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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC, Other Pairing
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-02-18 8:58pm
Last Chapter
2009-10-28 12:05am
Last Updated
2010-03-12 5:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue; Chapter 1 - Dreams in the Heat

This is the Sequel to Harry Potter and the Burden of Becoming. The Prologue begins with where the epilogue left off. Chapter 1 also follows the 6th year Burden of Becoming story into Harry's 7th. Summer is ending and Harry and Gabriella are about to return to Hogwarts. First, however, Harry must fulfill his commitment to joint the Votary of the Dragon, forever swearing allegiance to the betterment of the winged beasts. But is he doing it because he wants to, or because he loves Gabriella? Enjoy the rollercoaster!

4,664 8
2 Chapter 2 - Friends in the Dark

Harry must travel to meet with the dragon Singehorn to join the Votary of the Dragon, forever binding his future with that of the winged creatures. Is he doing this all for his girlfriend Gabriella who now thinks he's been seeing Hermione behind her back?

5,121 3
3 Chapter 3 - A Tutor Denied

Harry is compelled to join the Votary of the dragon, and meet with their leader, Singehorn.  Only the feelings of the woman he loves and a very important vampire stand his way.  Can you guess which will be his undoing?

5,607 2
4 Chapter 4 - Trappings

Climbing the mountain to face the dragon Singehorn, Harry must face a gauntlet of challenges – challenges that risk not only his life, but the lives of those he loves as well.

5,306 1
5 Chapter 5 - Dealing with the Dragon

At last, Harry faces the dragon Singehorn and discovers the true power of the Votary. Here he learns his fate and the fate of his fallen friends.

4,327 3
6 Too Close an Encounter

Harry and Sirius finally get to know each other. Harry returns to Hogwarts, but the Express is interupted.

4,203 2
7 The Lost Soul

A Dementor has taken Dean's soul during an attack on the Hogwarts Express and Harry has resolved to extract revenge. But Gabriella shows him a different way, a better way -- a way to extract light from the dark.

5,421 2
8 Chapter 8 - Engaged

Love and passions flare as Harry must decide how best to protect those he cares for the most. To do that, he must agree to be taught by the man, or rather the vampire, he hates the most.

4,125 3
9 Chapter 9 – The Bending of Space and Time

Training with Centaurs, Harry discovers one of the greatest powers of these magical beings. Unfortunately, Gabriella sees the Centaurs as more of a threat than an ally. And while Harry fights darkness in the Forbidden Forest, he fails to see the growing stain within the walls of Hogwarts.

4,899 2
10 Chapter 10 - Visions

Harry learns a lesson from Dumbledore about the meaning of the Horcrux.

4,618 0
11 Chapter 11 - Notty Boy

A run in with Nott leaves Harry bloodied.

5,124 1
12 Chapter 12 - Blind Fortune

It’s time for the first Quidditch match of the season. Unfortunately, with the battle between Centaur and Dementor looming before him, Harry’s a bit distracted.  The result: a terrible accident that might just spell his doom and dash the hopes of the Wizarding world.

4,867 3
13 Chapter 13 - The New Addition

Harry is training with the Centaurs for a battle that looms just over the horizon.  When he returns to the castle, he discovers the possible identity of the first Horcrux, but Draco brings more devastating news -- Cho has a very special gift.

5,967 3
14 Chapter 14 – Wedding Plans

Having learned that he might be a father, Harry struggles with what he should do.

6,042 3
15 Chapter 15 - Another Potter

Harry discovers more about his child and about how Cho has kept the boy hidden all these months. He then embarks on his mission to destroy Voldemort’s Horcrux.

5,502 4
16 Chapter 16 - The Burden Calls

Harry meets his friends at the Ministry in an effort to destroy the Horcrux – Voldemort’s cloak. What they discover is that Voldemort is already in their midst and Lucius Malfoy’s Death Eaters are not far behind. He would never have guessed on this night, of all nights, Arthur Weasley would learn to hate him so.

