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    Harry, Draco, Ginny, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Harry/Ginny, OC/OC
    Drama, Humor, Young Adult
    Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2007-03-15 5:53am
    Last Chapter
    2008-03-19 12:45pm
    Last Updated
    2008-03-19 12:45pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Chapter One: A Stranger, An Offer, And The Biggest House I’ve Ever Seen!

    The outcast, clad in black flowing robes, enquires: “Running away?” For a second I wonder what he means. Then I see the suitcase, and freeze. The tag has my address on it.

    He traces the fear in my face and smiles. It’s a warm, reassuring gesture and fills me with comfort. “Do not worry. I am not about to abduct you.” The calm stability in his tone stops me from panicking. He picks up the case, and gives it to me. “Have a good time at the party.”

    3,373 14
    2 Chapter Two: A Mind Filled With Worries, A Beautiful Wife, And A Plan

    “He can’t be far, Ginny”, I reassure, taking my wife’s hands and clasping them gently. She is mesmerizing, stunning, her long, fiery hair caressing her shoulders like a showering of kisses, her brown eyes blinking up at me through a screen of transparent tears. “Please, we mustn’t give up hope.”

    But these words are useless to her.

    2,295 10
    3 Chapter Three: An Amazing Mansion, Since When Does Tea Have Drugs, And A Sickening Revelation

    He’s definitely up to something, but I can’t work out what. No matter how hard he tries, the pleasure leaks through his lips. I want to ask so many questions, but I don’t know where to start. Were the things that my Dad told me actually true? Did Draco really try and kill my Dad’s old headmaster? Looking at him now, I can’t see him as a murderer. There’s nothing cruel or calculating about the man . . . . at all.

    3,175 10
    4 Chapter Four: An Unhappy Welcome, A Rainy Day, And A Trip To The Ministry

    Scowling, I step forwards, so that we’re almost nose to nose. “Now, you listen here,” I bite, “just because I’m doing this, doesn’t mean that me and Ginny don’t have brains. As soon as Luke is back safely with us, I want a promise you’ll leave my family alone.”

    2,962 9
    5 Chapter Five: Dark Explanations, A Thirst For Power, And The Heaviness Of Hate

    Draco can see through my act. He’s watching me with a resigned expression but even though I can sense his frustration, I feel, well, comfortable. At home, it’s the opposite. I can never get a word in edgeways. Dad will always make out like he knows my business without even bothering to ask about it. “I’m ready,” I purposefully change the subject.

    2,370 10
    6 Chapter six: Hounded By Reporters, Horrible Welcomes, And A Father’s Despair

    I recoil as if he’s struck me, but on the inside, he has. “Luke. Come on. Stop this.”

    “Stop what? Shouting, you think shouting is bad? You think that’s bad, compared to what you did? Compared to MURDER?”

    2,307 10
    7 Chapter seven: Black Obsessions, The Hospitality Of A Malfoy, And Life Keeps Getting Better And Better!

    Now, watching Draco frown, I think it’s been snatched. He stretches his arms out behind his head, like a King surveying his Kingdom. “Are you most positive?”

    I nearly laugh, then catch myself just in time. “Yes. I- I am.” Why . . . . . does he always have to speak like someone who’s got much higher status then me? Oh, I remember stupidly, it’s because he has. I shove my hands out of my pockets, and bite my lip.

    2,610 7
    8 Chapter eight: Elapsed Antagonism, Back In The Spotlight, And Old Habits Die Hard

    Ever since he ruthlessly took Dumbledore’s life, I turned a blind eye to the betrayer. Anything he tells me, won’t change the way I feel. . . .

    3,181 4
    9 Chapter Nine: The Best News In The World, More Games Of Chess, And I Get Pissed!

    Draco looks up from his mug of Butterbeer. It’s breakfast time, and I’ve just this second unrolled the ‘Daily Prophet.’ What I see makes me want to scream with joy, but he’s here so I gulp back my happiness and pretend to act casual. “What is it, Luke?” He asks testily.

