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Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Slughorn, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2007-04-15 6:39pm
Last Chapter
2014-06-10 2:19am
Last Updated
2014-06-10 2:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Compartment For Four

This is the story of four boys. This is the story of how these four boys came to know each other, of how they became friends. This is the story of their unbreakable bond, of a bond that could survive any test, any trial. This is a story that will ultimately end in tragedy.

3,647 30
2 Gryffindors

The Sorting Ceremony commences and the Sorting Hat is having some difficulty.

3,783 17
3 Cruel Cranes and Potions

The first day of school dawns and the Gryffindor first years learn all too quickly that some of their professors are more than they bargained for.

3,721 13
4 Shrieking Moons

The full moon dawns with a thud, a fight for the bathroom and ends with a disgusting detention, and the dubbing of a famous building,

3,991 10
5 Revenge, Strange Behaviors and Detentions

The day after the full moon unfolds with James, Sirius and Peter attempting to figure out how to serve Crane the ultimate revenge, while Remus recovers from the turmoil of the night before.

3,926 9
6 Dangerous Games and Christmas Plans

The Whomping Willow lives up to its name, while the Marauders discuss their holiday plans and a professor is called home to tend to some grim matters.

3,080 14
7 Confrontation on the Platform

The Christmas break starts rather eventfully with a heated argument at Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

3,236 14
8 Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve comes, bringing boring parties, family dinners, family disagreements, and quiet nights opening gifts from treasured friends.

4,898 14
9 Ill Health and Feelings

The boys express a concern for the poor health of one of their friends and Operation Get Crane Back is being slowly, but surely, put into action. Revenge is imminent.

4,378 10
10 Birthdays, Preparations and Banshees

Three birthdays approach, Operation Get Crane Back looms ever nearer and some strange stories are told.

3,540 8
11 Operation Get Crane Back

The day the Gryffindors have been waiting for has arrived - the chance to rid the school of one of their worst Defense Against the Dark Arts professors.

3,541 11
12 Summer Moons

As the month of July draws to a close it brings Sirius and Peter to the Potters and it brings a new cure for Lycanthropy for Remus.

3,897 5
13 Diagon Alley

A trip to Diagon Alley brings several occurences. The boys see the result of Remus's illness, a confrontation with Severus Snape, and the beginning of the research on one of their lies.

3,836 4
14 Back to School

It's back to Hogwarts for their second year of learning. James, Sirius and Peter resolve to research Remus's disappearances and his odd behavior around then.

3,869 6
15 Research, Bad Potions and Tryouts

The research on Remus's mysterious disappearances commences, potions are brewed and one in particular fails horribly, and the Quidditch tryouts occur.

3,962 4
16 Discoveries

James, Sirius and Peter make the discovery they have been looking for. Now the question is - will they understand?

4,109 9
17 Abandonment

The truth about Remus's secret is out in the open. The only problem is that James, Sirius and Peter don't know how to approach him. What happens when Remus takes this uncertainty as abandonment?

3,901 6
18 Remus's Tale

The time has come for James, Sirius and Peter to discover if Remus is a werewolf or not. The problem is - how do they do it? Sirius finds the answer and makes the decision to confront Remus about his condition.

5,098 8
19 Dinner Parties and Bad News

Friends once more, the boys work on executing a prank, with less than desireable results. Remus must begin Potions tutoring. James and Sirius are forced to endure a Slughorn dinner party and the Evening Prophet brings bad news.

3,680 4
20 A Lupine Christmas

The holidays draw nearer and Mr. and Mrs. Lupin have permitted Remus to invite his friends over. James and Peter have plans. Sirius, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to do for Christmas.

4,507 9
21 Animagi

Christmas break is over and the new year has started. It brings with it a fight between James and Lily, with embarassing results and an idea that will help the boys solve their problem involving Remus.

4,321 7
22 Another Year Ends

Second years draws to a close.

3,584 6
23 Alley Wanderings and Ghost Stories

The summer before third year starts with a planned trip to Diagon Alley with Mrs. Potter (and an unplanned trip down Knockturn Alley without Mrs. Potter). When Animagus training fails, Sirius suggests telling ghost stories.

