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Harry, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, A. Longbottom, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, James/Lily
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-04-28 10:44am
Last Chapter
2008-04-14 7:21pm
Last Updated
2008-04-14 7:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One: the Ruddy Time Turner

Harry Potter finds himself a time turner and transports himself to the please!

768 20
2 Chapter Two: Meeting the Marauders

Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail and Moony...Harry gets confused of this and the Marauders get shocked...James Potter faints for the first time!

786 13
3 Chapter Three: Explanations

James Potter asks his own son for some clearing...and he gets a news that surely makes his heart jump for joy (Reviews please!)

509 9
4 Chapter Four: Father and Son...Together At Last

Harry tries to make up the time he lost by filling in the questions of his seventeen year-old father...

1,598 20
5 Chapter Five: Potions with Lily Evans

Harry gets to be partnered with his mum at Potions! would James be angry at this?

2,788 15
6 Chapter Six: The Comparison Begins

Uh-oh...James and Harry are being compared! Harry doesn't want James to hear any of this so if possible, he pushes his young dad away from the crowd...

James or Harry? you decide! and by the way, a big surprise comes into the Gryffindor Quidditch team!!

4,006 24
7 Chapter Seven: His First Quidditch Match in the Past

It's Harry's first Quidditich match in the past! He strives to make things alright but will it? Being under the threat of the Slytherins is no joke and Harry has to be alert at all times.

Will Harry be able to catch the snitch under the Slytherins' nose? Will James be able to keep Harry out of danger?

2,663 32
8 Chapter Eight: The Worst Just Came In

Uh-oh...looks like something unpleasant just happened.

more mayhem crosses Harry's way as his mum unfortunately slips out a word that may severly cause big trouble!!

2,092 20
9 Chapter Nine: Daddy Was Worried About You

what was James really feeling? was he really mad at Harry? Or does Harry's sickness make his anger melt away? find out!!

2,465 15
10 Chapter Ten: Mission Accomplised

FLASHBACKS AND MORE FLASHBACKS! Harry's dream comes true as his young parents remember their memories before...but not only Harry's wish comes true...

James wish also does...

and for the readers of Opposites Atrract, would you mind waiting? i had some troubles with it...and Never Lose You Again too...but i'll put them up!!

2,471 12
11 Chapter Eleven: Surprised Already?

Everyone loves surprises...

everyone gets them..and so will James Potter when he gets the surprise of a lifetime!!!

2,150 14
12 Chapter Twelve: The Much-Awaited Hogsmeade Weekend

Yipee! It's a Hogsmeade weekend...and you know what that means!!! it's the day Lily and James go out!!!

Hurrah!! all thanks to Harry here for patching up his parents...what do you think will happen?

2,323 13
13 Chapter Thirteen: On the Other Side of Time

let's take our eyes off the past and place it on the present! get a glimps of the present that Harry accidentally left.

is everything still the same?

2,093 12
14 Chapter Fourteen: Just Like Yesterday

Harry's unexpected trip also meant seeing Albus Dumbledore again. will Harry's stomach give an unpleasant jolt ah he remembers memories with the late headmaster?

2,047 13
15 Chapter Fifteen: Holidays with You, Me and Them

it's Christmas in the past!!!

cheers everyone! see how Harry spends his first Christmas in the past with his parents. also, get a glimpse of the person you least expected...

Severus Snape for Christmas?!

4,308 23
16 Chapter Sixteen: A Little Help Won't Hurt


Let's see how Ginny, Ron and Hermione are doing. anyhow, will they ever figure out where Harry is or will they still be left clueless?

an unexpected person comes along the way to give them a hint...

2,133 13
17 Chapter Seventeen: The Truth About Lily Evans

Know what's really on her mind...

who does she really like? does she have feelings for him?

what do you think Lily feels for Severus Snape? hope u like it people!!

1,745 10
18 Chapter Eighteen: Unfortunately Overheard

Harry gets another chance to chat with the Headmaster and boy do they talk about many things!


someone had overheard them...

and that someone meant BIG trouble!!

3,063 13
19 Chapter Nineteen: Stirring Up a Disaster

Overheard, dangerously overheard....

once overheard, never to be deleted... what will happen? Will Lily Evans be saved from the terrible fate coming her way? or will the plan succeed and...the worse is to come?

will someone stop this?

1,906 9
20 Chapter Twenty: Where Things Turn Around

The Slytherins evil plan is on the go and Lily is in danger as we know it..

will she ever be rescued or will she be killed?

will James Potter save her from her horrible fate?

4,162 14
21 Chapter Twenty-One: Plans and Changes Galore!

Following after James and Lily's new relationship, we go back to the present to see how Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Luna are doing...

but...Harry then realizes one thing about his mother...what could it be?

2,782 16
22 Chapter Twenty-Two: Something Terribly Confusing

Harry's suffering from something this days and he couldn't understand why or what spell's causing it...

all he knew was...

this thing wanted him to include his own mother...

1,758 12
23 Chapter Twenty-Three: Memories, Conversations, Suspicions and All the Madness!

Harry sees Ginny in his mother and it's driving him nuts! Even James notices that there's something going on...but he noticed another point-of-view...

Will James misjugde his son? Will Harry know what's causing him to consider his mother as Ginny?

2,856 11
24 Chapter Twenty-Four: You’re Definitely Either Going Mad or Under a Spell

Harry tries his very best to block of the voice his hearing. Will he be successful or will Harry lose himself into this unexplained happening?

3,037 6
25 Chapter Twenty-Five: The Curse is on James' Head

Harry has finally overcome the curse and is now looking forward to a brighter future but...he's wish doesn't come true.

What he didn't expect was about to happen...and his father is on the loop...

R&R please!

3,444 10
26 Chapter Twenty-Six: Something's Definitely Wrong with You

James Potter is suffering from something he doesn't notice. Lily and Harry are getting hurt and confused by his new attitude towards them.

What if he suddenly suspect that something is up between Lily and Harry? Will things turn alright after all?

3,271 10
27 Chapter Twenty-Seven: Out of Control

Due to James' unexplainable behavior, things get more cracked up as they get shallower by the moment. Harry recieves a mysterious note answering where his mother was:

Mudblood’s secret now is out
We jump and about
To tell you her end’s near
The life of your mother dear…

3,233 17
28 Chapter Twenty-Eight: To Blame One's Self

Ginny to the rescue! Ginny's back to the past as she struggles to save Harry...

but Harry and James are trapped in their misery as they blame their selves for their mistakes...will they be able to free themselves and save each other's lives?

2,966 9
29 Chapter Twenty-Nine: We Fight As One

The battle has just begun...

6 Gryffindors against the Slytherins....Will Harry be saved from the secret that they discovered?

2,889 10
30 Chapter Thirty: Explanations Again

All safe and sound, Harry now gets the chance to explain everything that's unclear...but will his parents find it easy to accept their fate?

---sorry if i can't answer all the having a hard time since i have 2 go 2 the internet shop now...PC broken but keep giving me comments if you please..tnx!

2,229 9
31 Chapter Thirty-One: Obliviatum Incantatem

The time to go back...and settle things one's and for all...

2,973 13
32 Epilogue: The Beginning of an End

Think it's over? Not quite...

This is the FINAL chapter and the end of The Tale of Two Potters...


2,539 19


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