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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-04-28 3:37pm
Last Chapter
2008-12-11 10:23pm
Last Updated
2008-12-11 10:23pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue: Start of something new

Thank god we were 11, any older I probably would have laughed at what I would have thought was a prank and went back to bed. But I could see he was serious, and the letter was real, I was going to Hogwarts with James.

2,021 6
2 Joke's On Me...

I was standing stock still. Ride on his broom?

The next thing I knew James scooped me up and I was hanging for dear life as he looped through the air. I had to concentrate on squeezing my stomach and hoping I would not vomit with all my strength.

2,697 4
3 Scurry Away

“Sorry Lily, but your not welcome on that side of me either.” “Why don’t you just scurry away.” Sirius hissed at me tauntingly with a smirk on his face that made my stomach drop. RE EDITED

4,123 4
4 Confidence is Key

I looked up to see James entering the kitchen with a flashlight in his hands.

“Oh come to laugh at me again? Where’s your other half?” I hissed as he walked towards the counter I was leaning on. I suddenly became aware that there was a very nice view down my shirt as I was leaned over the counter and stood up quickly to my full potential.  edited 4-18

3,716 7
5 Gryffindors Only

"Lily, Hey, uh, I..." he stuttered out, but he eventually faded out. What a two timing prick! I felt the jealousy monster roar up inside of me, but with all the alcohol I had consumed it just made me heat up. I slapped Sirius hard against the cheek for the second time in my life. edited 4-18

2,799 3
6 the truth of it all

I felt my stomach drop, originally I really wanted to know what provoked them to treat me like a rodent, but I had become comfortable with pretending it never happened and embracing the better, no where near rodent looking Lily. Was I ready for the truth?
edited 4-30-08

3,094 7
7 Guilty Heart

We gushed to each other the whole way back to the common room about the prospect of our dates. 1 week from today was the Hogsmeade, and we were sure the week was going to be the slowest ever.

When we walked into the common room I couldn't help but notice the pang of guilt that pulled at my heart when I saw James innocently smile up at me edited 4-30

3,721 7
8 Nabbing a Date

“Blimey,” Sirius adds offended, “What is he thinking asking out our girls?”

James shot Sirius a warning look.

“James’ girl,” he corrected quickly with an apologetic look, slapping James on the back.

2,322 7
9 Anticipation

Right when I thought I would burst from anticipation he opened another door that opened to a room that was floor to ceiling, wall to wall, used books. My jaw dropped, why is such an awesome store being kept secret from everyone?

2,777 2
10 The Friend and the Boyfriend

Lily and James go back to being good friends, and James begins testing his boundries with Lily's boyfriend.

2,444 2


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