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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Remus/OC, Ron/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-05-09 10:41pm
Last Chapter
2007-10-13 5:14am
Last Updated
2007-10-13 5:14am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Name Calling and such

Hermione shocks them all...Who's with who? Where does the war stand? Where does the trio go during the year that Order can't know about? What kind of friendship do Hermione and Remus have? When Hermione tries to do Bill a favor, what goes wrong?

3,845 9
2 The Bite and the Letter

Hermione is bitten, but a letter from Dumbledore reveals the solution.

3,431 2
3 The Transfer of Hermione Granger

Hermione goes back in time to Remus for his help.  What happens when she meets everyone, but has few of her original memories.  Will she change the future?  Who does she have an immediate attraction to?

3,324 4
4 Snape, pranks, tension, and classes

Hermione meets young Severus, pranks are planned, tension begins between the marauders, Lily and Hermione become friends, and classes begin.

4,682 2
5 Hogsmeade, Snape, and the kiss

“Seriously, you really think that? Oh of course,” he continued through his laughter, “if the Great James Potter and the SexGod Sirius Black both get turned down for dates by girls, then said girls MUST be gay?! "

“Well James, it’s like this…What would you do if I told you I loved you?” Hermione asked.

“My, my, my. The new mudblood has a little secret,” came a sneering voice from the shadows. 

Followed by a brief glimpse into the present time.

4,654 3
6 The change of character

“Sirius, what the hell was that about?!”

“I wish there was some way I could make it easier for you Hermione, but nothing I’ve ever done has helped ease the pain. There’s just a monster inside of you that literally crawls its way out.” 

“We were a bit late throwing this together though, eh?” James asked grinning.

“PERFECT!” shouted James, as several people from other tables looked their way and rolled their eyes. “We’ll make everyone...

4,563 2
7 Prank of Truth, Dog vs Wolf, and the Sleepover

“Remus is a lying, cheating, ugh! He’s no friend of mine!” 

"Ok, OK! Yes, because I’m all of those and then some. Did I really just admit that? I hate this spell!"
"I almost think we went a bit far with this one,” Sirius said eagerly"

"So, Padfoot, you really that bad in bed?”

3,847 2
8 Hermione makes five and gets a what?!

“Hermione, love, you’re killing me here.”

“I didn’t think I said that out loud!”

What they saw however, left them all in the doorway, eyes wide and stunned 

“Tis the only way Moony, my man,” 

“That’s great, Gyps, completely Marauder worthy!” 

“As much as I love you Lils, you’re not who I want in my bed, sorry,”

4,972 4
9 Heart ache--past and present

“Kill him, Harry, before he gets her,” he said, before passing out again.

“Voldemort remembers!” Sirius said loudly, cutting him off.

“ENOUGH!” James and Sirius yelled. “Two feet between you two at all times, you know the rules,” Sirius added. 

Her entire world had just come to a screeching halt, and now she was lost and heartbroken.

4,132 2
10 Secrets revealed!

He looked slightly angry at her and spat, “I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine, werewolf.” 

“Wow, this is very weird.” she said in a strained voice.

The Dark Lord has taken an interest in the Gryffindor Princesses and Potter’s gang. 
You should be careful.”
“THEY DID WHAT?!” the three shouted in unison, making Lily recoil.

“Yes, so I get to kill him when he gets back!” Sirius said angrily. “I said two feet apart! TWO FEET!”

4,718 1
11 Facing Voldemort

A Hogsmeade weekend turns into a meeting with the Dark Lord.

“Well James Potter,” he said cruelly, “I see you need to be taught manners. No one speaks to me, the Dark Lord, in such a manner. Crucio!” 

“You know, Voldemort, I don’t think little boys should be allowed to play with such toys.”

3,781 4
12 The present discussion and the Oath Pendant

"What the Dark Lord so desperately underestimates, will indeed be your ultimate power.” 

“You’d be right in that assumption, Black,” Severus said quietly. “I believe he now wants Hermione dead almost as much as Potter." 

“Trust? Me? Are you both mental? Do you know what I could do to you?”  

“What you two just did, is a form of Dark Magic."

