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Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-03-18 4:11pm
Last Chapter
2007-07-31 6:18pm
Last Updated
2007-08-08 10:39pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Headquarters

A guest arrives at the new headquarters, and deals a new twist of excitement to the Order of the Phoenix.

2,501 24
2 Letters

Letters from Hogwarts arrive, and little surprises with them, and one of the young members takes a turn for the worse.

1,707 22
3 Incident

Flashbacks and Break-ins.

2,301 17
4 Double

A battle in the hallway and, what's this? Another cliffhanger?

1,655 20
5 Remember

The identity of the clone is revealed, and some loose ends are tied up. Hermione and Draco get a little closer...

2,710 20
6 Polyjuice and Breaking the Rules

The first combined chapter: six and seven together.

Find out more about the Draco/Narcissa situation, and see a little bit of rule breaking at Hogwarts.

4,137 18
7 A Request and Reparations

Two requests from two different people, and the trio is finally back together. Or are they?

5,522 16
8 Success

It has finally come, folks.

2,537 16
9 Plans

The trio make their plans, and there's more for Hermione to hide from her two friends.

3,125 13
10 Capture

The day they've been training for is finally here - but something goes terribly wrong.

3,119 17
11 The Good News

The end of the War - but only the beginning of everything else.

2,947 16
12 Birthday

It's Draco's birthday, and Hermione takes him on a little vacation.

1,789 13
13 Returns

The return of two major points.

2,313 13
14 Valentine's Day

First half: Find out what happens with Lucius and Draco.

Second half: Hermione and Draco celebrate Valentine's Day.

2,564 13
15 Hermione's Dilemma

Hermione is faced with the difficult decision of who to be with, and Ron isn't making her choice any easier.

2,080 14
16 The Past

Lucius is not gone for good. With his return, he brings fear, destruction, and uncertainty.

2,346 14
17 Loophole Potion

Hermione gains insight into what exactly Draco is being plagued by.

Also, a happy unexpected surprise for a side character that I think most people will be glad for. I'm not sure if it's going to be important or not, though. Just happy, for now.

2,444 11
18 Search Party

No where close to the fun of a normal party, three set out to find Hermione and one is left behind.

2,332 13
19 Escape

Hermione finds herself strong enough to do what needs to be done.

2,247 10
20 Back Home

Hermione struggles to find her way back to Hogwarts and away from Lucius Malfoy.

3,280 10
21 True Love

Draco and Hermione discover the truth behind True Love.

1,998 13
22 New Beginning

Hermione and Draco settle into life without each other, but it's not like it was before.

2,451 23
23 Remedy

Draco finds out an almost certain way for him to cure his possession by Voldemort.

2,233 20
24 Dragon Tree

Hermione and Draco are getting back into the swing of nomral life. But the remnants of their relationship are beginning to catch up with them.

3,441 18
25 The After Effect

Hermione and Draco both begin to realize where the future of their relationship is going - back together, that is.

2,235 16
26 Through the Ice

Hermione and Ron have an arguement, and Draco find himself in a rather terrible sitution.

2,433 16
27 Savior

Draco needs a savior. Will one come in time?

1,858 10
28 Repaid

Hermione is repaid for her valiant actions.... <3

2,256 13
29 Nighttime Meeting

A meeting in the middle of the night.

2,163 21
30 Compatibility

Last chapter! Thanks so much to everyone who's come this far.

With the flurry of exams and the end of the year, combined with the stress of moving into adulthood, Draco and Hermione have only each other to hold on to for support.

3,095 53


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