3,978 5
24 Tackling the Boggart

The train ride back to school brings several revelations about what has been going on in Remus's family and the fate of their former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. The first day of school brings the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs together with their first boggart.

4,015 4
25 The Room of Requirement

It took a bit of searching, but the boys have finally found a place to begin their Animagus training.

3,737 4
26 Hogsmeade

The first Hogsmeade trip for the third years is complete with a trip to Honeyduke's Zonko's and, of course, the Three Broomsticks.

3,647 7
27 Ends May Bring Peace

Professor McGonagall called James Potter James. Clearly something was wrong, they just didn't know what it was. And whatever the problem was, it didn't have to do with James.

3,915 8
28 The Forbidden Forest

Sirius and Peter have been dying to tell James and Remus an important bit of news involving several Slytherins and the Forbidden Forest. When they encounter what they Slytherins are doing, it is more than they bargained for. Lines are crossed and the first war is brought closer to home.

4,242 5
29 Holiday Happenings

The holidays have arrived at Hogwarts. Sirius's Christmas present arrives, disguised as a book about hating parents, Remus heads home, James, Sirius and Peter stayed at the castle, and there were some mysterious killings.

4,400 4
30 Back to the Forest

The holidays are over. Remus has been filled in on what the boys overheard at Christmas. James actually speaks poorly of Professor Dumbledore and Sirius finds out that maybe he had a little too much faith stored in his brother.

3,539 4
31 Questionable Interests

Sirius does his best to avoid Regulus, discovers he has a baby cousin and gets accused of wearing a corset. Peter finally achieves the goal of creating his Patronus. Snape becomes a little too interested in Remus's monthly disappearances and someone does cartwheels on the counter at the Leaky Cauldron. Just a normal day in the Wizarding World.

3,895 5
32 Strained Relations and Lifeless Hands

The March full moon is exceptionally vicious, leaving zero chances to celebrate Remus's birthday. While he recuperates in the Hospital Wing, James lands himself a week long detention, involving numerous lines to be written, for hexing Snape and Sirius's relationship with his brother is strained once more.

3,460 7
33 Platform Traditions

The Gryffindor common room is bursting with celebration after their victory in the Quidditch Cup. The Gryffindor captain, Cory Hamilton, is picked up by the Tornadoes, much to the displeasure of James and Sirius, who will have to root against him. The third years bid farewell to another Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, who had no clear reason why he is leaving. The boys make plans to spend the summer at Remus's and, as they depart from the platform, Mr. Black says something that finally brings about the question - Who is Lord Voldemort?

3,701 8
34 Loyalty

The quiet Lupin cabin is no longer quiet, not with three extra teenage boys who decided that they wanted to wake up their host rather rudely. After a chase that ends with a cricket bat, the boys for a swim. Later in the night, due to an upset stomach, Remus has a talk with Sirius about what their future holds for them and Sirius realizes, he never wants to lose his friends.

3,995 8
35 Infirmary Visits and Warnings

September first is the first day of school and ironically, the first full moon of the year. On the second night of the school, the boys are, typically, bored and decide to sneak down to the Hospital Wing to see their ailing friend. Instead, what they find is their new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor who also happens to have a secret - a secret that spells disaster for one of them.

4,073 6
36 Never Forget a Name

The Gryffindor Quidditch team is out of a Seeker and this leaves them with an extraordinarily unorganized session of tryouts. Peter raises some apprehension about becoming Animagi, yet he and Remus trek down to the dungeons to steal from Slughorn's storage. On their way, they run into Professor Twikom and the last person they would expect to break through the safe walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

3,975 8
37 A Matter of Time

The boys have come to the decision that they would do best not to mention what Remus and Peter heard in the corridor that night, not unless Remus chose to bring it up himself. Just because there's the looming threat of Fenrir Greyback, it doesn't mean the boys can't enjoy themselves (mostly at the expense of one of the others). But even with the enjoyment, Remus can't keep his mind off what will happen if Fenrir Greyback succeeds in what he is setting out to do - it's only a matter of time, after all.