“Severus made a potion and they took it. What’s not to get about that, Wormtail?"

3,777 9
13 Full Moon in Hogsmeade and the stranger in the dorm

“I guess you got an eyeful, eh Prongs,” Sirius grinned. 

They knew he’d be injured, and maybe them as well, but he would be absolutely devastated if he bit someone.

“Hermione is going to kill me, James,” Lily whispered, grinning broadly all the same. 

They were suddenly interrupted by the figure of a man, about the same age as themselves, suddenly appearing in front of them. The two immediately jumped in front of Lily and watched as he fell to the ground.

4,117 13
14 The rescue of Hermione Granger

He was stopped abruptly by Remus’ hand closing around his throat and throwing him to the ground. 

“Get out of my head, old man, you wouldn’t like what you saw there!” 

“Hermione!” he said shocked, putting his hand on his the cheek she had just slapped.

He turned to James and all but shouted, “I don’t hate him! He left me! He left me when I needed him most and I’m a bit angry, ok?!” as he pointed at Dumbledore, but looked at James.

4,114 13
15 Back to the Present

Harry has to convince the Maruaders and Lily that he's for real.  What will happen when Hermione sees them again, in her time?

Also note--for the remainder of this story, we are considering Hermione to be 18 years old (Just go with it peeps!).

This chapter dedicated (which just means I luv you) to all my wonderful reviewers!  Thank you so much!!

4,158 7
16 One Secret's Out


Remus snapped back, “Sod off, Severus!”

“It’s hard to hate someone who saved you from yourself,” Snape replied quietly

Remus walked over and slapped Harry hard across the face.

3,649 9
17 Love Has No Place (except in a pendant)

Snape and Harry have a 'moment'!

Snape and Hermione have a 'moment'

You see the pendant again as well!

6,238 8
18 Dumbledore's Observation

NEWT week!  Incredible Defense Against the Dark Arts exam and a trick of Polyjuice Potion.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

4,538 10
19 NEWTS Completed

Who are they really dueling?  What surprise guests show up to help? What happens when they get back to Grimmuald Place?

We're coming close to an answer to the greath Remus/Hermione question!  What will happen? Who will he choose?

Remus took a deep, Gryffindor-induced breath and rose to go join her.

3,089 6
20 Decisions Made and Stories Told

This is it folks!  This is the chapter you've all been waiting for!  The Remus and Hermione conclusion.  Will they try to be a couple or agree to go their seperate ways, or perhaps remain 'friends only'?  

MY Favorite chapter (well one of them) of the story!!

5,725 13
21 Saving Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade is attacked, but the Death Eaters aren't there for Harry...

3,740 4
22 The Second Prophesy Starts the Final Battle

I think the title says it all---the Final Battle is about to begin.  Are they ready?  Are you ready?

On another note, aside from the Remus/Hermione bits, from now on, this is what I thought (or rather hoped actually) the end of Deathly Hallows would be more like.  Oh well!

3,270 3
23 The Unwritten Battle

It's the battle--what more do I need to say?  Except that some will live and some will die...and there's only a few more chapters to go!

3,741 9
24 Sirius Emotional Issues

The aftermath of the battle and Sirius has many emotional issues to deal with--his godson and his best friend were hit with the killing curse and his other best friend hasn't been seen.  Cry with Sirius during this chapter.

4,537 13
25 Explaination For the Parents

Hermione's parents come for a visit and need things explained to them...

Only two chapters to go after this one---the next one is the one that I was patting myself on the back for after DH came out!!!

3,899 9
26 Suspended Death

This is THE chapter that made me almost faint when I read DH---I patted myself on the back several times, although I must say, I rather like my version better!  And it was completed (and posted) elsewhere, so you know I didn't cheat!

Last chapter before epilouge!

4,569 12
27 The Future and the End

This is all there is...a very neat package of epilouge.  I rather prefer my epilouge to Rowlings because...Remus didn't die!!! 

3,036 21
28 The Future and the End

This is all there is...a very neat package of epilouge.  I rather prefer my epilouge to Rowlings because...Remus didn't die!!! 

3,036 25


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