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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Slughorn, Snape, Kreacher, Molly, Narcissa, Umbridge
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Snape/Lily, Snape/Narcissa
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-05-27 2:51pm
Last Chapter
2010-10-12 6:44am
Last Updated
2013-08-21 2:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sanctuary

Draco has been left by Snape in an uninhabited Muggle church.  Before leaving, he muttered something about a medieval Muggle custom whereby someone being persecuted could be safe for up to 40 days upon entering a church.  Draco believes Snape is relying on some Muggle old magic for his protection.  He is alone and reflects.  Meanwhile, Harry and Petunia have a private chat.  She is persuaded to let Harry read a letter Lily sent her from Godric Hollow.

2,467 83
2 Truce

Horace Slughorn receives an unexpected visit.  The visitor has found out about him telling Potter certain information and wishes to exchange it for something Horace knows nothing about.  Hermione bumps into Slughorn in the least likely place.

2,442 50
3 At the Burrow

Harry receives a letter from Ron saying that they are coming to collect him for the wedding.  Harry is worried about how Ginny and Molly will react to him as he has broken up with the former.  Molly and Lupin try to persuade him to confide in them what he and Dumbledore were doing on his last night.  Hermione has a chat with Ginny about Harry.

2,872 48
4 Confession

Draco Malfoy is still in hiding.  When he had just managed to get himself a little more comfortable, someone from the Muggle world discovers his presence.  He is forced to use his wit and try to pass for a Muggle. After all, his safety is at stake!

2,479 37
5 Ancient Lores

Bill and Fleur's wedding day has finally arrived.  Ancient wizarding customs revolving around the power of love captivate Harry. A beautiful French chateau, great food, wine and champagne...  great setting for romance!  Passions run high and drink flows abundantly,  but would another danger sober them all up?

3,994 37
6 Shambles

The wedding celebration has come to an abrupt halt.  Petunia has been kidnapped.  Harry has been stunned by Moody, as they all think it is a trap to get Harry, so he has been prevented from taking part. Snape is acting oddly. Many questions arise from this and there are deaths too! 

3,617 32
7 Aftermath

The rescue mission is over.  Petunia is safe but two people have died and one is badly injured.  Hermione is beginning to question were Snape loyalties really lay and a theory seems to be developing.  A secret message arrives for Harry, a warning.  One other person discovers the existence of the horcruxes.

2,626 27
8 Revelations

Voldemort makes his intentions clear as to his punishment for Draco and Narcissa. Snape and Bellatrix are to execute his orders.  Harry and his friends continue the discussions as to what to do next and reflect on what they already know.  Draco is still safe, for the moment...

2,684 25
9 Sweet Seventeen

Harry is finally of age, the protection is gone.  He is not expecting anything much after all that has happened, but maybe the Weasleys have something else in mind.  Amongst many greeting owls, both Harry and Molly receive a message delivered by Fawkes.

I really enjoyed writing this chapter, and hope you do too reading it!

3,396 21
10 Legacy

Harry's festive birthday mood changes as soon as they get to Grimauld Place, he ponders.  There is a meeting of the Order, they need a new leader but no-one seems to fit.  Why has Dumbledore left him for last in his will?  Harry needed to ask something: "Professor... Do you know how you died?"  "Yes, Harry, I do know how I died."

3,105 20
11 A Belated Gift

This chapter was written before DH came out and I have left it as it was, so I guess this is now AU.  In the evening of Harry's birthday party, Dobby wakes him up with a most unexpected and mysterious gift.  Ginny has a dream about the potion that Dumbledore drank...

2,349 23
12 Out of the Blue

Snape and Bellatrix appear at odds as to how to carry out the Dark Lord's orders. A misunderstanding occurs at Grimmauld Place which unsettles Ginny, Mrs Weasley, Remus and Harry. Harry and Hermione try to get to the bottom of Ginny's nightmare. Hermione lets her feelings come to the surface after all this time. Draco has a bad feeling about it all...

3,254 20
13 "Llamas"

The lady's head rested upon a leather-bound book, a forbidden book that was wet with her tears. A book of union, of magical contract, a snake, a flame, the rite of ultimate passage, a book by whose instruction she was going to relinquish herself, without a get-out clause.

2,066 20
14 Blood Connections

Draco and Snape are on the run, and the later from both sides.  Someone needs a proper burial, away from the prying eyes of the Dark Lord.  Would a long-lost relative prove to be the answer.  What is Draco to do next? The time to leave his safety-net has come... 

This is actually the last whole chapter written prior to the publication of DH.

2,885 20
15 Enlightenment

Scrimgeour has disappeared and Umbridge is now the Minister, draconian laws are expected to follow.  Harry's inheritance is under threat unless he finds a connection between his blood line and Sirius'.  Looking at the tapestry the trio come to a possible realisation, but not all seems to fit.  Draco has been at Tonks' parents' for a week and they don't feel safe with him there, will Harry decide to help him out?

2,857 19
16 Pride or Prejudice

Harry hadn't forgotten that he had been him, Draco, who had caused Dumbledore's death in the first place by letting the Death Eaters into the castle. And yet, Dumbledore himself had taken pity on him. He had seen how scared the boy had actually been, but that was Dumbledore! No matter how Harry looked at it, he could begrudgingly accept Malfoy coming to live with them, but that didn't mean that he did have to like it.

2,511 15
17 The Shadows and the Light

Draco's dreams have turned into nightmares.  The trio believe that Kreacher has important information and Harry feels that it is now paramount that the elf doesn't get to tell his new guest.  The Order wants some guarantee as to the sincerity of Malfoy's new allegiance.  Are they going too far?  Harry has a beautiful dream...

