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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-04-15 5:23pm
Last Chapter
2009-04-07 10:45pm
Last Updated
2009-04-07 10:45pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Crucio

Life in number 4 private drive was boring. It was frustrating. I needed out..and someone came. I was rescued. But the way I was rescued...well, let's just say I may have wanted to stay at my Uncle's house for a couple more days........

2,071 29
2 Crucio- eyes of Ginny

Same story, but from the perspective of Ginny Weasey. Read to see the new feelings she is having for Harry...

1,244 18
3 Recovery

New feelings, recovering from the wound...

1,798 18
4 What's Wrong with Being Happy?

They fight...not verbally, or physically actually....something is wrong with Harry that make his friends worried...and he recovers.

3,550 14
5 Realization after Diagon Alley


4,492 19
6 When a Dream Ruins a Kiss

Harry is hovering on his broom when Ginny comes out. With her comfort he feels better...but may her hugs and pat on the backs lead to something else?????

2,593 18
7 Caught in the act of a kiss

This is great for all you romance peopole out there! (And I know...the title sort of gives it away.)

2,413 19
8 Complications

Can Harry and Ginny cope with the complications of things? And what will Harry do when he finds Ginny in a painful and horrible situation under the mercy of his enemy? THIS IS FULL OF ACTION! YEAH!!!

2,112 14
9 Take off my what?

Okay, you need to read this. Basically, Ginny has to get her wounds mended, and Harry does, but he has to take off her ....... And a tragic event happens that makes the whole experience seem like it never happened.....if you get my drift.

2,831 17
10 I Can't Remember

Ginny is having serious problems with her memory loss. Harry spills the beans which makes her absolutely crazy. Harry timidly describes what she couldn't remember.

2,083 16
11 Alone, Together, in the Room of Requirements

This is an important chapter. This is hoW Ginny convinces Harry not to be afraid. If you like a bit of snogging, you'll LOVE this one. LEAVE REVIEWS!!!

1,576 43
12 An Unknown Curse

Harry gets hit in the stomach with an unknown spell that causes him pain. Can Ginny make it better? (You don't see it in the chapter, but it has a huge impact on his future in Hogwarts) Read It and leave a review please!!!!

2,571 30
13 A Very Snoggy Hogsmeade Trip

Harry and Ginny show the love for each other! Hermione however is having some difficulty with Ron.

3,617 24
14 A Whomping Incident

Harry finds out who injured Ginny on the train....and in the process, injures himself..... big time.

4,963 21
15 Distracting the Willow

Ginny finds Harry, but he is not in the situation she would really expect him to be in....

3,722 21
16 Gone

Someone goes missing, but who? (Harry tries to recover)

4,502 15
17 The Quidditch Game

Who wins the Quidditch game? (pretty straight forward from the chapter title)

3,944 13
18 I Found You

Harry and Ginny celebrate the Quidditch match, but something unexpected comes up and there is extreme danger.....and a really big cliff hanger!

3,405 17
19 The Beginning of Nothing

Harry's pain relieving potions are wearing away and he and Ginny fight for their lives to survive an attack.......

5,317 17
20 Where Nothing is Truly Here

Something extremely unexpected happens to Harry and Ginny. Read and find out........

3,943 21
21 Nothing Surrounds Us All

See the pattern in the titles.....? 
Anyway.....the breakup is still inact, but things just get slightly worse for Harry and Ginny......but not Ginny and Dean. I will try to update this part quickly.......

3,197 22
22 The End of Nothing

When will Harry wise up? This is the chapter where Ginny and Harry both loose their minds......

4,572 24
23 Interupted Bliss

Harry and Ginny are back!! YAY! But somethihng very mysterious happens to Harry, and Ginny is suddenly scared of him....and of who he is.....

4,199 14
24 Love Will Save Us All

The sudden possessions of Harry are scaring Ginny, and she doesn't know what to do about it.....until love comes.

