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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/OC, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-03-12 7:20pm
Last Chapter
2007-06-13 7:08pm
Last Updated
2007-07-16 2:38pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Here we go Again;

And me walking in on Sirius as he was peeing was nothing new. He doesn’t understand the concept of pushing the little lock on the doorknob and I don’t understand the concept of knocking. It was never taught to me. “FOOD!” Mrs. Potter yelled from downstairs. Sirius came bolting out of the bathroom, giving me a turn. Sure, the Potters have about twelve toilets, but some are trick ones that jump a meter to the right just before you sit down.

1,838 89
2 Seven Minutes in Heaven;

Bonnie, my lovely, faithful cat, decided to attack her. She walked out of the bathroom, hair combed so sleek and shiny I was jealous, and my cat jumps down from somewhere and lands on her head, trying to claw her eyes out. She yelled and shrieked so loud I am sure she awoke the Mandrakes, and by the time I yanked Bonnie off of her, her amazing hair was ruined and she had a claw mark on her face. “Sterling, you’ll be sorry.”

1,832 43
3 Hero/Heroine;

He went back to eating. These boys eat enough food at each meal to satisfy all of Zimbabwe. Even Remus, the skinniest one, eats at least three plates full of food each time he is in the Great Hall. And he eats the least- you should see when James and Sirius have bacon -eating contests.

1,532 46
4 Dark Blue;

“Yes, Sterling? You called me?” Lily said, poking her head out from in between her closed curtains. I reached out my hand and swung, trying to smack her smug face, but slipped in my socks and fell, banging my chin on the bottom headboard of her bed. Her and all of her friends laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Emmeline must have thought “Levicorpus!” because Lily rose into the air by her ankle as Emmeline did a good job of being creative with the swear words. She's a good friend.

1,408 35
5 Suspension;

You would think, as my dashing and faithful older brother, he would flick his wand and have those snotrags obliterated, but no. He was too much of a butt-kissing, rule-abiding ... SLYTHERIN. With one flick of his wand none of us had our wands anymore, and he held them in his hands smugly. “Detention. All of you. Unnecessary wand use in the hallway is not permitted. And Sterling, what is that in your hair?” he ranted, pointing at the pie.

1,872 27
6 Hands Down;

But we still ended up crashing into the mud. I just didn’t break anything. The mud was squishy, and wet, and cold. I felt it seep through my sweatpants as I shrieked with laughter and twisted around. “I still got it,” I said with a grin as I held the perfectly clean Chaser’s glove in my hands. His eyes bulged out of his head as he reached for it, causing me to fall backwards, soaking the other side of me with mud. SPLAT. “No! No you didn’t,” I breathed as I reached up to touch the crown of my head, which was thick with slimy, gross mud. He cackled. Yep, James Potter cackled at me.

1,506 27
7 Lips Like Morphine;

I sped off towards Dorcas’ ear, because that’s where I had seen it, and chased it, dodging bludgers, Fabian saving me from a nasty one, and with Connor directly behind me the whole time. “You remember when you got really mad at me because I let Monkey out?” Yes. I had a puppy named Monkey. Do not mock me.

1,420 36
8 Beauty in the Breakdown;

And with detention tonight, this was not proving to be a pleasurable day. With a deafening smash, my goblet cracked, and pumpkin juice seeped through my skirt. I growled with anger and slammed down the two pieces vehemently as I muttered the spell to clean my skirt and the table. Late, in the classic Sterling manner, our huge jet black owl soared down and dropped a letter on my lap, after all of the other owls had already come and gone, but the owl came to me rather then any of my brothers, who had noticed and were watching me.

2,403 39
9 Hit the Lights;

Yes, bored. I did not want to write the essay, or research, or do anything. I wanted to sleep, yes, sleep, and eat more. Much more, and something preferably oozing chocolaty goodness. Look, yonder! Those six tables are solely Ravenclaws. Do they do anything else? My God. They must have over thirty books over there, and they are all reading them! And over there, a few Slytherins. EW. Did he just pick his nose?