4,091 8
38 Feeling Normal

How do you feel normal when everything around you is constantly making you feel as though you've never belonged anywhere? Easily. When your friends are insane and will do anything to make you feel better. Hogsmeade trips are cancelled due to some unexpected attacks, Remus and Peter give some Slytherins a piece of their mind in a rather forceful manner, resulting in a detention with Professor Twikom, who receives a letter containing disturbing news.

4,230 7
39 Lockdown

Professor Kettleburn finally loses his mind, causing the Gryffindors and Slytherins to work together on a way to get out of Care of Magical Creatures. The full moon falls on Halloween night and an unexpected visitor stops by, ravaging the Great Hall while the students are in class. The question on everyone's mind: Who broke into the castle?

4,333 0
40 Frigid Fights

Even with the startling news that Fenrir Greyback had managed to successfully break into the Hogwarts castle, life still goes on. The boys continue to work furiously on the potion, though their efforts are hampered by the Quidditch captain's need for practice every hour of the day. When the Christmas holidays roll around, bets are made, some bruising occurs, and James becomes sentimental.

4,432 1
41 The Intruder

As usual, Gryffindor and Slytherin are at odds. What else is new? End of the year exams approach and no word of Greyback is heard for a long time. This gets Remus thinking: What if the danger has really passed? But he knows this isn't true, though, with some encouragement from Sirius, he's able to keep going. Only until the full moon, anyway...

4,500 1
42 Say Something

The boys may be able to tell each other anything that's bothering them, for the first time in years one of them won't talk. James, Sirius and Peter want to find out what happened the night of the full moon to draw Remus inside his own head, unwilling to divulge the details. Of course, they know when it's better not to push the boundaries, it doesn't mean they won't try to.

4,677 1
43 Brownies, Explosions and Wagers

Summer at the Pettigrews' - sounds like a normal, uneventful situation. Not when one of the boys reveals his unusual talent, Sirius is close to having a sugar rush, and the men turn up in the middle of the night with news of explosions. No, summer at the Pettigrews' is not normal at all.

4,127 1
44 To Be a Prefect

The Lupin household was quiet and calm, until the owl from Hogwarts came. One thing Remus Lupin never considered himself capable of (or wanting of) was being a Prefect. Apparently Professor Dumbledore never took that into consideration...

4,159 1
45 Years in the Making

Fifth year means one thing and one thing only - the OWL examinations have arrived. Sirius is less than thrilled when every professor lectures them about the importance of these exams and claims the whole thing is one conspiracy. Remus and Lily go on their first patrol as the Gryffindor Prefects. And James achieves something they've been waiting for for the past three years.

4,569 3
46 Hogsmeade Revisited

Poor Cooper, or not poor Cooper, is in danger of losing her Head Girl badge. Never saw that one coming. Remus offers to enroll his friends in a twelve-step program to cure them of their gambling habit. James attempts, for the first time, to ask Lily to go to Hogsmeade with him, with predictable results. The trip to Hogsmeade is littered with rain, mud, and some casualties due to Slytherins.

3,939 1
47 Late Arrival

Slytherin is docked almost forty points for attacking the Gryffindors. The fifth year Defense Against the Dark Arts class want their lives back, the boys are just a little bit late in arriving at the Shrieking Shack on the night of the full moon and James and Peter are disappointed. Just a typical day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

4,432 5
48 Holidays and Tactlessness

The fifth years' workload reaches an alarming weight and James and Sirius find a way to fix that - they call it Slytherin Hunting. James and Sirius try to take advantage of Remus's Prefect status. Sirius rips apart James's cloak and the boys get a little lesson on tact during the Christmas feast.

4,112 5
49 The Whomping Willow Incident

Severus Snape has stuck his nose where it doesn't belong one time too many and now he's paying for it. Sirius Black decides that in one quick conversation he can erase all of their problems. He didn't realize, unfortunately, that he could also erase one of the most important friendships he had ever made.

