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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ginny/OC, Harry/OC, Hermione/OC, Ron/OC
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-03-05 4:45pm
Last Chapter
2009-10-22 12:14am
Last Updated
2009-10-22 12:14am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Summer Fun

Harry is home for the summer after the death of his godfather

849 12
2 The Vistor

Harry gets a vistor

2,233 29
3 Gryffin of Lightning, Lord of Truths

A letter from Sirius raises some interesting facts

1,174 14
4 Family? I have Family?

Harry discovers other members of the Potter Family

1,261 11
5 The Lady and the False Lord

Some interesting aspects of the Potter family are revealed....

1,133 8
6 From Britain, Spain, and New Hampshire

Harry meets some new friends at a beach near his manor

1,074 21
7 From Sea to Shining Sea

Well...he's in America...he's got new friends....

1,128 10
8 Birthdays and Relationships

Its Harry's birthday...

1,634 24
9 Of Training and Practice

Harry trains for his meeting with the Dark Lords and Practices for the competition

1,364 12
10 Forever United

The morning of the Competition

1,428 11
11 Cheers of Admiration

Forever United's performance....

1,135 11
12 You Raise me up

Eight bands will make it to the finals...will Forever United be one of them?

875 8
13 The Finals

The Finals

1,259 7
14 The Departure

The four say goodbye

1,375 22
15 The Gryffindor Convention

Its August Thirty-first and Harry attends his first ever Gryffindor Convention

1,486 11
16 The Hogwarts Express

Its time to go back to Hogwarts

1,173 4
17 Not Your Weapon

Harry faces Dumbledore....

1,536 8
18 Back to School

Common room.....first morning....

1,187 17
19 Probes and Explosions

Potions Class

1,084 17
20 Correspondence from a Lord

Harry recieves a letter from a member of his family

1,260 9
21 Les Relois d’Listeiu

Harry makes some new friends

1,518 9
22 The Secret Men Kill For

The reason for Harry's visit to France becomes clear....

1,190 8
23 The Lord of the House of Matelote

Harry makes a decision....and Lord Matelote reveals interesting memories

2,588 11
24 The Duke of Greisdas d’Urieles

Harry learns more about the lives of those he is visiting with

2,576 8
25 Shocking Revelations

Old Friends come to Hogwarts

1,496 17
26 Mi Amor

Hogwarts meets Xavier and Erika

1,157 6
27 Halloween Horrors

Halloween brings shock to Hogwarts....old friendships will rekindle, and new ones will be forged

1,586 14
28 The Speech

Salem Academy is no more....what will the reaction be

1,309 16
29 Xavier Rousseau

Another look at the past of his french friends

1,404 3
30 Auguste Aglionby

The final keeper's story is told

1,647 7
31 Slytherin Reunion

Kyle Matelote has been taken prisoner by death eaters. What does Lord Voldemort want from the housemate that defied him all those years ago?

1,409 1
32 Rescues Never go as Planned

Harry and the gang attempt to rescue Kyle from Lord Voldemort's clutches

1,470 5
33 Panic Attacks

Voldemort has gained many powerful what?

1,006 3
34 Flawed Escape

Harry and the gang escape Voldemort's clutches...but not everything is alright

1,596 17


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