7 It Takes Two to Duel

Draco and Harry stood facing each other. Draco nodded curtly; Harry barely inclined his own head of untidy black hair. They each turned with a snap and began pacing away from one another...

3,922 20
8 Confessions

Draco opens up and Hermione must decide- is  she willing to give him a chance?

6,717 24
9 Lies

Hermione wants to get closer to Draco, but will secrets get in the way?

4,576 33
10 Lessons

Hermione and Draco have a go...  in more ways than one. :)

4,519 26
11 Encounters

Draco and Hermione spend a night together.

3,895 57
12 Realizations

Hermione makes a move.  Ginny gives a gift.  Draco tries to confide in Harry. 

4,723 21
13 Visions

Draco and Hermione attend the Winter Ball.  Ginny reveals a secret. 

4,584 44
14 Truth

Harry and Hermione spar.  Hermione is running again, but this time it's toward Draco not away from him.  Will he take her back? 

5,490 28
15 Give and Take

Gifts are something...tangible and intangible.  There are many kinds of gifts after all.  Isn't life a gift?  And love?  Do you give it, do you take it?  Hermione and Draco indulge one another.

3,948 15
16 Confrontations

A disturbance; Hermione discovers Old Magic, and a startling revelation.

2,893 6
17 Consequences

Hermione and Harry have a heart to heart prior to returning to Hogwarts after Winter Holiday. Hermione learns one of Draco's secrets.

3,807 9
18 Pretenses

Hermione gets toasted and burned, all in one night.  
(Ron finally makes his appearance)

3,260 33
19 Drawing Conclusions

After Hermione’s drunken outburst, Draco tries to make things right.

3,749 26
20 Suspension

Draco discloses his secrets from the past.  Harry has a recollection. 

3,784 28
21 Practice

Harry's and Ginny's rehearsal gathering brings a few surprises...

4,407 16


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