4,407 9
50 Stand Off

Sirius has never felt so guilty in his entire life. The morning following the full moon, he finds himself walking alone down the corridor to the Hospital Wing, ready to tell Remus what he's done. He expects Remus to be furious with him, to promise never to be his friend again. But the one thing that bothers Sirius the most is that Remus just won't yell at him.

4,826 8
51 Grey Hair, Nicknames and The OWLs

As fifth year draws to a close, the boys are able to bring themselves past the disaster of the Whomping Willow and go forward. Sirius lets his boredom get the best of him, again. Except this time he channels it into creating nicknames for his friends. Someone's hair is turning lighter too early in life, the bet on Kern's departure is decided and the OWLs a forced upon the fifth years.

4,614 9
52 The Runaway

Sirius Black has had it. He's through with living under the insane notions of Orion and Walburga Black. He's through with always being second best to his younger brother, who is treated as a king because he follows the mental beliefs of his parents. He's through with living with the snarky, omnipresent house elf. He's through with it all and he's going to find a place he belongs.

5,275 5
53 Family Insights and the Oblivious Potter

September first has rolled around once again. The night before they're due to make their way back to the castle, the boys find themselves at the Potters, roasting sweets over an open fire and discussing their OWL grades. On the way to Hogwarts the next morning, Sirius is confronted for the first time by anyone in his family since he ran away and the meeting quickly turns into an argument. And, as usual, James shows his usual lack of tact where Lily Evans is concerned.

4,650 5
54 Twisted Offers

Sixth year begins with a full moon. Four creatures - a stag, a dog, a rat, and a werewolf - roam the abandoned, moonlit streets of Hogsmeade, the night belonging to them. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is already known to be brutal, but he has a darker side he only reveals to one student and Sirius suddenly forgot the incantation for the Shield Charm.

4,598 5
55 The Marauder's Map Begins

Sirius is bored, again. Every time Sirius is bored, something unusual happens and this time it is definitely in favor of the four boys. What started as a midnight trek around the castle leaves them with a new secret passageway to a very sweet place. Not long after, the boys find themselves sitting out on the grounds, talking about what they had discovered and a casual slip of the tongue inspires the idea for a map documenting the entire castle and its inhabitants' whereabouts. The creation of the Marauder's Map is imminent.

4,971 8
56 Sirius's Inheritance

Snape is mad and when Snape's mad bad things will happen. He's targeted each of the four boys and won't stop until he's gotten each of them. Finely continues his pursuit of persuading Remus to join the other werewolves with the Dark Lord. One seemingly normal day on the shore of the lake gets bad news when Regulus comes with a letter for Sirius, asking him not to burn this one.

4,106 5
57 The Great Christmas Tree Challenge

The Christmas holiday approaches and Hogwarts, as is its custom, goes through its holiday transformation. Meanwhile, Sirius has an overpowering need to hex Professor Finely until he cries. The boys and their families decide to spend Christmas at the Lupins', where a great challenge ensues - who can chop down the better Christmas tree, the men or the boys?

4,863 7
58 The Descent Begins

Professor Finely is once again out to prove to Remus that he belongs with the werewolves who are joining Voldemort. Only this, Finely realizes that if Remus refuses to listen to him, maybe he'll listen to one of his best friends. This leads Peter to begin to doubt his friendship with his three friends. After overhearing a conversation by the lake, Sirius completely loses faith in the only member of his family he ever had any in.

4,541 5
59 The Marauder's Map

It's late in the school year now and they boys find themselves in the common late one evening, trying to work on their homework. With the appearance of Lily Evans, James can't help but notice how she isn't speaking to him in her usual loathing tone. Aside from that miracle, another occurs in the form of the Marauder's Map. For so long they have waited to finish it and tonight looks like it's the night that happens.

4,463 4
60 Apparition, Sacking and Sirius's Knickers

A rite of passage in the magical world is taking the Apparition test upon turning seventeen. The only question is whether or not it will be passed. Professor Finely, in all his glory, takes things one step too far and finally gets what's coming to him. Or, he should get what is coming to him. And all Lily Evans wants to know is why they're talking about Sirius's knickers. Sixth year is over.

