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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny
Drama, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-03-23 6:27pm
Last Chapter
2008-05-29 9:15am
Last Updated
2008-05-29 9:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Dreams and sleepless nights

“Alright, Weasel girl?” Draco said casually and his bodyguards chuckled stupidly at his pathetic joke.

“ Not anymore I'm not... what the hell do you want?” Ginny replied furiously.

“Just came over to check this new curse out on you, because I figured that it wouldn't matter if I did it on a muggle loving blood-traitor like yourself, no one would really miss you, especially not Potter.”

1,481 10
2 Detention

Ginny collected her stuff together and ignored her brother and Hermione.

“Come on, don't be like that... we'll miss you! We'll write whenever we can... Ginny?” Hermione attempted but Ginny was already walking of of the Portrait Hole, her head high in the air.

2,911 7
3 Return Home

Ginny was very aware that he was still pointing his wand at her back and she clutched her own wand in her pocket as she hurried away as quickly as she could without making it seem that she was running.

“Vervento!” Malfoy shouted and Ginny slowly started to change color, she was going a bright purple color, as if she were changing into a grape.

1,881 5
4 Ron's Mistake

“Harry if you don't let us out now, I will brake down this door!” Ron said more urgently.

“Not until you start talking to each other. Me and Harry are stuck in the middle of this and you two are just being stupid. Now talk to each other or you'll be in there all day!” Ginny told them stubbornly.

1,787 3
5 Mind Made Up

The Unicorn was stopping, it was drawing to a halt right in front of her. The dark, miserable clouds were parting to reveal a bright, sunny beautiful blue sky that shone down on the person that had come to rescue her.

It was Draco Malfoy.

3,397 6
6 Preparing to Leave

“Yeah... Ron if you don't do something about it then I will. I'm NOT going to the Caribbean for a year or more with you two if you're going to be acting all star crossed like this...”

“But-!” Ron started but both Ginny and Harry were looking at him sternly so he agreed and left the two of them together before getting up and heading bravely off to find Hermione in the library.

2,070 1
7 The Shrieking Shack

He released his hand from her throat and he let his guard down as a trace of guilt flickered in his eyes. He pointed his wand at her, closed his eyes and shouted...


2,255 7
8 Goodbye Hogwarts... forever.

Suddenly, he heard noises from across the clearing in the trees. The three teenagers in the middle of the clearing obviously didn't hear a thing but Draco's ears picked up immediately. The Death Eaters were drawing closer and closer through the trees, they were finally here.

2,655 5
9 Two Years Later

But it wasn't as though she expected any different, Harry, Ron and Hermione were off on a very important mission and the very occasional letters the Weasley family did receive were always short and never told them anything about how the mission was going. But it would always say the same... Harry would always always tell Ginny that he loved her and he missed her.

1,782 4
10 Apology Accepted

“You know that sometimes, before people commit suicide... they have things they want to do... like unfinished business. Well that's why I'm here,” he told her simply, still not looking at her, but talking to the floor instead.

“Unfinished business? What the hell-”

1,946 3
11 In the Morning

Ginny woke up in some bushes in St. Hilda's park. It was very early in the morning and no one was around. It was a moment before she remembered... but it soon came flooding back to her. She turned over to see Draco Malfoy lying there next to her.

She had cheated on Harry. She'd betrayed him.

1,129 3
12 A Riddle

“We- we'd like to hear the riddle, please,” Ginny replied determinedly.

“I am always there, some distance away
Somewhere between land or sea and sky I lay
You may move towards me but still distant I stay.”

Draco and Ginny looked at each other. It was quite hard but didn't sound terribly difficult to work out. They had one shot though and if they got it wrong, there would be trouble.

1,447 1
13 In the Past

“Well, what's the rush?” he hissed back just as angrily.

“Voldermort is torturing people as we speak, for god sake! Don't you think that's good enough reason to get moving?”

“Of course I- OWW!”

There was a dull thud of Draco's skull hitting something hard and wooden and Ginny had to put her fingers to her mouth to stop herself laughing out loud. “I hope they didn't hear that,” she whispered.

2,308 1
14 The Real Memory

“Lucius Malfoy...” a sleek, smooth but horribly smug voice interrupted. Severus Snape seemed to appear out of thin air, Apparating so smoothly that no one even noticed him and made all three people jump out of their skins. He was dressed in a huge black cloak giving him the impression of some sort of bat and his hair was extra greasy as was his pale, waxy skin.

He strode over to Lucius, a cold but triumphant expression on his face, thin mouth curling into a terrible smirk, cloak billowing out behind him like the cape of a villain in a horror story.

2,732 1
15 Falling Through the Floor

“DRACO?” she called. It had been a long drop, if he had hit his head too hard... but she wouldn't allow herself to consider that, just the thought of it made her shake in fear. She couldn't imagine being in this situation alone....

Mind numbing panic flooded her mind, the pain of her obviously broken leg hadn't really kicked in properly yet, she was too scared to feel anything at that time.

2,869 0


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