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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Teddy, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
    Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Next Generation
    Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2007-04-06 11:22am
    Last Chapter
    2016-09-16 9:20pm
    Last Updated
    2016-09-16 9:20pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Seize

    James Potter did not like it when he lost in Quidditch. He especially did not like it when he lost to his little brother, Albus. James didn't lose, and that was simply that.

    4,184 49
    2 Just a One Time Thing

    “It was torture…” moaned James between his cries against Ginny’s neck. “I–I couldn’t stop myself, couldn’t move, couldn't breathe.”

    4,024 40
    3 Epileptic

    “Jamie,” Harry sighed his beginning, and James already felt himself tear in half at that voice. What did his dad have to tell him?

    James felt his body stiffen, and he clenched his bed sheets in his hands as he braced himself for the worst.

    3,650 41
    4 Freak of Nature

    James felt his gut pull with Al’s words, and he could only assume what his full statement had said. He could guess it had gone somewhere along the lines of What will people say? Everyone will think he's a freak. And only then did he realize that Al was right.

    4,582 21
    5 Resolute Followers

    “Is that a—” Dominique blurted in horror.

    “A prophecy, yes.”

    5,627 22
    6 Vulnerable

    “Fine then,” Albus eventually said in a sour tone as he grit his teeth. “Go on then. What exactly is it you're getting at?”

    “Albus,” James began with an exasperated huff, “you are the most oblivious person on earth. Have you really not noticed…?”

    4,972 15
    7 Parselmouth

    He burst into the corridor to try and understand what had just happened. Rose followed on his tail, gaping at him. “Why didn't you tell me?!”

    “Tell you what?!” Albus spat. He needed more description than that. Couldn't Rose see he was just as lost as she was?

    5,819 16
    8 Epiphany

    “I'm not...” he began and faltered. He pursed his lips as he tried to seek the right words. “I'm not bothered really. I'm just having a hard time.”

    “A hard time dealing with me and Al...?” she suggested.

    5,539 14
    9 Connecting the Dots

    “I think there's still one big piece of information that could have any sort of dot leading off of it...” Ron muttered in a suggestive voice. Harry looked to him with an inquisitive expression.

    “You really think so...?”

    “I think anything could lead to that prophecy right now, Harry,” Ron suggested. “I'm just telling you to be careful.”

    3,437 11
    10 Piecing the Puzzle

    “If you want to be that precise, then you should have picked someone else to do your dirty work!”

    “But you see. That's why it's so brilliant. Your only relation to the Potters is through yet another insignificant addition: Hugo Weasley. It is not suspected that your disappearance would be a potential threat to the Potters."

    3,843 11
    11 Momentary Lapse of Intimacy

    “Oh, Jamie. I'm an awful person," Dominique groaned.

    “Dom, what happened?”

    “Ugh,” she moaned. “Don't tell Vic. Please? Don't tell Victoire.”

    4,630 13
    12 Foul Play

    Albus declared at the second hit. “That was not an accident! Parker!”

    The broom snapped in half, completely shattered, and he was free falling.

    4,774 8
    13 Rogue

    “D–Don’t…” She faltered again. She didn't quite know what she was trying to say. She felt as if she were being broken up with when there was never anything to break up in the first place.

    5,867 10
    14 The Thin Line Between Right and Wrong

    He shook his head at Parker, pursing his lips. “I know why. Because I'm better than that. Because there's always a choice, Parker. Like how you're choosing to do this to me and my family. And I don't want to be anything like you...”

    3,856 7
    15 Throw Down the Gauntlet

    “Your brother…?” questioned Al under his breath. Then his eyes shot to Elias. “You…? But your last name is Namken! How?!”

    Elias spoke up then. “Is it, though? I was just a student at Durmstrang when my brother and sister were thrown into Azkaban. Elias Carrow. That was my name then."

    3,978 8
    16 In Too Deep

    Teddy knew he never should have let it develop to what it was. They were in too deep.

    4,121 7
    17 Out of Element

    She was uncomfortable with the entire situation, and it was out of her element.