1,554 27
10 Sunrise Goodbyes;

Let me tell you, I didn’t think boys hit that hard. I am so naive. I mean, was. I will never slap a Slytherin again, there’s a lesson to remember. I don’t even know how I ended up being helped to the Hospital Wing by Sirius, but I was, and I had let my guard down and started to cry. I furiously pushed the tears from my eyes. I couldn’t see, it was blurry, and I could not believe only hours ago I was joyous.

1,795 37
11 Champagne For My Real Friends;

“Anything,” James said. He is such an idiot. “Okay. Fine, I get a date with her,” he said, pointing to me. Wait, what? My mind screamed. “Her?” Sirius and James repeated. I knew it would be something like this! He nodded, “To Hogsmeade, this Saturday.” I guess that means no date with James...

1,805 27
12 Five Minutes to Midnight;

He mumbled something about slavery and grudgingly opened the door. The gust of freezing air hit me all at once and I shivered. We were ten feet from the door and my teeth were already chattering. I rubbed my hands together for warmth. “Take my jacket,” he said, wrapping his jacket around my shoulders.

1,454 37
13 Runaway;

I nodded and thanked her again before I tore towards the infirmary. Why else would Sirius be caught in an altercation with the same guy who hit me? I walked straight into someone and immediately started apologizing. He was a huge, burly man with sweeping robes and a harsh face. Why, of all people, must I bump into him? “I am so sorry sir, really.” Uh-oh.

2,320 29
14 The Mixed Tape;

“Ryan, I can’t. You know I can’t. You had your chance, and you blew that one. Majorly.” I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to fall into his arms, accept his apology and cry, with his arms around me, making me feel safe. He looked hurt for a second, only a second. His light green eyes still seemed hurt, but he put a smile on his face. "Yeah, yeah, I understand. Completely. Er- uh, bye then,” he said as he walked out of the library, shaking his head. I slammed my head onto the book and squeezed my eyes shut. Boys are stupid.

2,286 33
15 The Sharpest Lives;

And then I took his hand and we began running down high street, singing random lyrics and flailing our free arms. I was naked, well pretty much, in the presence of Sirius Black, and enjoying myself. James was the farthest person from my mind- but then again, he was probably absolutely livid. But it’s just a dare, right? A really juicy dare that I will have to thank Emmeline for later. I was laughing hysterically and we kept running, both of us out of breath, and then we stopped. Because there was something blocking our path. And now I was naked with Sirius Black in the presence of McGonagall.

3,477 32
16 Vulnerable;

“And then we’ll go to Cara’s for New Years. It will be the best holiday you’ve ever had. I’ll make sure.” She was hugging him by now. God that girl was lucky. He loved her, you could tell. Even if she always stole the best chicken wing, the spoonful of ice cream that had all the cookie dough, and she was a little ditzy at times, she had found someone who not only embraced her faults, but loved her for them. God, why haven’t I?

You have, your about to break up with him…

1,888 30
17 Amazing Because it is;

I thought I would fall asleep the second my head met the pillow, but I didn’t, I snuggled under the blankets, closed my eyes, and couldn’t get the sound of Sirius’ laugh out of my mind. I tried reading a book, listening to music, and at one point I decided to take the box out from under my bed. Inside I found a picture, circa third year, of me holding a big fish I had caught with James holding a little itty bitty minnow thing.

2,067 38
18 The Sky Could Fall Tonight;

…. Right? I mean, of course she’s over him. She’s like engaged to Fabian. We all think their getting married. So why would she care so much about Sirius? And it’s been over a year. That’s the expiration date on the courtesy. Yeah, you know, you can’t go out with your best friends ex until the courtesy time is up, normally its like a month, but in this case I’ve given her a while damn year.

2,072 26
19 Us;

He woke me up softly, and he carried me back to the house, spinning through the snow, the moon glistening over head, its light shimmering over the perfect white snow, marred with our footsteps. Everyone was asleep when we got in, so we went up to my room and lay on the bed, cuddling under my thick aqua comforter. We awoke to Marlene coming in and opening the curtains, letting the dazzling sunlight shine in, singing at the top of her lungs and twirling around.

