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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/OC
General, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-05-21 3:54pm
Last Chapter
2011-06-23 1:04pm
Last Updated
2011-06-23 1:04pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Just Touch It

I think you noticed that he’s become a six foot tall, broad shouldered, sex god with a cheeky smile and adorably messed up hair-,”
Lily snorted, “I can’t believe you just referred to James Potter as a sex god,”

3,667 49
2 The Girl Who Walked Like John Wayne

Delilah didn’t like the castle in the early hours, it seemed huge, baron and very lonely with everyone else in bed. There was something desperately eerie about the huge, echoing space that was the castle.

2,745 28
3 He Asked Too Many Questions

“That I’m not joking around,” She could feel his heart speeding up against her hand. It was thundering against his chest as hers was in her own. “I care about you Lily,”

3,279 25
4 She Became Whatever He Wanted

Delilah rolled her eyes and pushed James out of her way, “Why would she fancy you James?” She asked scathingly, “You’re so desperate, you’re like a hippogriff in heat,”

3,829 26
5 She Was Someone Else

He was at a cross roads, he could feel it. This was a fundamental moment to what his life would become and he wasn’t sure which way he hoped it would swing.

3,485 22
6 Behind the closed door

Angelica gasped raising her wand as if to stun them but it was too late, James had jumped and taken Lily with him.

3,459 18
7 She was a Thief

“In the Three Broomsticks it’s karaoke night!” James declared.

“Oh yes,” Sirius rolled his eyes dramatically, “What are you going to do James? Awe Rosemerta so much with your musical talents that she simply forgets to report us to her good pal Dumbledore?”

3,065 15
8 They Played Dirty

Sirius was doing a victory lap past the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw stands as they chanted his name. A bludger from Thornton, a burly looking Slytherin beater, missed the handsome boys head by mere inches. Sirius face was a picture of menace.

2,223 19
9 He Had To Argue

“I don’t see why you’re getting so touchy!” James’ voice was quieter but so vicious that it was barely recognisable, “You said it yourself, you’re only with Delilah because she was an easy lay!”

4,186 13
10 She Wrote In Red

“Oh lay off her,” Delilah grinned, happier now that she knew she was mere hours from her first cigarette since the morning of the Quiddich match, “She didn’t want to bring them but she owes me.” The words seemed to strike a cord in the bed-ridden girl and she turned scheming eyes on her, very much identical, twin, “She owes me,”

2,236 18
11 Preparations and Palpitations

“Sure! That’s what she said. Sure.” He ripped of his bow tie causing Remus to flinch, “I’m not going to the ball.” He flung himself onto his bed for the final time, “There’s no point. I’m going to be humiliated. Everyone knows about Lily and I and now she’s going to run off with the band.”

3,615 21
12 The Truth Came Out

It was funny how it had happened. How she had ended up on another date with Sirius Black by accident. Delilah couldn’t help but laugh as Sirius picked her clean of the ground in a dramatic twirl. He was a wonderful dancer in a crazed, slightly manic, way. He was like a ballroom dancer on speed; grace in fast forward.

4,590 18
13 Of Balls and Parties

“Yeah it was amazing,” Delilah agreed letting her hand lightly brush Sirius’ before bringing it up to stroke her neck temptingly. She knew he was watching and it thrilled her. She was beginning to think that maybe she just had a sick fascination with secret relationships.

3,603 12
14 Her Words Were Venom

She almost couldn’t see she felt so blinded by her grievances. The only thing that stood out to her was the head of that disgusting creature as it turned into the girls bathrooms. Unsure of what she was doing or why Narcissa marched straight into the bathrooms after her unsuspecting enemy.

2,691 14
15 On the Quiddich Stands

A girl Delilah recognised as Narcissa’s sister was suddenly on her knees trying to help Narcissa stand; although she ended up holding the girl back as Narcissa struggled to launch herself at Delilah again.

2,195 7
16 He was a monster

Narcissa strode into the dormitory and Lucius felt his temple pulse in warning; he was going to get a migraine and she hadn’t even started talking yet. He hated her. He truly hated her.

876 11
17 Control

Across the room Andromeda was finding it hard to cover her smile, “That was hard to watch, wasn’t it?” She whispered to Lucius who scowled at her. “Oh go on, punch him. I’d die laughing.” 

1,838 13
18 On the Chair

"No! I got it! I got it!" His trousers dropped down to sit in a puddle at his feet, pleased with himself Sirius spread his arms wide, "Ta da!"

1,674 11
19 He Knew Hate

It took him a while but Potter eventually found it and left again whilst trying to smooth the crumpled letter with his hands

1,398 7
20 She Became A Cheat

"You never know who people are going to be in your life"

2,352 1
21 They Choked on Tears

“You already know what she’s done,” Ted said quietly when it became clear that Jessica wouldn’t be speaking any time soon. Delilah shrugged her shoulders at him and he closed his eyes to think, “Delilah you already know what she’s done... it’s what... it’s what has happened as a consequence.”

2,746 5


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