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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-03-20 11:35pm
Last Chapter
2007-09-10 11:20pm
Last Updated
2012-08-01 1:48am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Getting to Know Shay

"What the hell?" 

She turned the corner and saw something that made her want to cry and laugh at the same time.

“If I wasn’t so excited to see you, I’d think you were the biggest fool in the world.”

1,444 31
2 Boxers & Burnt Pancakes

“But I’m the best at what I do. You haven’t had sex until you’ve had sex with me.”

Shay saw his eyes light up in laughter.

“I’ll inform all the boys then.”

2,353 20
3 Parties & Fights

"Wait, Potter you're a virgin?" Lily asked wide-eyed.
"Well…um…yea" he said putting his hand through his hair again.
"Will you quit doing that? One day I'm going to tie your hands behind your back."
"One day I'm going to be your boyfriend."

2,077 20
4 Family Warnings

"You better watch your back Calhoun. Now that you left they're coming for you."
"Like I'm afraid of a bunch of people who like to dress up in robes and masks."
"Don't say I didn't warn you."

2,405 10
5 To The Max

"I can't believe it's our last year at Hogwarts" Dory said.
"Hey don't get these two started again" Peter said pointing at Lily and Niki.
"Why?" Marlene asked.
"Let's just say we got a little emotional on the train" Lily said.
"They're so weird" Shay whispered to the Prewett twins who started laughing.

955 7
6 Hakuna Matata

"She is and that's what I told her. I even told her Hakuna Matata."
"Are you still going on about stupid thing?" James asked.
"Stupid, eh? Potter you are the definition of stupid. Plus it’s a…"
"Problem-free philosophy." everyone else finished.
"I see you've caught on."

1,214 12
7 Dares

"She's so awesome!" Shay said as her Sirius and James were walking down the corridor.
"She's pretty damn hot too" Sirius said.
"Is that all you think about?" Shay asked.
"Yea. That and quiditch."

1,868 22
8 About Last Night

Remus spun the bottle wanting it to land on Niki, but it wasn't even close. The bottle landed on James. 
"No way." Remus said. 
"Yea, I'm not kissing any guys." James said. 
"Oh come one you guys, don't be babies." Shay said. 
"It's not going to happen" Remus said. 
"Fine, guys are such chickens."

2,116 9
9 Friends & Kisses

"How come we can't do that?" Sirius asked. 
"Because we are not them" 
"Aw come on babe, how can you resist this?" Sirius said displaying himself. 
"It's not that hard. I've been doing it for 17 years now." 
"Come on Shay stop fighting your feelings. You know you've wanted me since we were little kids playing in the sandbox."

2,066 6
10 Bitter Memories

"Well, even though you were being a selfish bastard, I was being a drunken bitch and we just don't get along when we're like that." 

2,559 3
11 Dancing in the Rain

"Our beaters are Sirius Black," 
A couple of girls trying out started to giggle, and Sirius winked at them. 
"Oy, we are doing try-outs not the dating game! Ok our other beater is Shay Calhoun," 
Shay had just finished punching Sirius in the arm and she heard cat calls and wolf whistle. 
"Sorry boys, I'm here to play quiditch, not find somebody new to snog."

2,063 4
12 The Order & A Bad Case of Boils

"Where did you get those dresses? The Dollar Tree?" Courtlyn asked and her friends snickered. 
"Did you get that dress for the ball or to go stand out on the corner?" Shay asked and turned to leave. 

2,034 3
13 Halloween

Sirius leaned over and gave Shay a kiss. 
"Did I tell you how amazing you looked tonight?" 
"Yes, but it's always good to hear that again" Shay said giving him another kiss.

1,420 2
14 Guests & Snitches

"Well isn't this a sight?" 
Everyone started waking from a groggy sleep, hoping to God that the voice didn't belong to a teacher.

1,671 4
15 Tragedy Strikes

All four guys got a smirk on their face. 
"What?" Shay asked. 
"Nothing it's just your brother's fiancée is a 10." Sirius said. 
"Hey you perverts she's taken" Niki said and Lily and Shay nodded in agreement.

810 11
16 All She Has

"Everything is going to be alright." 
Shay kept on saying this in her head, trying to tell herself it was true. But she knew it wasn't. 

1,365 5
17 Bloody Sunday

"Here you go. Shay are you ok?" 
Shay started to laugh a little and shook her head. 
"It's really annoying when people ask you a question that they already know the answer to."

1,696 10
18 Changes For the Better, So She Thinks

"Listen, I'm sorry. I should be more sensitive. I just feel like I can't help because you won't open to me. You never had a problem before, so why do you have one now?" 
Shay glared at him and got up quickly. 
"Things change Sirius. Get use to it" she said and quickly disappeared into the girls' dormitory.

1,287 8
19 The Girl Is A Harlot

"I honestly don't even feel bad for her. She changes boyfriends like once a week, so what's new. And her and her brother only pretended to be against You Know Who. They're spies for him. Her brother died at that orphanage the Death Eaters attacked. I heard he killed a whole group of kids" the girl said to her friend. 