3,675 13
18 For Richer for Poorer

When Harry decides to go to Diagon Alley to buy Ginny a birthday present, little he knows that what he learns that day will turn his world outside down.  He loves magic and the world of it but new obstacles arise and he needs to be resourceful.  He has, in fact to re-learn to juggle living in both worlds.

4,041 14
19 No Smoke Without Fire

Harry and Hermione are back at Grimmauld Place with the news about the wand and Harry's money.  Ron is adamant that breaking into Gringotts is the only way forward.  Perhaps both Bill and Charlie could aid them in some way.  Harry needs to ask Malfoy some questions.  He chooses the soft option but then Harry himself learns something he is not prepared to hear.

3,973 16
20 Hogwarts Revisited

The decision as to whether Hogwarts will or not reopen for the trios' seventh year has now been made.  Harry has his own ideas as to the best course of action.  It is Ginny's birthdays and Harry has a surprise up his sleeve that will take them both to the Forbidden Forest, where something will be given to them as if in a myth.  Some former DA members learn that the Order is protecting Malfoy.

5,039 15
21 Rendezvous

Lord Voldemort receives a visit from the Ministry.  Are they collaborating?  Meanwhile, Hermione leaves Grimmauld Place to visit her widowed father.  They discuss Harry's financial affairs but there is something more at the back of Hermione's mind, how much do they truly know about Snape's allegiance and could Petunia hold a clue somehow?

3,331 15
22 Persuasion

Petunia receives a surprise telephone call from none other than Hermione, who is adamant that she must meet with her.  After much reasoning and much reticence on Mrs. Durley's part, they do agree to talk.  Can Hermione finally conclude that Snape is on the Order's side, despite killing Dumbledore?  But convincing Harry was never going to be easy.  Ron, Harry and Ginny pay a visit to Hermione at her father's house.  Many matters are discussed and they exchange various news.

5,394 13
23 In the Moon Light's Shadow

Harry knows that the vision he had a few days back showed him more than he can remember.  He delves further into it by forcing the connection again but faints and is discovered by Ron lying on the floor.  Mr. Granger concludes that his blood pressure has dropped to dangerous levels.  Has Voldemort made this happen?  Harry finally gets to see who the traitor had been but, does the vision reflect the truth or what Voldemort wants him to believe?  Ginny has an idea: consulting the Tarot cards and the runes.

6,237 11
24 Truth and Dare

Harry appears no better.  Molly cannot wait to see how Harry truly is and, without finishing her preparations for the wedding party, she turns up at Hermione's.  When she hears what they have to say, she turns against Harry but, will her anger last?  She also finds out how truly ill he is.  Harry gets an idea from Muggle television.  Tonks and Lupin's celebration proceeds well enough.  Now, Harry must ask Draco something.

4,048 14
25 Parallel Worlds

Harry now realises that provoking a connection with the Dark Lord's mind can bring about fatal consequences.  Was that what happened to Narcissa? He decides to ask Draco about this who, in turn, presents Harry with an unusual request.  Everything now seems to point to the Muggle world but, will that provide the answers? The trio's main base is about to swift and Ginny is determined to join them.

3,989 12
26 Nothing But the Truth

Draco is in need of help and ventures into Muggle London with the intention of telling Father McKenna the truth and undoing the memory modification charm he once cast on him, hence disclosing the existence of the wizarding world. How will he react? Will Harry come to his aid?

6,278 14
27 Diagon Alley

Harry makes plans to enter Hogwarts to retrieve the Half Blood Prince's book from the Room of Requirement.  He thinks that if Father McKenna is to help Draco, they better introduce him to the wizarding world.  From this point onwards the priest's life will never be quite the same.

6,240 13
28 Trials and Tribulations

Thanks so much to Bella_Portia for all her help with this chapter

After having been introduced to many of the wonders of the magical world, Father McKenna has a chat with Draco whilst they wait for Harry to return.

Bill is persuaded by Ginny to give Harry and his friends information regarding Gringotts to help them further their plan.

Harry has set himself the task to enter the Room of Requirement via the Vanishing Cabinet in Borgin & Burkes but, will everything go according to plan?

6,593 5
29 Ways and Means

Harry finds himself trapped in the Room of Requirement.  He had told Ginny that if something were to go wrong, she should go to Malfoy, but is he friend or foe?  Various plans are set into motion for his rescue.  Snape gets to hear about this.  Whilst in there, Harry finds a coded message and possibly a clue...

5,938 4
30 In the Mousetrap

Harry is stuck in the Room of Requirement.  At  Harry's instigation, Draco Malfoy has been engaged in the rescue mission.  Not all trust him.  Furthermore, Draco may well be in danger himself.

5,647 10
31 Grasping at Straws

Draco has been captured by Umbridge whilst on a mission to help Potter.  Harry believes the Minister to be Voldemort's ally.  Draco knows this and tries to improvise.  The Order are brainstorming as to how they should proceed.  Draco has in his possession incriminating items.  Will he escape unharmed?

I would like to thank Aurora Dawn for her beta work in this chapter and her encouragement whilst I was writing it.

5,426 6
32 The Faithful Departed

“You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think we don’t recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble?” Albus Dumbledore (J K Rowling – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

4,452 5
33 'Mirage'

Draco has miraculously managed to escape from Umbridge's custody. His memory to regard to the event is somewhat patchy. Now he finds himself in an area of London unknown to him in the middle of the night. Who will come to his rescue? Percy receives an unexpected visit.

4,743 7


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