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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Dark Hopes

James Potter is being accused of murder. The problem is, he can\'t remember where he was when the murder took place. Can Lily, Sirius, and the others find proof of his innocence?

1264 4
2 Memories of Lily

>>I don't even have a ring. Maybe I should have bought a ring before we had this conversation, James was thinking, when Lily said abruptly, "I think we need some time apart."

1401 0
3 A Lonely Party

A tap at the kitchen window interrupted his thoughts. He stirred and, slightly bewildered, unlatched it for a dark, almost black owl. The owl gave an unearthly-sounding screech, dropped an envelope on the counter, and swooped out immediately. His name was on it. James opened it curiously and his stomach twisted as he read the short note: Potter, I'd like to talk to you. Meet me in the park on my street in Surrey? Evans.

1190 1
4 Death and Deceivement

>>"Ellen!" James yelled, his voice breaking, his own heart hurting for her -- she was in so much pain -- so much blood, everywhere -- "What's happened to you? -- God damnit, Ellen, I'm trying to save you, stop fighting me!" "No . . ." Ellen weakened in his grasp, as her eyes widened at something over James's shoulder, her expression one of utter defeat. ". . . You've killed me."

899 1
5 Fleeing the Scene of the Crime

>> Lily's hand fluttered down on the table, and she collapsed in a chair. So much for calm. James watched her, her green eyes bright with tears, and suddenly all he wanted was to hug her silken body, take her in his arms and hold her against his heart . . . but of course he didn't, and it took great strength for him to say slowly, "Lily, they think I killed her." Lily looked up at him. "Did you?"

1412 1
6 Who Do You Trust?

>> James was sitting at the table in his dining room with his head in his hands. Sirius was pacing in front of the fire, Remus was sitting silent in a chair, and Peter was sitting on the table. His most trusted friends . . . James had a feeling even they couldn't help him this time.

1253 1
7 Light Hopes

>> Not since her seventh year at Hogwarts did Lily remember having to cope with such stress; only this time, it wasn't her marks that were in danger -- it was the privacy and safety of the Order of the Phoenix, the lives of those who depended upon it, and James's freedom. His freedom. . . . The only thing harder than the destruction of the Order for Lily to imagine was James behind bars...

1461 0
8 James's Testimony

>> And as soon as he sat down, the chains came up around his legs and wrists. Behind him, Lily, stricken, started to advance towards him and protest, but Dumbledore held her back. Rita Skeeter's Quill was working madly. James looked with hollow eyes up at Cornelius Fudge. Funny. He usually seemed so small. The Minister of Magic introduced the participants of the trial to the scribe, and then stated the accusation: "James Potter, suspected of murdering Amelia Bones and Edgar Bones on the night of the 20th of December, 1979." James listened with half an ear. He could hardly believe he was sitt

883 0
9 Lily's Testimony

>> James's heart sank. He turned to look at her and shook his head ever so slightly, but she did not return his gaze and either ignored or didn't see his protest. Sirius did, and put his hand on Lily's shoulder, but she walked the witness stand nonetheless, her head held high, and sat regally. Malfoy looked down at her. James held his breath. "Miss Evans, can you relate to us the events of December 20th, 1979?"

1758 1
10 The Verdict/End

>> James padded down the stairs slowly, feeling detached . . . feeling as though he weren't really there, like he was walking in a dream. He picked up the Daily Prophet and unrolled it. There was a one-word headline occupying half of the front page. The letters stared up at him for a moment not registering -- not understanding -- he laughed, dropped the paper on the table, picked it up, looking closer, to make sure, to be sure --

1149 1


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