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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Fred/George
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Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language
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First Published
2004-01-06 11:07pm
Last Chapter
2004-03-03 4:36am
Last Updated
2004-03-03 4:36am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue- Nilia and Fred Meet

Nilia Herne is the daughter of the one and only Severus Snape. But being in Slytherin doesn't seem right to her, and being chased after by Draco is worse. But a bet made between them causes both of them hurt, and when she meets Fred Weasley, she falls in love. But soon realizes that it will have to be put on hold.

3,345 7
2 Plan into Action

Hermione and Nilia think of a way for her to have an encounter with Fred.

2,426 2
3 One Bludger, Two Bludger, Three Bludger, Four!

Quidditch madness! And their second encounter.

2,561 1
4 Hogsmeade

A day spent in Hogsmeade, and Fred confronts Draco. And a romp in the mud.

3,236 0
5 Brother Interupted

Their would-be kiss is interupted, and then they have their first fight.

2,250 1
6 Confessions of a Slytherin

Hermione and Nilia make up, and then her father gives her a great idea to get back at Draco, and to get the one she could fall in love with.

2,780 2
7 The Long Awaited Kiss

The long awaited kiss between Nilia and Fred.

2,894 4
8 Yule Ball and Bad News

Nilia learns about what her mother has been doing, and what her fate is.

2,513 3
9 The Prophecy

Draco confesses everything to Nilia!

2,370 3
10 The Decision

Draco and Nilia decide that they are going to change the Prophecy, and Nilia and Fred fight again.

2,951 4
11 Christmas Tidings and Lucias Malfoy

Christmas time!

2,054 1
12 Realizations

Nilia and Fred confess their love, while Draco suffers through another one of his fathers schemes

5,546 4
13 Exams

Exams, fights, and plans.

3,585 1
14 Depression

Nilia feels the weight of the time left that she can spend with Fred, and he surprises her.

3,092 3
15 Oyster in the Teacup

A romantic night for Nilia and Fred turns into a nightmare for Nilia when she is confronted by the offspring of DeathEaters.

3,788 3
16 Threats and Promises

Lucias comes back for a visit

3,529 2
17 Two Dreams

Nilia has two dreams, but are they Prophecies?

5,836 3
18 The Order's New Member

Fred joins the Order, and the end of their time together gets closer and closer.

4,461 2
19 Almost Saturday

Just another day at Hogwarts

2,739 2
20 Friday

The Friday before Nilia leaves. She has a talk with her father, Fred, and Draco.

5,197 4
21 No Time To Dawdle

The long awaited train ride!

6,666 1
22 Epilogue

The end! Until the sequel!

1,238 8
23 END


50 1


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