4,624 6
61 Diagon Alley Debacle

The summer before seventh year is steadily drawing to a close. Sirius finds himself busy cleaning up his new apartment, where Remus suggests he should seriously consider a career as a maid. With the arrival of James and Peter, the four head out to Diagon Alley to purchase their supplies for their final year at Hogwarts. Within moments, things go horribly wrong and Sirius discovers something that he almost wishes he never had.

4,262 6
62 Mr. and Mrs. Evans

It's the last time the boys will ever be traveling to Hogwarts for a year of learning. James is uncharacteristically nervous about his Prefect meeting. Remus does his best to convince James he'll make a great Head Boy, but certain occupants of the Prefect carriage do the opposite. There's also a problem. There's no Head Girl present, and Lily Evans didn't show up.

4,619 5
63 The Woes of Remus Lupin

Seventh year starts off in a manner similiar to fifth year - with the professors warning them of the NEWTs. Some take this lightheartedly, others take it more seriously. But for one person, doing well on the NEWTs means every chance of getting anywhere in life once Hogwarts is over. And even with top scores, he knows he will be never able to make anything of himself, because no one will let him. (Chapter title borrowed from Chapter Nine of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: The Woes of Mrs. Weasley)

4,880 6
64 Furious Centaurs and Utter Rubbish

After following a rather stressful month, the Animagi are determined to make this night the most enjoyable one their werewolf friend has ever had. Unfortunately, the centaurs who have claimed ownership of the Forbidden Forest refuse to let them have their wish. The next morning, the boys feel like absolute rubbish.

4,139 5
65 A Well-Deserved Date

James is learning a thing or two while he gains control of his Head Boy responsibilities. One of these things is to never allow Sirius within ten feet of Severus Snape while he has a wand in hand. James tries his luck with asking Lily Evans on a date, with very satisfying results. He never believed he could be so lucky. It appears that deflating his ego paid off in the end.

4,766 9
66 The Best Kind of Friends

The full moon has chosen a rather poor time to fall this year - Christmas. Not wanting to spoil his friends' Christmas night, Remus makes the decision to go home. Sirius confronts his brother for the first time since the disaster in Diagon Alley and makes his final plea for Regulus to think about what he's doing. When the full moon finally descends, the werewolf realizes that there's going to be a time when he won't have his Animagi friends around. But will the Animagi allow that?

4,702 9
67 Disappearing Relations

With the NEWT examinations looming ever closer, tensions are high amongst the seventh years and any first year who dare disrupt the peace of the common room better think twice about it. After some odd behavior from Peter, who storms off after Sirius makes an innocent joke, questions are raised. A guilty Sirius lashes out on Remus and then divulges the information of who he was talking to in Diagon Alley that summer. The worst of all, someone dear to the boys disappears.

4,503 7
68 So Little Time

Sirius's moment of insightfulness gets James thinking. He's tired of waiting around when it comes to Lily Evans. There's only so much time left with the war going on and no of them knows when their time will come. Mr. Pettigrew is still missing and no one knows what is happening to him or what his fate will be until a letter comes for Peter that gives them the answers they need.

4,201 9
69 No Next Year

It's hard for the Marauders to comprehend that after seven years, the Hogwarts castle would no longer be their home. It's time for them to go out into the real world, but not before taking their NEWTs, James having a panic attack over a certain bit of news Lily reveals and what Sirius concludes from it, Snape's strange proposition to Peter, and the Marauder's Map being snatched just out of their reach by Argus Filch. If they have to leave the castle for good, they may as well make it memorable.

5,393 7
70 Life on the Moon

School is officially over and it's time to make their way in the real world. Remus focuses on packing up his belongings and figuring out how to say goodbye to his parents before moving in with his friend. Sirius comes home to find his flat layered in several layers of dust and awaits to arrival of his friend. James prepares for his interview with the head of the Creature-Induced Injury ward at St. Mungo's. Peter... Peter just doesn't want to be forgotten.

