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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
Drama, Humor, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-03-13 10:16pm
Last Chapter
2010-05-22 10:57pm
Last Updated
2010-05-22 11:18pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Pick on Charlie Day

Everyone seems to be annoying Charlie, or is it her that's doing the annoying. At the end of the day some comprimise has to be made.

3,666 30
2 The Start of Sugar...

Charlie has had a bit of sugar, ok then, a lot of sugar. Let's just say, it's going to be an interesting day...

846 20
3 Transfiguration Havoc

The sugar has taken hold of Charlie's brain but and she's going to use it to her advantage in Trasfiguration.

1,380 17
4 Slughorn's Sugar Overdose

What happens when you mix sugar, a potions classroom, walruses and Charlie all in one? A very distressed teacher, a blown up cauldron and the writing on the wall.

1,274 16
5 Exciting Gossip and annoying Space Ships

Mia has big news that's making her heart beat faster in love at the same time she's angry with Charlie because Charlie's being, well, Charlie. And who said you needed a space ship to be creative, Charlie obviously.

1,808 15
6 Lily's little Hissy Fit

Why is Lily so angry at everyone? And what is happening with Mia and Sirius?

2,197 12
7 What's Sirius in the middle of?

What's Sirius stuck in the middle of, even if it isn't clear AT all.

1,669 12
8 Sirius' New Haircut

Sirius gets a new haircut, but it was all because of Charlie, so what did Sirius do to get on Charlie's bad side?
And why are the Marauders and the girls playing Truth or Dare?

3,285 12
9 Be Wary of Your Food

Christmas comes and goes in one laugh and, as the school sit in the Great Hall eating dinner, something's transforming all around them. Where's the Marauders?

1,851 10
10 Charlie's life threatening opinion

Sirius actually values Charlie's opinion and takes it siriusly to heart even though Charlie may be joking.

2,089 10
11 Quidditch is a seductive pain

Quidditch Final is coming and James starts to work his team harder, making them all angry and tired so Lily helps out in only one way she'll know would work.

2,110 14
12 Underwear Dilemma's

Why is Sirius Black dangling from the Gryffindor Tower window by a piece of string and in the form of a slug?

1,496 9
13 A Horrid Nightmare

Charlie has a horrilbe nightmare. And why did she eat a wad of parchment?!

1,225 18
14 Going Home

The summer holidays are upon them and already drama has urupted.

1,651 18
15 13 Pratt Street, Sunshine Bay

Sirius is a depressed lump of cheese, but will Charlie's burning core of innocence be able to help him get over his parents?

2,876 13
16 A Little Advice from the Crazy

Charlie, Lily and Mia are all still at James' which results in some chaotic times including monkey's, frogs, mints and inflatable whales!

5,391 15
17 "What's a Vernon?"

Charlie, Lily and Mia all go back to Lily's house where they go shopping and invite the boys over for a little fun.

4,362 12
18 The Little Blue Car

Charlie and Lily go grocery shopping but something always has to go wrong.

2,263 12
19 Young One

Lily receives her Head Girl badge and the three girls go to Diagon Alley to get their books and to celebrate. Of course, chaos has to ensue.

2,760 10
20 Hogwarts

Everyone returns back to Hogwarts yet lessons haven't even started and Charlie's in trouble!

4,421 9
21 What They Think

The Marauders find a way to listen in to the girls' private conversation. What they hear may change a few things...

3,233 12
22 Yellow Submarine

Charlie remixes a Beatles song and begins to sing it while tied to a chair?!

1,257 13
23 Charlie, Queen of Torture

The Evil Pillow of Doom is being guided by Charlie Cale, Queen of All! Who will come under her wrath?

3,088 15
24 Study Date

Sirius gets a nice little invitation for a study date. With Mia, Lily and Charlie sitting in the corridor beside, what trouble will happen?

1,291 19
25 Forever and Ever and Ever

Lily's evil streak finally shines through. She pairs up with a conniving Charlie and they both wreak havoc but does it all turn out for worst?

1,880 13
26 Butterflies

Mia is having some boy troubles...

2,576 23
27 Pretty Little One

Charlie's anger gets loose and no one's going to stop her from using it.

2,131 22
28 Together

Empty classrooms. What are they used for? Well, a bit of alone time.

2,559 51
29 Giant Cucumbers and Killer Beans

Charlie hates try-outs so she does something to spice it up a bit...

3,323 6
30 Mr Brown

The seven go to Hogsmeade for the day but its not until afterward that something truly puzzling happens.

2,422 4
31 Fragile

James and Lily get a little alone time in the captain's quarters...

2,228 4
32 The Box

Mia finds a mysterious box underneath Charlie's bed...

6,701 10
33 Lily Evans Is One Very Odd Girl

Lily Evans, a mystery to us all

3,355 20
34 Halloween

The Halloween Ball has begun!

2,936 17
35 Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

The first match of the season begins but the game doesn't go as well as our scarlet and gold clad heroes hope.

2,788 17
36 Partner Me

The Christmas Ball is the talk of the town, or in this case, Hogwarts. But who's going to partner who?

3,726 16
37 The Christmas Ball

Christmas is a time to be merry. Ball's are a time to have fun. So why is James crying?

8,145 15
38 Devotion

Cracks are appearing in the famous seven's tight friendship as Lily still does not wake...

6,055 23
39 A Very Merry Hogwarts Christmas

Charlie Cale loves recieving presents on Christmas Day, but there's one she shouldn't have opened...

4,625 21
40 Memories

Charlie takes a dive into the omnious Pensieve...

5,736 16
41 Fan Girls

Charlie and Lily encounter the ugly side of popularity.

3,177 25
42 Having a Friend Back

With the upcoming Quidditch match just around the corner Charlie emerges from her depressive state only to fall straight back in it.

4,054 17
43 The Truth Hurts

Mia finally finds out the one thing she should never have been told...

2,880 21
44 The Tear Stained Tower

The now six friends have to deal with the approaching full moon while Charlie has a meeting with Dumbledore which leads to a fight that breaks up the group even more.

5,583 19
45 The Capture of the Servant

What's thought to be a relaxing day in Hogsmeade turns into a race for Charlie's life up the High Street.

5,553 26
46 Reflection of a Memory

Charlie's past now haunts her when she sleeps ...

5,423 14
47 This Heart Attack

NEWT's, Quidditch practice and those ever-present dreams.

4,338 17
48 Confessions of a Broken Girl

And everything they worked to build falls.

4,652 15
49 Playing with Fire

With all dangers considered, Lily and James step into the unknown and put their relationship to the last test ...

3,474 14
50 Gryffindor vs. Slytherin: This is War

The fight for the Quidditch Cup soon turns into a fight for life.

5,345 24
51 She Said Sorry

Is change always for the better?

4,068 25
52 To Die: Part 1

The final dream.

2,698 22
53 To Die: Part 2

The final dream: part 2

4,309 21
54 Bloody Walls

"Mia pointed at the man and Charlie turned to face him. "Charlotte," he repeated with a rotten-toothed grin. Charlie froze. There was no mistaking him. Charlie’s father had finally found her."

4,555 22
55 A Beating Gryffindor Heart Is More Precious Than Diamonds

The end is nigh.

2,604 20
56 Epilogue: The Last Man Standing

The end is now upon us all.

3,884 53


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