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Hermione, Draco, Blaise (M)
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Hermione, Other Pairing
Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-04-30 5:07am
Last Chapter
2009-10-19 12:14am
Last Updated
2009-10-19 12:14am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Discontentment and Desire

I nuzzled into his neck, happy I was finally in his arms again. “I missed you.” I murmured against his ear. He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine. We kissed again, and again, and again. Shivers ran through my veins. They still did after all this time. Draco’s kisses were the kind that would never get boring. Just the feeling I received when I kissed him was enough to make me go weak at the knees.

2,707 44
2 Choices and Conclusions

I ventured out into the living room and was surprised to find the table laid with expensive china and a small feast, big enough for two. A candelabra in the middle of the table hosted three candles that shone dimly, casting a beautiful glow over the food. I suddenly felt hands on my arms and then giggled as Draco’s lips brushed against my neck. I turned in his arms and met his lips with my own. “You’re too good for me.” I whispered as his arms went around me and we kissed each other hello.

2,420 23
3 Hatred and Hunger

Blaise’s eyes were on me again and I exhaled uncomfortably, avoiding looking at him directly. Instead, I swept off a bit of dust that had gathered on one particular shelf, cautiously stepping around Blaise to get to the other end. But his hand on my wrist stopped me, and I spun around to face him, shocked. I expected to see fury in his eyes, but instead I saw that same longing I had noted before. I glanced down at his loose but unforgiving grip on my arm, and then back to his face.

2,738 27
4 Culpability and Confessions

Things had been rather awkward last night. By the time Draco had finished in the shower, he had come out to find me already in bed and pretending to be asleep. I knew he must’ve been confused as it had only been nine o’clock. He knew full well I was not one to go to bed early. But he had climbed into bed nevertheless in merely his boxers and put his arm around me where he fell asleep rather quickly. I had tensed up, unmoving for around an hour. Knowing that he could possibly find out what I had done killed me inside.

2,662 23
5 Realisations and Reunions

I forced my eyes up and connected gaze with Blaise. My heart skipped several beats as he winked at me. Oh, the audacity of the bastard! I glared at him, my old self pushing through. I grew up hating Slytherins and my old habits were hard to dispose of. No matter how much I lusted after Blaise, I was not going to take his crap. Draco rubbed my back and I looked at him. He gave me a gentle warning look and I softened my features for his sake. But I didn’t look at Blaise again, staring at the menu as hard as I could until my eyes hurt.

2,198 23
6 Surprises and Surrender

I watched him walk to the door. My mind raced. I didn’t want him here because he was the cause of mine and Draco’s fight. But I wanted him here because when he had walked into the room, an odd settling feeling had washed over me. I felt safe in his presence, guarded. And I had a burning desire to talk to him, to get to know him. I groaned helplessly before saying, “Wait, Blaise; you can stay.” He turned and made his way back over to me as if he had expected me to say this. I grew angry at this but decided to let it slip as he linked his arm through mine.

2,942 26
7 Infidelity and Intermission

I loved Draco – I knew that much was true. But I knew even better that I could not just ignore my feelings for Blaise now that they were recognised. When I wasn’t with him, I physically ached for him, and when I was with him, I hated the thought of going back to Draco. I wanted to spend all my time with Blaise; Blaise made me feel like nothing I’d ever felt before. Everything about him was so satisfying, yet it was unsatisfying that I could never get enough. I had found myself at a crossroad.

2,903 23
8 Entity and Encounters

My stomach lurched and I sank further into my seat, hoping he would do the sensible thing and ignore me. But even then I was thinking wishfully and I knew it was no use, because he immediately dropped all thoughts of his previous destination and strode across the room. He stopped before me, his intent gaze boring down into mine. I felt a faint red blush rise in my cheeks as I tried to stop the sickening lurches in my stomach. “Fancy meeting you here.” Blaise said as he slid into the seat opposite me.

2,724 23
9 Marveling and Moments

“Then stay with me for at least a few more hours. I want to show you something.” Blaise said into my shoulder. I opened my eyes and turned into him, burying my head into his chest. “Let me call Draco.” I murmured quietly, hoping this wouldn’t anger him. But he released me from his arms, looking at me with a distant expression in his secluded violet eyes. I stepped around him and turned on my phone. There were three more missed calls from Draco.

3,189 37
10 Arguments and Antics

There came a knock at the door right then, and I sat bolt upright, clutching my heart in surprise. I hurried over when the pounding continued. ‘Coming!’ I shouted impatiently. I heard off-note singing and scrunched my nose up in confusion as I worked through the dead bolt on the door. I finally wrenched it open and was shocked to see a half-unconscious Draco leaning against an uncomfortable Claudia. ‘Claudia? What . . . ?’ I reached forward to take Draco’s weight off her and helped him inside.

2,409 32
11 Delusions and Disturbia

When I finally reached the bridge, I saw him. He stood there in his fancy black jacket, gazing out over the river. He was so beautiful, especially under the mild moonlight, but his face was overcast, and his violet eyes dejected.

2,728 2
12 Darkness and Discoveries

When I looked at the diamond ring on my finger, I remembered. It was so easy to pull off. I felt nothing as I slid it from my skin and placed it on the table in front of me. My hand felt empty, like there was a piece of it missing, but the rest of my body had no reaction. Not even my heart, which remained in its carefully broken state. There were no further tears, no palpitations. No regrets.

2,086 8


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