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    Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC
    Drama, Fluff, Romance
    Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2007-04-09 1:26am
    Last Chapter
    2008-01-16 9:42am
    Last Updated
    2008-01-16 9:42am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Going Back

    At last, sixteen year-old Kaitlin Jones got up from her four poster bed, yawning. She then took a shower and finished preparing her trunk.. Today, at least, she was going back to school, what she had been waiting all summer for

    544 6
    2 Meetings

    "ohh if it Isn't Evans and Kaitlin! My two favorite people!" This guy is easily the person that upsets her the most.
    James Potter was coming toward us; but not alone. Oh no! behind him was Sirius Black, James' best friend and my major headache.

    2,074 7
    3 Train Rides & New friendships

    The color of Lily's face started draining.. "You got Head Boy?!" she asked clearly appealed because she didn't even tell him off for calling her Lily and love, which in normal circumstances would  totally do.
    "Yes, love" James took advantage of her state to call her one more time love, this time Lily did hear it and immediately stated screaming her head off.

    1,568 5
    4 New Plans

    "Padfoot!" James interrupted me "It's not your charm that's the problem! Its Katee! she is to smart to allow you to play with her!"
    "huhh! too smart! I bet you 5 galleons that I've snogged her by Halloween!" I bet I will..

    983 6
    5 of Broom Cupboards & Quidditch Tryouts

    "Brilliant mate, yeah I think I know one.... Locksley or something like that... It keeps the door locked from the inside, so only an outsider will be able to open it." He said smiling."Yeah that's the one" I pointed my want at the door knob.
    "Locksley” and red sparkles flew out of my wand. "I bet that if we come back in a couple of hours they'll be snogging on top of a broom"

    2,681 7
    6 Catching Up

    "We aren't fighting anymore and I realized we really make a really good team"
    "Really good team?" Kaitlin spoke up, looking up from the Witch Weekly magazine she was reading. "Really good couple, you mean?" At this Lily blushed a little..

    1,371 9
    7 Talks & Trainings

    "Yeah, but Kaitlin is my best friend!" Clearly, she was not getting the point of the conversation.
    "I like your best friend!" I responded raising my voice "I want to date her!"
    "You want to snog her Sirius! But guess what she won't give you the chance! She's not so easy.." She was finally calming down.

    1,748 8
    8 What Does Love Mean?

    Then I paused a second, tears burning my eyes.
    "But guess you don't know what love means... You've said it yourself. A Marauder doesn't fall in love."
    My voice broke; it was now barely a whisper, but I could still feel the tears in my eyes.
    "Hope you have a nice life, without love"

    3,249 13
    9 Late night encounters

    "You shut up, Mudblood" He said in a fierce whisper.
    Then, unexpectedly, Sirius launched at Douglas, pinning him to the wall. Douglas' wand went flying into the air, but still started screaming and hitting Sirius.
    "Get your hands off me, you bloody traitor!" Douglas' voice echoed in the deserted corridor. Sirius then lost control and started punching him in the face.

    4,429 7
    10 Thinking it Over

    "You and Sirius made up yet?" I turned around to face him.
    "How do you know we fought?" I asked, but even before he answered I knew it had something to do with their Marauder crap.
    "Marauder Rule number 4. Never keep a secret from a fellow Marauder. So Padfoot was just fulfilling his duty as Marauder telling me about your fight"

    5,553 11
    11 Quidditch Games

    "Patrick Abbott and Jordan McKenzie, superb beaters these two." I mounted my broom "Josh Wade, pucking boy... I'm kidding you're excellent! Laura Matthews and Kaitlin Jones!" I flew into the pitch. "A damn good chaser she is!" I felt hot instantly, even though the air was pretty cool. "Frank Longbottom as keeper! Never lets the Quaffle in! aaaandd... James Potter! Seeker and Capitan and my best mate!" They flew in after me.

    3,566 9
    12 Dances & Fights Part I

    “She’s a mudblood? Man, and here I was saying she was hot. Never mind my comment; she is as cute as a hippogriff”
    “Regulus shut you mouth!” I let go of a confused looking Kaitlin, and said though gritted teeth.
    “You don’t know what you’re talking about! She is more woman than our old hag of a mother will ever be!” Kaitlin looked more and more confused each second.

    4,465 4
    13 Dances & Fights Part II

    "Don't you dare to call me baby one more time!" She pointed threatengly with her finger. What's she going to do? Slap me? "And I don't like you. Not even a tiny bit! And I will never, ever, as long as I am alive let you kiss me"
    "Never say never, baby" At this I lowered my head to kiss her. She didn't move, so I continued to lean down.

    2,456 5
    14 Detentions

    “Bloody hell, Katie. You scared the living lights out of me. For a moment I thought you were going to hurt yourself"
    I couldn't do anything but giggle silently.
    He lent in  once more, kissing me gently. I found myself kissing him back, my hands playing with his hair as he still held me.

    6,415 3
    15 Hogsmeade Trips

    “Well, want to be an auror—” I looked sideways at Sirius’ table. The blonde had changed her seat, and was currently sitting on his lap. Ew.
    It was so gross it made me break off.
    "But um— um— butterbeer’s delicious isn’t it?”
    He raised his eyebrows.
    “Yeah, it is” I laughed dorkly.

    2,730 7


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