2,077 13
25 No More Nargles

The possessions have stopped and Harry and Ginny finally have some private time with each other. But events occur both good and bad and Harry struggles with the simple things like getting along with old friends and resisting beauty.

5,691 12
26 A New Way to Snog

Lots of fluff in this chapter! REVIEW PLEASE! This is good for all you fluffy people.....well not literally, obviously.....

2,161 22
27 Magic Material

THIS CHAPTER IS THE REPLACEMENT FOR THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER THAT WAS DELETED, "A CRASHED PARTY." This chapter has loads of fluff and I think you will enjoy the cliff hanger!

5,366 10
28 The Spring Ball

Sorry for the long update! This is the big chapter where the actual ball happens! Harry and Ginny have the time of their lives during the Ball and share some happy memories!

5,362 17
29 Fake Smile

Harry finds that his dreams and premonitions are returning and that something strange is bound to happen soon. The chapter takes to the beginning of the dangerous cycle that will start off the roller coaster ride of the climax of the novel.

2,960 10
30 Sunstrewn Graves

Harry visits his parents graves, and discovers some of his ife questions. This is a very deep chapter, but I think you will enjoy it. REVIEW PLEASE! Oh, and of course by the title, you know there is at least something about a broom closet......and we all know what that means......*wink*

3,797 15
31 Warning

Ginny has some problems with Snape, but Harry lceans it right up in ways that make GInny shiver with delight! But then, something happens, and Harry feels something coming, something he cannot predict. He is forced to wait along with his friends for the warning that they know must come......and warning from the Dark Lord.

4,315 13
32 Taking a Risk

Ginny cannot believe that Harry is doing it again. Leaving her to save everyone else! How can he? But then with a little convincing, will he turn his faith from himself to other people? Perhaps a school full of people? It's risky--his idea--but it might save the school.

2,493 5
33 Brainstorming

There is a plan in the Great Hall to make a plan to foil the plans of Voldemort who is attempting to break into Hogwarts. The only thing that Harry and his reinactment of the DA have to do is brainstorm.....and mad.

2,028 5
34 Pranks

Fred and George are here to help! Watch out Death Eaters! This chapter is mainly about how Fred and George are going to prepare to prank the Death Eaters....

1,985 4
35 Unspoken Wishes

Five more hours.....

2,288 4
36 The Coming Storm

The battle is only two hours away....What will Harry and Ginny do?

2,413 4
37 Dementors and Death Eaters

The battle begins and a hoard of numerous creatures and humans attack the castle. Harry and Ginny run for their lives....

3,979 3
38 Giants and Vampires

The Battle is still in forward motion, but can Harry and Ginny survive that which is full of surprises?

4,138 6
39 Captured

Will Harry survive the Vampire attack? More importantly, will he survive the revenge that a deranged mother will bring?

4,305 5
40 A Horribly Familiar Place

Harry wakes to find himself in an acingly familiar place. Why has Voldemort brought him here of all places?

3,589 6
41 Portus

Harry is tied to the very same tombstone that he was tied to two years ago. What does Voldemort have in store for him this time? Meanwhile, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione struggle frantically for a way to get to Harry.... 

2,267 7
42 The Nightmare That's Real

Here is the next chapter finally!!! Harry is stuck in the graveyard, but guess who comes to his rescue?

3,503 8
43 Just That Weasley Girl and the Dark Lord

Ginny is alone with Voldemort (with the exception of the unconscious Harry) and she is almost certain that she is not going to make it out alive. What can save her?

3,722 12
44 Fawkes the Phoenix

Harry is stuck once again with Voldemort, and now GInny is unconsious. Where are Ron and Hermione? How will he get himself out of this one?

3,704 7
45 The End of the End

The conclusion to the battle between Voldemort, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione.

8,957 11
46 Here Once More

Can Harry and GInny have possibly survived the events of the graveyard?

4,922 11
47 Them I Shall Cast

This is the end! The last chapter! Here's a bit more for all my readers who want a last little bit of Harry and Ginny.

7,174 18


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