2,441 28
20 Seventeen Ain't So Sweet;

The past days had been so happy; why did it all have to end so abruptly? God life really sucks sometimes. We go back to school the day after tomorrow, and Sirius and I were supposed to go back completely happy, carefree, the model couple everyone aspires to be like – Nope. We’re going back as devastated people because I can already feel the guilt. I had stopped crying, and I was on my way upstairs. I wanted to be alone. So I sat on my roof, and when I heard an explosion of cheers across the street, I figured it must be midnight. Happy 1975, everyone.

2,002 27
21 The Space Between;

I felt like a double agent. James was always talking about Lily, I didn’t like the change, he was love struck and it was annoying. All Lily talked about was her annoyance. It was annoying; I was at the point where I wanted to hang them both. The next day I managed to feel well enough to get myself to class, and at the end of Muggle Studies I was asked to stay after. “Yes, Professor Amaretto?” I asked politely. Please don’t tell me I’m still failing. She handed me a quiz from before the Holidays.

1,515 20
22 Bob and Bonnie;

“Thank God, let’s go, I could’ve sworn I just saw an acromantula behind the bush,” Peter said. We made it out of the forest and back under the cloak, and once we were down I went upstairs and fell asleep. I woke up at two in the morning, and I surveyed my surroundings. Emmeline wasn’t in bed, tsk tsk, and everyone was asleep. I decided to take a bath. I slipped into the steamy water and as I closed my eyes, bubbles everywhere, the only thing I could think about was all the escapades I didn’t know about. Was it because they didn’t find me trustworthy anymore?

2,514 21
23 The Great Escape;

Why had I never been so carefree about doing things like this? Why didn’t I feel anything when I saw Ryan? Why did being with Sirius feel so dangerous, why did it make me feel like everything had led up to this and nothing mattered – I was getting everything I wanted and absolutely nothing I needed, and it was amazing.

1,472 20
24 Skeptics and True Believers;

I had a bad feeling about where Emmeline was. Best friend’s intuition. I pushed open the door to find Emmeline hurling things. A picture frame containing a picture of her and Fabian holding hands smashed to the floor, glass spraying the picture Em and Fabian, who replied by scowling. A teddy bear smacked the wall in front of me, and a shoe nearly missed my neck. “Em- EM!” I yelled as she stopped and looked at me.

2,000 28
25 All Hail the Heartbreaker;

Sirius gave me a dirty look as I shrugged with an innocent smile and kept eating. Emmeline nudged my knee under the table and when we made eye contact she looked at me expectantly. I shook my head and kept eating, the silence hurting my ears. James, once again, is going to jump to his stupid little conclusions. I shook my head again and put my fork done. “I’m going to go upstairs for a while,” I said, getting up and walking away, no one following me.

2,044 36
26 Sweet Tangerine;

I laughed and swung my legs, his arms strong around my waist. It was just half past two. None of the Marauders had said anything about my birthday. Oh the irony. He put me down and put three roses in my hands, their stems tied by a silky white ribbon.“Beautiful roses for a beautiful lady,” he said, bowing dramatically.

1,368 31
27 Call it a Lullaby;

Every pore in my brain was telling me not to – that this was not the way to get Sirius to fall back in love with you, but something else seemed to be controlling me. His lips were just as I had remembered. Everything was, except for something.

1,945 37
28 Card House Dreamer;

Ryan squeezed my hand as Sirius passed. James’ eyes hardened as he followed Sirius into the Great Hall. I looked up at Ryan and he nodded reassuringly as we went upstairs to get changed. Emmeline was standing in the center of our dorms when she came in, tapping her toe. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” she yelled, smacking the side of my head.

1,816 47
29 Jasey Rae;

I hit the water with a slap. It was freezing, and my entire body started shaking. I had flipped in the water and when I finally broke the surface I screamed. They were all cheering. I started swimming towards shore and then, my worst fear ever, something slimy grabbed my ankles. I screamed louder then ever. “HELP!”

1,612 22
30 Let This Go;

My body tingled and little butterflies suddenly controlled me. I wanted to giggle like a second year just because he was touching me. I laughed as Hestia and I battled each other, she ultimately knocked me off of Sirius’ shoulders. Sadly, that was as close as Sirius and I got all night, even with the alcohol.

3,112 81


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