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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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First Published
2007-05-01 10:39am
Last Chapter
2008-01-27 1:20am
Last Updated
2008-01-27 1:20am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I can wait

This is my first chapter of my first HP fanfic:) This is rather short, but the next ones will be longer - promise;)
Please read and review:)*

909 4
2 Abandoned

The second chapter:) Please read and review:)*

1,201 5
3 On a compartment

Please read & review:)*

592 3
4 The sorting and the Marauder secrets

Please read & review :)*

2,761 4
5 Griffins in love

Please read and review:)**

2,472 5
6 The full-moon

“Where are Remus and Sirius?” she asked.
“Sirius – date, Remus - ill” James told with a boredom. This caught Elins attention.
“Ill?” she sat up, fully awake now.
Read and revierw:)**

1,068 4
7 Realization

“Who had ever said griffins were the brave ones?” she shouted out loud in the pitch. Lily jumped at this. “Lets take the two griffins, the brave and fearless ones, oh yes, lets meet James Potter and Lily Evans”Please read and review:)**

1,820 3
8 The only girl who caught him

“I don’t believe it!” they heard a shout from the middle of the room both turning to the direction to see Mark Lanes, a seventh-year griffin, staring at Lily and James “Potter, I swear, you truly can get any girl in this school.”

“Of course, Lanes – I can” Lily heard him say and felt a strange pain inside

Plese read & review :)**

1,612 5
9 Your secrets and mine

 She slid closer feeling the sweet shivers down her back. Elin closed her eyes, this felt too good. ‘the hell with that just friends stuff’ she thought to herself and withdraw a bit to meet his eyes. Remus saw her face so close to his ‘She’s a friend, you’re a werewolf.  A werewolf’ 

Please read and review:)* pretty pretty pretty please:)*

2,348 4
10 I will not go away

“Ah, let’s go back. I truly doubt it is haunted at all. Someone had probably pulled a prank on Hogsmead” Remus looked shocked at the girl in front of him. ‘She will know the minute Prof. Grimter says the word werewolf’

1,906 3
11 Hoping That Tomorrow Everything Will Be Okay

“A werewolf not during the full moon can be dangerous too,” He froze hearing her voice tell these words. Elin was scared of werewolves. She was scared of him.

As always - read&review:) don't forget the second part:) You won't, right? 

2,107 2
12 His Elin

“His secrets and mine. His and mine,” she whispered silently watching the light of a full moon on the floor.
“His secrets and mine,” Lily whispered in her bed gazing at the bed opposite hers. ‘What are your secrets, Elin?’
As always I will love you forever if you leave a review:)**

2,631 6
13 Her secret

Elin stared at the photo of the Mark. The same mark that haunted her dreams. The same one that shone in the sky the night her father was killed. Elin didn’t look up that night to see it.
Kisses and hugs to all who review:)*

2,473 3
14 Marauder secret

She stepped further studying the traces of claws on the walls. ‘This wasn’t done by ghosts. That’s for sure.’ Elin stopped closer to the stairs. Someone was pacing in the second floor.

Hope you like it;)

1,154 2
15 He is Remus

“Sorry for chasing you by the way. I’ve gone mental – I’m talking with a cat,” he shook his head laughingly.
Elin didn’t think twice as she transformed into her human form. “Wouldn’t say that,” she smiled at him, “and I’m still planning to hex you for that chasing thing.” 

Sirius jumped from the armchair and froze. “What...? Elin!” 

Keep reading:)*

2,445 11
16 The black cat

Remus seemed taken aback, what is it with this girl? He opened his mouth.


“Just tell me,” Elin said first, “Is it because you don’t feel anything for me or is it-” she sighed deeply “-because you’re a werewolf?” 

Yep, this is it:)
kisses to all who read and two to those who review:)*

1,093 2
17 Be With Me

“Sorry, Lily, but it would be hard to do as there are four boys waiting for both of you downstairs.”

Lily didn’t seem to understand, but Elin shot up instantly wide awake and stared at Mrs. Evans. “What boys?”One more chapter is waiting for you:) Keep reviewing:)*

2,447 5
18 Behind closed windows

Lily stood up and closed the window, feeling cold wind on her bare arms. It was darkening outside. She shivered and turned her gaze back to her friends. For now they could hide behind closed windows. 
Well, guys, this is the last chapter:) Hope you like it:)*

1,370 8


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