5,062 9
71 The Ministry of Magic

Step one to living with Sirius Black - always make sure there's spare coffee hidden in strategic places. As both Sirius and Remus ready for ther interview, they both have their own worries. Sirius wonders what the Head Auror will think of a Black wanting to apply for a job there. Remus wonders just how long it will take the manager of Flourish & Blotts to throw him out once he finds Remus is a werewolf. At Sirius's interview, he learns just how mad Moody really is and about a secret organization operating under Professor Dumbledore.

4,747 8
72 The Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix - the secret society run by Albus Dumbledore, the secret society that fights against Voldemort at a great risk to their own safety. Only those who truly want to take a stand against the Death Eaters are invited to join this underground organization. However, even if you are invited to join, it doesn't mean you will be trusted right away. That is something that must be earned.

4,742 6
73 Prove Your Worth

Remus has found a job, and his boss is about as nice as sitting on a broomsticks with boils covering his rear end. Luckily, Sirius manages to pull Remus out of work by the time the full moon rises. James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily had been tentatively accepted into the Order of the Phoenix. They were not welcomed with open arms and now needed to prove they could be trusted, that they could hold their own against the Death Eaters.

4,549 7
74 Adventures in Shopping and Disappearances

Grocery shopping isn't so much of a hassle, as long as you don't shop when you're hungry. Unfortunately for Remus, Sirius is always hungry and they need to go grocery shopping. The Order of the Phoenix figures out a secret one of them has been keeping from the others and a disappearance is brought to their attention.

5,066 10
75 Into the Woods

The woods - not an easy place to navigate, especially not when you're terrified of what you're going to find when you reach your destination. The Order members assigned to finding Yearly don't know what to expect when they find the Death Eaters. They know to expect a fight, a disaster maybe, but none of them are bargaining for something two of their own run across in the woods.

5,013 12
76 Motorcycles and Wedding Crashing

Sirius may have officially lost his mind, as is so well demonstrated by the piece of Muggle machinery he bought. The only task left for him is to drag one of them on it - willingly or unwillingly, he's not picky. Lily, on the other hand, is picky when it comes to new additions to her family. With the news of her sister's wedding, Lily knows she is not wanted at the wedding, but James doesn't think that means she shouldn't go.

4,545 8
77 Wintery Revelations

Mr. Foster has finally had it with his employee, who nearly always turns up to work with some sort of injury. Sirius and copious amounts of firewhiskey once again have negative results and this time they reveal one of the biggest secrets the boys have ever had. But it's Christmastime, so they can't stay mad at him too long. The only thing is, Christmas isn't nearly as cheerful as it once was. That doesn't mean they can't try to make it a happy time.

4,203 7
78 Two Deaths Too Many

It's the middle of the night and the Order find themselves assembled in the home of Edgar Bones. No one is quite sure what happened, but they're certain it's not good. This is only confirmed by the arrival of Dumbledore and several members of the Order. James has certain romantic ideas on his mind, though he's not quite sure how to go about them and asks his best friend for advice. A message from Remus alerts them to an attack in Diagon Alley and this attack does not end well for one of the Order's own.

4,864 8
79 Spreading the News

James asked Lily a very important question and Lily isn't quite sure if he meant it or if he was just panicking because of the battle. She really hopes he meant it.

4,474 7
80 Brother of Mine

Sirius Black has never liked his family. They have never done anything to make him feel that he belonged. Yet there was always someone he had hope for. He always thought his younger brother, Regulus, would be different. Sirius had been proved wrong when Regulus joined the Death Eaters, but is it too late for him?

4,749 6
81 Until Death Do Us Part

As James's best man, Sirius has to make a speech. The only problem is - Sirius can't seem to finish to the speech. The night before James and Lily are to be married, Remus and Peter proclaim they need to drag James out and do something - a bachelor party of sorts. The day of the wedding, James is a wreck, but he knows it'll be worth it. In a matter of time, he will be married to Lily Evans.

