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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Snape, Pettigrew, Voldemort, Cho, Scrimgeour, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, OC/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-02-22 1:18am
Last Chapter
2007-07-20 4:11pm
Last Updated
2013-12-10 6:24pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Mine Not to Reason Why

Harry Potter deduces that the Ministry is following him, and when combined with his uncle's continual verbal abuse, Harry is pushed into abandoning 4 Privet Drive for good.  Meanwhile, Lord Voldemort makes his own important deduction.

4,336 55
2 One Way to Liverpool

Harry sends word of his departure to Hermione, and he randomly selects a city to which he flees.  The Ministry eventually discovers that Harry is missing, as does the Order of the Phoenix.  Voldemort continues his quest to learn more about Harry.

4,163 26
3 What Have I Done

Harry comes to know Liverpool but meets an unexpected person from his past.  The Order discovers Harry's absence but is powerless to find him.  Hermione finally visits Ron and Ginny at the Burrow to discuss Harry's flight.

3,999 27
4 Another Mess I've Created

Evan Harrington's luck improves, while Harry enjoys a day on the town with Melissa Montgomery.  Meanwhile, Voldemort speaks to his restless followers, and Molly and Arthur fret both for Harry and for the Order of the Phoenix.

3,516 31
5 Keep Moving, Harry

Evan Harrington follows Harry to his hotel room and attempts to "bring him in," but Harry refuses to come quietly.  Meanwhile, the Order of the Phoenix attempts to recruit a new source in the Minister of Magic's office.

4,099 25
6 Just Walk, Don't Talk

Harry bounces around England while deciding on his next moves.  Scrimgeour treats fire with fire.  Finally, shortly before his birthday, Harry makes contact with a close friend.

3,846 28
7 I Will Not Waver

Voldemort hears the rumors of Scrimgeour's actions against the death eaters held in Azkaban.  Harry and Hermione enjoy some time together, but Harry is forced to spend his birthday traveling to Little Whinging to collect the mysterious item left for him by Professor Dumbledore.

3,482 24
8 The Worst Birthday of My Life

Evan Harrington patiently tracks Hermione, who takes him right to Harry, but with unexpected results.  Voldemort makes a new discovery.

4,080 26
9 Killing Begets Killing

Harry and Hermione speak with Evan Harrington, trying to decide whether to trust him.  Draco briefly meets with his mother, who makes sure that he understands his situation.  At the Burrow, Ron makes a huge discovery.

4,142 21
10 A New Direction

Harry and Hermione spend time together in her home town and have a couple of uncomfortable encounters.  Draco goes on a patrol with unexpected consequences, and Minister of Magic Scrimgeour announces a New Direction.

4,777 23
11 Tell Me He's Wrong

Harry and Hermione finally realize that they forgot about Dumbledore's letter and rush back to the hotel to read it.  The letter explains Harry's recent behavior.

3,370 22
12 What Could Have Been

Hermione visits Ron and Ginny at the Burrow and learns of their discovery.  She returns to tell Harry about the horcrux, but is unable to do so, as Harry has other matters to attend to.

3,827 16
13 We're Bugging Out

Voldemort sends Snape on an important mission.  The editor of the Daily Prophet meets with Harry and must make important decisions as to the fate of the newspaper.  Hermione needs to tell Harry about the locket but cannot find the opportunity.

3,293 15
14 Harry Is Different Now

Snape makes an irrevocable decision, and Scrimgeour awakes to the unwelcome news of Harry's interview with the Daily Prophet.  At last, Hermione informs Harry of Slytherin's locket, and she goes to the Burrow to make plans with Ron and Ginny.

4,740 15
15 Smash It, Harry

Scrimgeour provides a plausible reason for his actions towards Harry, while Draco attempts to survive in the muggle world.  Meanwhile, Harry and Hermione meet Ron and Ginny, and the four friends travel to Number 12 Grimmauld Place to search for Slytherin's locket.

4,011 20
16 I Am Whatever I Am

The four friends confront the first horcrux.  Snape makes preparations, and the Daily Prophet manages to evade the Ministry.  Scrimgeour survives the Daily Prophet article but must now leave Harry alone.