    “That,” Dominique muttered to James, and she jerked her head in the direction of Teddy and Victoire.

    4,011 6
    18 Closure

    “I didn't think we would really be over,” she moaned. “I just don't understand...”

    “I've found someone else,” he said firmly.

    3,419 5
    19 Revealing the Truth

    As much as she hated to admit it, the time had come. Her sister had asked. If she dismissed the opportunity, she didn't know if she could ever bring up the topic again.

    It was time to tell her sister.

    3,507 6
    20 Big Words

    “B–Big step for Teddy and Dominique,” was all she managed to whisper into the dark room. "I'm new to that word. I–It’s a big word, Teddy.”

    “No, it's not,” he muttered. “T'is only four letters.”

    5,895 8
    21 Outrageously Framed

    James gasped, jumping next to Simon and asking his father. “D–Dad, he's kidding right?! You d–didn’t do it. He can't be serious!”

    “This is outrageous!” Harry shouted with his hands bound behind him. He was fuming, his brow pulled together in anger.

    4,216 15
    22 Wizengamot

    "Let Harry James Potter's trial for the murder of Alaric Thomas Rousseau begin. Mr. Potter, can you recall the events of the night of December 17th, 2022?" Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, asked.

    6,041 10
    23 Single-Hand Conviction

    James, Lily, and Albus did not understand. They did not understand why they were needed in the court. Out of all things, they assumed that their mother would want them to stay out of the trial at all costs. But when they were standing outside Wizengamot and Ginny began to go on about sharing only the truth, the three began to piece together just why they had been brought to Wizengamot.

    To testify for their father.

    5,905 10
    24 Adaption

    While everyone was affected by Harry's conviction, all of the Weasleys did their best to help keep the Potters on their feet. Things were different, yes, but everyone knew that a sense of normalcy wouldn't return quickly.

    That would take time.

    5,438 7
    25 One Step Ahead

    “Your father is in Azkaban, you have killed our bait, and I think we have damaged you beyond repair. But you see, Albus, there is so much more to it than that. We are only just beginning.”

    “Why me?” Albus asked painfully. “Why have you chosen me to do this? Why not James? You want him anyway. Why not him?”

    4,091 11
    26 Short Fuses

    Only a few things mattered to him these days. Everything else was pointless, worthless. As long as he protected his family and freed his father, he didn't care about the rest. Everything else was simply collateral damage in his ultimate goal to do those things.

    3,460 6
    27 Losing Reality

    His mind was already destroyed enough. He didn't know if he would be able to handle losing hold of his reality as well.

    3,790 6
    28 The Time Has Come

    “Oh my god...” James muttered in shock, staring at the large door of the lavatory that had been long ago abandoned. “The Chamber of Secrets...”

    They both knew one thing. They had to follow Albus into that chamber.

    4,656 5
    29 The Jagged Edge

    Her lips quivered in fear, and she closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and stepped off the jagged edge, falling into the icy depths.

    3,421 5
    30 Immunity

    James watched in sheer panic. His blood pumped wildly through his veins, his heart pounding within his chest. He felt as if his heart had jumped up into his throat; he couldn't breathe.

    His brother couldn't die.

    4,213 8
    31 Oblivion

    The three turned back to face Elias Namken. This time James was fueled by a new source of anger. Not one toward his brother, but at Elias. At Elias for creating this whole ordeal. At Parker for what he had tried to do.

    James snarled to Parker. “You can't kill my brother. It won't happen. I won't let.”

    3,344 5
    32 Shades of Calamity

    “Elias,” Harry breathed, doing his best to only cry steadily and not let his tears turn into uncontrollable sobs. “What more do you want with us? We have both lost someone dear. Please, set aside your hate and leave us be.”

    “No,” said Elias. “I'm not finished yet. One life for my son's isn't enough. You still must pay.”

    4,355 8
    33 Like Father, Like Son

    His skin was ice cold, his lips a pale blue. Her arms went around him, and she didn't care that he was dead.

    4,264 9
    34 Epilogue: The Revival

    The Revival. The final chapter of The Seer.

    3,534 13


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