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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Blaise (M)
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-04-29 10:47pm
Last Chapter
2007-12-01 11:07pm
Last Updated
2007-12-01 11:07pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Can a bad day get any worse?

Can a bad day get any worse?

2,875 75
2 To Hell with it...

Confusion reigns...and desires are met...

4,094 44
3 The Beginning of Something

Hermione falls a little further into desire and deceit...

3,267 45
4 ...and the world comes crashing down...

An intimate moment takes someone by surprise...

3,506 43
5 ...and spins around her feet...


2,514 33
6 Fallout and Friendships

The truth comes out!
(sorry my summaries are not great :P, so here's a quote!)

“What’s he got to do … oh, Hermione,” he whispered, the uneaten chunk of bread sliding from his frozen fingers and bouncing off the table. He gulped, staring at her burning face. “You’re not?”

2,355 20
7 Declarations...

“Granger, you need to make a choice,” Draco spat rudely, pointing to Blaise, and then himself. “Him, or me.”

2,707 36
8 One Big Step

“Do you have Patrolling tonight?” he asked when he moved away, running his hand through his hair. She shook her head. “Good. Meet me in the courtyard after dinner, at about seven. It’s meant to a be a full moon tonight, so I thought we could take a walk. As long as we’re back inside by nine, it will be fine.”

3,295 46
9 Accusations and Misgivings

Words and passages flew past her eyes, floating through her head but not really sinking in. She checked herself mentally, not wanting to fall behind in classes, and made a last ditch attempt to get any real work completed. Hermione frowned, looking at her watch again. It had been an hour and a half, and Blaise had not come.

3,429 40
10 Comfort or Conflict?

“Granger,” a soft voice acknowledged at her elbow, and she squealed in shock, jumping away from the window and staring into the moon-tinged darkness, her wand in her hand instantly. Someone unfolded themselves from the shadows, and Hermione’s temper sprang into life as a pale face and familiar blonde hair slid into view.

3,599 50
11 Ghosts of the Past

“Why did you break up with me?” she asked, her voice muffled by his shirt. She felt him stiffen, his hand stilling between her shoulder blades. Eventually, he sighed, releasing her and moving to sit on the bed. His face was in shadow, orange light flickering over his hair, glinting against the pale blonde. He looked up, his eyes burning into her skull, and Hermione gulped, her heart beginning to race.

3,852 54
12 Consuming Guilt and Words not Spoken

“I was with Draco,” she replied quietly, feeling him pull away instantly, his eyes flying to her face. “We talked,” Hermione said, stamping her shame down until it was nothing but a smouldering coal resting in her stomach. This was for the best.

3,032 38
13 Falling Apart

“He doesn’t love me,” she muttered into Draco’s shirt. “He can’t say it, so he mustn’t love me.”

2,648 38
14 Ripped at the Seams

“I’m so sorry, Draco,” she whispered, choking back a sob. “I’m so sorry.”

“Whom do you choose?” he asked, his voice barely audible. Hermione shivered at the raw and undisguised pain in his tone. He already knew the answer.

3,079 39
15 Spiralling

Pansy made a noise of protest, her eyes narrowing as she looked at the back of Marla’s head. The other girl twisted around, giving Pansy a look and the shorter girl shrugged, leaning back against a bookshelf casually, her eyes floating to Hermione’s face. Hermione stared at her with loathing.

3,150 40
16 Breathing Through It

Hermione shook her head slowly. “I can’t say that. I do still care for you; I always will, and I guess I love you in some way, but right now, Draco, we cannot be together! Please, understand that.”

3,999 30
17 Baby Steps

“Oh god,” Hermione whispered, her hand leaping to her mouth. She stared at him. She raked his face with her eyes, cursing herself for being so moronic. If only she had of asked him, she could have been spared everything. He could have been spared. Never before had she felt so low, and she dropped her eyes, preparing to walk away.

4,723 63


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