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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-04-29 11:35pm
Last Chapter
2011-02-15 1:30pm
Last Updated
2011-02-15 1:30pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One: Meet the Cast


The age of logical thinking

The age of developing Quiddtich skills

The age of raging hormones

The age of our heroes... :D

Lily. James. Remus.

(Formerly 'Mark the Words') Newly re-written chapter

2,582 13
2 Chapter Two: And they were the Marauders

Friendship overcomes trials.

Friendship provides warmth of acceptance.

Friendship surpasses boundaries.

Friendship is what they have.

Moony. Padfoot. Wormtail. Prongs

And they were the Marauders...

3,317 10
3 Chapter Three: The Reward

James gets the worse luck in love...and Lily Evans gives him a reward he'll never forget..

563 4
4 Chapter Four: Together We Hex

can hexing bring our two love birds to realize they were made for each other?

499 4
5 Chapter Five: At Hagrid's Cabin

James says his move to Hagrid and ensures him Lily Evans would finally be his...

507 3
6 Chapter Six: When a Jinx Turns Wrong

would an accident bring Lily and James close they save each other's lives

1,974 5
7 Chapter Seven: Who Was the Angel?

James gets out of the Hospital Wing but Lily's still not responding.

an angel saves her from death and now Lily's in search for her angel but only one of the two is true...who do you think?

James Potter or Remus Lupin?

3,253 4
8 Chapter Eight: The Moony Mayhem

Moony mayhem all over!! Lily and James keep on blaming themselves on what happened to Lupin!! can anything get more worse? read and review this mystical mayhem!

1,526 4
9 Chapter Nine: The Traitor Called Moony

oh no, their friendship is at risk!

Is Lupin a traitor? Is he a backstabbing monster or someone who's innocent just misunderstood? will the Marauders be still complete....

or not?

1,999 5
10 Chapter Ten: The Stag Vs. The Werewolf over a Red-Head Princess

who will get Lily's heart? the one who tries his very best to capture her or the one she loves yet resists for friendship's sake? Who will win? James or Remus?

1,731 4
11 Chapter Eleven: Just So You Know

Oh well, as they don't always get the one you love. I bet James feels so terrible that he bursted it out on a song.

check out James sing...and find out if his broken heart would ever heal again...

(Just So You Know: by Jesse McCartney ...the cutest singer in the world!)

oh and thanks 4 luv ur violent reactions! hehehe

1,689 15
12 Chapter Twelve: Forget Me…Not?

Hey, i'm back here!

haha, so we follow James and Lily as they try to know what they really feel. Lily is really determined to love Lupin till the end while James is determined not to give up. Will they ever realize what's best for them?

2,564 3
13 Chapter Thirteen: Any Ideas About Moony? he wakes up....

what happens after that?

2,693 4
14 Chapter Fourteen: Catastrophes with a Sprinkle of Confusion

something happens...and it makes Lily much more confused....could she be? is it possible?

Is it possible for Lily Evans to actually fall in love with James Potter?

2,033 4
15 Chapter Fifteen: Illusions or Reality

Looks like Lily is all confused...and it's not gonna be pretty if she does...

from the moment James Potter's lips touched hers in beside the library, she doesn't know which of the two guys scored higher....

2,141 3
16 Chapter Sixteen: Can We Be Friends?

There is one perfect reason why Lily and James couldn't be together: Lily was still in a relationship with Lupin.

But they could do one thing to stay together....

2,362 0
17 Chapter Seventeen: When You're Tempted and You Know It...

So begins the friendship of James Potter and Lily Evans. So begins the many realizations about begins the hurt and the joy...

can someone make me a banner that'll fit the story? not to offend Gia M but I feel like i need a new banner! Everyone could try and make one...just please tell me the url! thanks!

3,213 0
18 Chapter Eighteen: Prince Charming

Her knight in shinning armor...

who could it be?

the one with sandy-colored hair?

or the one with jet-black hair?

2,583 0
19 Chapter Nineteen: Jealous

Oh me oh my,

looks like the green-eyed burning green with envy!! shocks!

1,904 1
20 Chapter Twenty: Kisses, Tears and a Talk with Padfoot

So you're in love...

with another guy...

and you're dating one of his mates...

and you talk with his best mate...

I don't blame you for losing your head...

3,387 0
21 Chapter Twenty-One: Don't Take Love for Granted

When you are confused with something...

it's better to think

than to take things for granted...

2,539 1
22 Chapter Twenty-Two: NBA or DNA…Whatever

James and Sirius showcase their lack of Muggle knowledge

Lily gets stuck in a tree

Lupin becomes selfish...

Teenagers really are interesting creatures, aren't they?

3,118 1
23 Chapter Twenty-Three: And there’s a Ball

the mystique of every gruel love triangles...

3,156 6
24 Chapter Twenty-Four: I Miss You

It took only three words to bring them back ....

but was it enough?

3,104 5


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