3,635 22
17 Put Harry Back in Charge

Snape hides from the dark lord while Harry and Hermione consider how they should next proceed.  Evan Harrington learns of Harry's latest adventure and is upset that they did not consult with him first.

3,654 17
18 We Have to Support Harry

Molly attempts to comfort Ginny, while Michelle Goldsmith finally commences her mission, which turns out to be easier than expected.  Draco decides to take a chance, and Minister Scrimgeour has an unexpected conversation with Cho.

4,362 16
19 Now the Fun Begins

Harry meets with Arthur and Remus at the Burrow, bringing a surprise guest.  Voldemort suspects that Snape may not be returning, and takes steps to verify Snape's loyalties.  Draco finally eats a decent meal.

4,308 19
20 You Don't Know Who I Am Anymore

Harry spends an enjoyable afternoon at the Burrow while Scrimgeour faces difficult decisions and Hermione faces difficult questions from her parents.   Voldemort forces Pettigrew to accompany him on a deadly mission.

4,280 17
21 I Cannot Rest Long

Remus checks out Aberforth Dumbledore's report of a suspicious young wizard at the Hog's Head, while Voldemort attempts to recover from the events of the previous evening.  Harry and friends arrive at Hogwarts where they locate Tom Riddle's trophy.  While deciding how best to destroy it, Harry decides to pay Hagrid a visit.

4,086 21
22 The Bowels of North Tower

Lord Voldemort must take drastic action to recover his health.  Draco is questioned by the Order.   Harry and his friends take Tom Riddle's trophy to the furnace in the bowels of North Tower.

4,643 14
23 I Left Him

With Harry unconscious, Evan has to come up with a plan to deal with the new horcrux.  Hermione follows the auror's advice, only to suffer emotional distress as a result.  Ginny begins to wonder what exactly Harry and Hermione did together the week before.

4,141 20
24 I Like to Swim

Ginny asks Hermione a probing question, and Cho realizes her huge mistake.  Lord Voldemort decides to test the wards of Hogwarts himself, and Harry decides to take a shopping excursion in Knockturn Alley.

5,264 23
25 You Two Are Evil

Cho explains her predicament to the others, who do not welcome her with great enthusiasm.  Voldemort calls on Narcissa Malfoy, whom he has decided must help him with his plans.  Evan teaches Harry how to cast spells underwater.

4,692 13
26 Be Prepared, Harry Potter

Lord Voldemort has a one-sided chat with Narcissa Malfoy, while on the other side of the lake, Ron and Hermione have a more heart-felt conversation.  A centaur comes to the edge of the forest to give Harry a warning.

4,446 16
27 You Have Never Suffered

Evan notifies Michelle that the Ministry has located the Daily Prophet.  After the news from the centaur, Harry rushes back to the lake.  On the other side, Voldemort torments Narcissa while preparing to breach the wards around Hogwarts.  Harry sees something in Hermione's eyes that he has never seen before.

4,575 14
28 This May Be It for Me

Harry continues his search for the horcrux, while Voldemort enters the lake for the same purpose.  Peter rests by the lake, only to meet an old friend unexpectedly.  Evan joins the chase as well.

4,208 12
29 Ron Saw Us

Our heros face off with Lord Voldemort at the bottom of the lake.

4,888 18
30 Is It Too Late to Save You?

Harry and the others move out of Hogwarts due to the fallen wards in order to allow time to attack the horcrux.  Remus and Kingsley inform Draco of his mother's death.

4,553 12
31 No Buyer's Remorse

Voldemort and his forces enter Hogwarts Castle to check on the trophy but are met with a nasty surprise.  Harry has an interesting dream.

4,718 12
32 You're Brilliant, Mr. Granger

Harry meets with his old "friends," Draco Malfoy and Peter Pettigrew.  Mr. Granger confronts Harry, and ends up making an important contribution to the cause.

4,428 11
33 Come Meet Your Brothers

Harry finally attacks the final horcrux, while his friends can only watch nervously.  A visitor comes to him in a dream.

4,574 8
34 Just Let It Flow

The final confrontation occurs in a familiar place

7,299 11
35 Epilogue

The aftermath of Voldemort's destruction, and the fate of our friends over the next year.

4,667 80


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