2,053 4
20 When You Get Single, We're Eloping

"But I love you too. Why can't we try to make it work?" 
"Sirius, don't you remember? You want to see other people. It doesn't sound like you're too interested in me." Shay said and walked up to the girls' dormitory. 

2,096 3
21 Dueling

"Because you already won. Your plan worked. You made me jealous. I feel absolutely horrible, and I'm not going to fight with you anymore. I'm going to be patient and wait for you to forgive me and when that happens, I'm going to win you back, and hopefully we can be together again," Sirius said.

1,293 4
22 Friends Helping Friends

"Today when I said you looked like a whore, I really didn't mean it. I think you look gorgeous, well you're always gorgeous, but…"
Shay put a finger up to Sirius's lips.
"Will you shut up and kiss me already?"

2,075 4
23 Dreams

"Do not feel embarrassed Miss Calhoun. I am glad you told me. Sometimes people have dreams and we don't know whether they are true or not until it happens. But as for you being at the orphanage, I cannot explain that. But I wish I could. I have never been able to understand dreams. Bothersome things, but life would be boring without them,"

1,661 5
24 A Not So Little Surprise

Hogsmeade was pure chaos. There were spells flying everywhere, kids diving into stores for shelter. But the worse was that there were bodies on the ground. Bodies of Hogwarts students. This terrified the seven young wizards that were fighting, but they weren't going to let anymore hit the ground.

1,045 6
25 Permanent Ink

Shay opened her eyes and saw Lily standing there. Her nose was completely black and it looked like she was punched in both eyes. Shay busted out laughing and Lily turned and gave her an evil look. 
"You did this, didn't you?" 
"Yea, Lily. I magically stretched my arm to reach all of you. I can't even sit up. How could I draw on your face?" Shay asked still laughing. 
"This isn't funny. I'm Head Girl. How is anyone going to take me seriously?" Lily asked.

2,183 5
26 Good News Doesn't Last Long

"So I'm going to be a dad?"
"Yea, in about eight months."
"So I can teach my son how to play quiditch and play pranks or I can teach my daughter how to play quiditch and play pranks," Sirius said.
This made Shay laugh.
"Yea, as long as you don't totally corrupt the kid."

1,790 5
27 On A Break, Not Broken Up

"When I was eight my dog ran away. I didn't stop crying for a week," Lily said.
"Did you find the dog?" Shay asked with a tear stained face.
"Yea, but it ended up having rabies so we had to put it to sleep."
"What if Sirius comes back and he has rabies?"

1,564 4
28 Bad News On Hump Day

"I love Wednesdays," Shay said at breakfast.
"Why?" a very tired Peter asked.
"It's Hump Day."
"Hump Day? Isn't that a little too dirty to be thinking about in the morning?" Lily asked. "Lily Evans, you my dear, have a dirty mind. Hump Day is just saying the weeks half way done. We're over the hump and it's all down hill from here," Shay said and the others gave understanding looks.

2,113 4
29 Musical Pranks

"My fellow Marauders, I just realized that we haven't done a prank in at least a month," James said while lying on his bed.
"Well finally you realized it. I was beginning to think Evans had you totally whipped" Sirius said.
"On a one foot leash" Remus said.

1,491 12
30 Valentine's Day

"You two shouldn't be in here, you're not prefects. But Sirius, you can come in here anytime you want and I'll never tell a soul" Myrtle said and fluttered her eyelashes, while the four stifled laughter. 
"We're just swimming, so why don't you just go back to your toilet and leave us be" Shay said while floating on her back.

2,532 16
31 Ultimatums

"I still can’t believe it. I always said the day this happened I'd start growing flowers out of my ass," Sirius said.
"That's a nice mental image," Shay said.

1,253 9
32 Secrets Revealed

"Regulus Black! Get back here! I'm not going to harm you. I'm just going to ring your neck! Shouldn't hurt too much" Shay yelled and was hot on his heels.
She knew she would get in trouble for being so loud, but at the moment she really didn't care.

3,133 10
33 Tuna Fish Sandwich

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Shay yelled.
She was having one of her now famous mood swings.
"You asked for a sandwich" Sirius said, his eyes as big as saucers.
"TUNA?! You want me to eat FLIPPER?!" she said and threw the plate across the room.
"Who in bloody hell is Flipper?" Sirius asked.

2,325 6
34 Unlikely Pleas

"You know you don't have to do it," Shay said quietly.
"Do what?"
"This" Shay said and grabbed his left forearm.
He knew what she was talking about.

2,129 9
35 Squashing the Slug

"If you were Slughorn, how would you want to be pranked?" Marlene asked.
"First, if I was Slughorn I would be more worried about losing 100 pounds before how I wanted to be prank" Niki said.

2,078 10
36 Graduation

Lily had realized that she had grown up with these people and in the matter of three hours, they were going to be gone from Hogwarts forever and out in the real world. The thought excited and frightened her at the same time. But she knew that she could handle it as long as she had these six people beside her.

2,159 79


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