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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Not him!

it's seventh year, James' last chance, can he finally win Lily over?........The story is and reveiw and tell me what you think.

1,534 16
2 first day of school

it's seventh year, James' last chance, can he finally win Lily over?....please R/R

1,951 8
3 A warning to never kiss me

Lily gives the Gryffindor Common room a lovely new statue

1,500 7
4 i'm trying to be a better man

LIly and JAmes have an arguement which ends up getting Lily in trouble

1,881 7
5 What did you do?

Potter to the rescue

1,505 5
6 I just want to say thanks

Lily starts to see James in a new light

1,774 4
7 Hogsmeade weekend

it's the first hogsmeade weekend of the year but will it be a pleasant one?

1,911 4
8 Lee Chang

Is she alive, is she dead? what effect does this attack have on the group

2,191 7
9 The Prefect Meeting

what happens when someone calls Lily a Mudblood, they get hurt.

2,448 6
10 The first kiss

April, Jenny, Remus and Sirius wait anxiously for that one moment

1,254 7
11 The Journey home

Lily and the others go home for Christmas

1,954 3
12 Surprise Visit

Lily and April get a surprise visit during the holidays

2,203 5
13 The seconds surprise visit

Just why do the Evans' get so many visitors?

2,384 9
14 The Potter house

Lily is taken to the Potter house to recover

1,431 7
15 Back to school on a full moon

it's April that makes the stunning revalation

2,593 4
16 Saved by a stag

Lily is saved by a large wolf like dog and a beautiful stag

2,174 9
17 Go and apologise

Lily has trouble getting to terms with James' animagi secret

1,781 5
18 Making an effort

James makes up with one important person in his life, can he make up with the other?

1,692 4
19 The Quidditch match

A match between Gryffindor and Slytherin...our favourite kind of match

1,793 8
20 The party isn't over yet

The Gryffindor celebration party

1,950 4
21 The ball

The Valentines ball has finally arrived

2,126 6
22 Inhibitum Pregnatus

Just as Lily and James get close, they're called away for a meeting

1,429 4
23 Loss of Changs

Lily and April loses someone very very close to them

2,890 10
24 Jenny and Contraception

Everyone feels depressed about Jenny's death and we find out who killed her

2,408 5
25 The Funeral

Jenny's funeral

1,365 6
26 Another attack

There's another attack on the school and a teacher goes missing

2,185 5
27 Duelling with the enemy

Sirius, James, Remus, Lily and April try to stop death eaters from running

1,746 4
28 Bathroom Rendevouz

James and Lily share a memorable night in the head's bathroom

1,877 7
29 Congratulations

What's the natural thing to say when someone gets engaged?

1,951 5
30 Exams are over

the exams are over and the group at Hogwarts have some time on their hands

1,874 6
31 Another year and another end

The final feast, the Marauders exit and the train ride home from Hogwarts

988 64


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