4,464 7
82 Can't Always be the Hero

Peter doesn't have a death wish. That much is clear. He is tired of risking his life for people that mean nothing to him. He's so tired of it, he'll skip out on a fight and let the people he once called his best friends handle it. Voldemort attempts to persuade James and Lily to join him for the second time and the results are fatal. Yet in the midst of this war, something wonderful can still happen, if James is prepared to hear it.

4,988 11
83 Worrisome and Joyous

James is going to be a father. He can't seem to wrap his mind around that thought. He thinks he's too young to be a father. He's thrilled beyond belief, but so frightened he feels sick. Luckily some words of assurance from his father help ease his mind a bit. On Christmas, there's such a bad snow storm no one can get out of their homes, which leads to the one alternative - making gingerbread men.

4,801 8
84 Be At Peace

People don't live forever and when in a war, who can expect that? Lives will end just as abruptly as they came, taken away without a worry. Yet one thing that still happens during a war is that people can die happily, on their own terms. During times like these, that's all anyone can ask for.

4,533 9
85 Sealing Their Fate

Peter doesn't want to do this anymore. On a patrol through Knockturn Alley, he is given the opportunity to vent his frustrations on a supposedly unbiased ear. Yet Peter doesn't know just who this person is answering to. Gideon and Fabian Prewitt arrive at Sirius's flat with the news that Diagon Alley has been attacked, the Daily Prophet office specifically. Upon arrival, something isn't right and it quickly becomes clear that the Order of the Phoenix has been tricked.

5,105 9
86 The Prophecy

Sirius and Remus are left with no other option. They've got to move or face the Death Eaters reappearing on their doorstep. Divination - a much loathed elective. Dumbledore doesn't want to continue with it, but he has to be polite and sit the interview. What he finds out, he never expected and it holds the key to ending this war.

4,245 7
87 No Turning Back

Sides have been changed, friendships that once meant everything mean nothing, a betrayal of the greatest kind is now set into motion. It's hard to believe this was all the fault of Peter Pettigrew.

4,245 8
88 No Longer Boys

After so long, one might have thought the boys were over their gambling habit. The actual reason behind that was that there was nothing to bet on - except now it's James's sanity. In a time of war, no one is safe and something can happen when you're not expecting it. Remus Lupin can tell you that.

4,712 9
89 Old Life and New Life

As one life comes into the world, should it be that lives also leave it? What is supposed to be a happy day, one long anticipated, has become a day marred by the news that Mad Eye Moody came to deliver to one of the Order members.

4,657 8
90 The Eulogy

It's never easy to accept the loss of someone, especially two people so incredibly close to you. A person needs to be sad, needs to grieve, and not keep it bottled inside. It's never good to do that.

4,681 9
91 Making Some Changes

Changes are always on the horizon, yet it's unfortunate when the changes come in one quick blow, forcing you to relocate and quit your job at the same time so you can help someone else who has helped you so much. In a time of war, changes aren't always a good thing.

4,958 5
92 Distance

The Marauders have never been separated before, yet with a war raging, what else is to be expected? James and Lily are coping with parenthood, as well as being at the top of the Dark Lord's hit list. Sirius is still working on becoming an Auror, in addition to worrying when his friends would next be attacked. Peter is busy being at the beck and call of Lord Voldemort and Remus is busy spying on the werewolves. No, the Marauders had never been so distant from each other.

4,876 7
93 Falling Apart

This Christmas was supposed to be happy because the boys were together again for the first time in ages. Yet their concern for one only raises doubts in their friendship. One of them decides to use this to his advantage because if he sends the attention away from himself, he can get away with what he is doing. Because war changes people, doesn't it?

4,586 6
94 The Traitor

In all the years they've known each other, the boys would never have expected there to be a traitor amongst them. Dumbledore is doing whatever he can to ensure the safety of the Potters. The only problem is that no one is quite sure who the traitor is.

4,229 9
95 Crashing Down

Ten years of friendship. They had ten years of a bond that seemed unbreakable. They thought that if they survived the war, the bonds could be repaired. Yet this chance is taken in one quick blow and cannot ever be repaired.

4,234 14
96 Epilogue

The final words.

924 81


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