    2,193 5
    10 Chapter Ten: A Dying Man, A Dying Hope And A Dying Future

    . . . . you kept secret after secret from me, and now it’s my turn.” Disgusted, I curl my fingers around the blade, smirking. “Well, I guess that’s one thing we have in common, because you see I also keep secrets. . . ."

    1,867 6
    11 Chapter Eleven: Overheard Conversations, Cell Thirteen, And The Magic Of A Dagger

    Vicious excitement spurs me out of bed. I don’t feel lazy anymore, in fact I could never be more alive. I’ve decided what I’m going to do. I’m going to laugh at him, laugh in his face, tell him everything I’ve been up to, who I’m with. Why, because he’s in a murky old cell with no protections, and nobody to care anyway. It doesn’t matter if I tell him about Draco now, cause when I have this knife in my hand, I have the power.

    3,173 4
    12 Chapter Twelve: The Hearing, Guilty Or Not Guilty, And A Promise To My Wife

    “So, what do you think is going to happen?” He spits, shaking me like a rag doll. “Yeah, just what I thought. By the time they’ve finished with you, there’ll be nothing left.” He grins nastily. “Come on, this way.” I hardly care where I’m going, but tag along anyway, hands cuffed in heavy chains, eyes still half asleep.

    2,262 4
    13 Chapter Thirteen: I Get Hammered Again, Mixed News, And Draco’s Generous Offer That I Can Hardly Turn Down!

    With trembling fingers, I hand him the paper. “Read”, is all I’m able to choke. What seems like seconds later, he pulls me close, rocking me back and forth. I’m trying to stop weeping, but the tears fight, flowing faster. Draco embraces me, hugging me tenderly, and at that moment in time, I don’t care.

    1,595 4
    14 Chapter Fourteen: Snape’s Assistance, A Flying Visit, And Left Without A Plan

    He nods, frowning. “As you wish, Potter. Draco Malfoy lives at Earl Court Terrace, on Wood Lake Road.”

    My heart beats with excitement. “Really?” My pulse is racing. I know where he is. I know where my son is. I can talk him into coming home. “Thanks so much.”

    1,880 8
    15 Chapter Fifteen: Plans For A Party, Sleeping With Doubts, And Life Could Not Get Worse

    As I lie awake though, I can’t help but feel a bit suspicious. I trust Draco to the ends of the earth, but what if Dad wasn’t making up shit? I don’t understand why I don’t have to help with this party. It all seems too good to be true. I want this niggling feeling to leave me alone, but the more you wish them to, the more they come back.

    2,040 3
    16 Chapter Sixteen: Back To Ron And Hermione’s, Roast Dinner, And A Plan Of Action

    It’s mortifying. The hopelessness I feel towards Luke is breaking me apart. I need to know how he is, exactly what he’s doing. If not, my mind will slowly stop working. I know it.

    1,325 4
    17 Chapter Seventeen: No, Help, And I Want My Daddy!

    “Sit back and listen, Luke. Have another drink,” he sneers, folding his arms. “I am going to tell you a tale about a selfish, useless, downtrodden, pathetic boy, who curiously enough shares the same name as you.”

    2,762 5
    18 Chapter Eighteen: The Truth Is Out, A Son’s Apology, And The End Of An End

    And that’s when I hear it. The sound of someone screaming, loud, insistent. There’s no doubt about it. Whoever’s in there, Malfoy is torturing them.

    1,856 3
    19 Chapter Nineteen: Running For My Life, Getting Help, And The Break In

    Wouldn’t it be faster to apparate, but without arguing, I race into the house, slamming the door behind me. Whoops. That didn’t look suspicious at all, did it? We speed in the living room, scrambling and tripping over in haste. Where is the powder?

    1,374 3
    20 Chapter Twenty: Who‘s Unintelligent Now, New Beginnings, And A Mug Of Magners!

    Draco is spread out across the sofa, and he doesn’t look even remotely surprised when we burst in. I’m not scared anymore. I want to twist his balls.

    1,590 5


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