5,614 4
17 Chapter 17 – The Summoning

Harry is summoned by the dragon, only to discover that Fred is there ready for battle, and he doesn't know that his mum's just been killed.

4,993 4
18 Chapter 18 – The Ring of Onyx

The first great battle of the war is at hand, but first Harry must meet with the dragon Singehorn -- a meeting that will help set his future for the ultimate battle.

4,785 4
19 Chapter 19 – The First Battle

At last the first battle between Centaur and Dementor has arrived. The battleground – the great mountain of the dragons led by Singehorn. Here, Harry will once again face his hated foe with a very unusual outcome.

5,905 3
20 Chapter 20 - Aftermath

The first battle over, Harry must deal with its consequences. Voldemort is now in pursuit of his son, Gabriella is in danger, and the only person with answers now sits in a top security prison for the murder of Molly Weasley.

3,999 4
21 Chapter 21 - Family

It's Christmas, yet Harry is not feeling very celebratory. Gabriella has been taken by Death Eaters, and he must do something to save her. Struggling to find the way forward, he discovers something else about his destiny and the Birth of a New Sun.

4,583 5
22 Chapter 22 – Friendship

Harry finally meets with Mr. Weasley to discuss the death of the Minister’s wife. But the conversation doesn’t go as well as he hoped. Not does his meeting with Draco.

6,039 5
23 Chapter 23 – Reunion

Harry travels to the prison on Fengsle Island to convince Draco to make the exchange for Gabriella. What he discovers is a Draco he never knew, and a Draco he has always known.

3,912 5
24 Chapter 24 – Nightmares

Gabriella returns from captivity, but all is not well. The Ministry believes she’s been hexed and has ordered the Healers of St. Mungo’s to discover the hidden evil no matter the cost. But will that cost be Gabriella’s life… or Harry’s?

5,477 3
25 Chapter 25 – The Fealty of Fire

A Centaur arrow well on its way to the centre of Gabriella’s heart, Harry must take action to save her life. But at what cost? What begins as a death knell for Gabriella now puts both their lives in danger.

5,890 3
26 Chapter 26 – I do

Waking next to Gabriella in the Centaur village of Terntalag, Harry discovers something unique has happened, something that will seal his fate forever, though he does not yet know it. He wakes to a singularly unique type of love, but it is not the only love he learns of on this day.

4,246 4
27 Chapter 27 – Choices

Harry learns the history of the dragon Asha and how his special connection with the dragon may spell ruin. A net of Death Eater’s is closing in on his son, and he must act swiftly, even as Dumbledore declares that the end is near.

5,134 1
28 Chapter 28 – The Best Laid Plans…

Free of Voldemort’s stain, James Chang, Cho’s brother returns to Hogwarts after his incarceration and healing. His return encourages Harry to travel to Greece to retrieve his son, protecting him from the Dark Lord’s plans. But are things truly what they seem?

5,784 0
29 Chapter 29 - The Road Divides

Harry has left with Gabriella to Greece. They're mission: save Harry's son and bring him back to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione remain at Hogwarts, but soon discover that the darkness to be fought is not the hoard of Dementor's closing in on Sirius' castle on the Mediterranean, but rather the darkness that rests in Gryffindor's common room.

5,305 5
30 Chapter 30 – Absolute Power

Harry and Gabriella race to Greece to save Jamie, only to discover the price of absolute power.

7,055 4
31 Chapter 31 – A Dangerous Game

Voldemort has taken over Ron's body.  His plan, to destroy those whom Harry loves the most.  What he doesn't realize is that it is that very same love that will be his downfall. 

4,685 3
32 Chapter 32 – Death Divined

Harry lies at the feet of both Lucius and Draco Malfoy, his chest split open and bleeding badly.  Upon a scorched earth, his savior is the wife of the man he just killed.

6,238 4
33 Chapter 33 – The Final Passing

Voldemort has taken control of Ron's body and now has Hermione trapped in the room behind Professor McGonagall's office.  It is now up to the aged Albus Dumbledore to leave his deathbed and save his students, Hogwarts, and defeat Voldemort once and for all.

6,389 3
34 Chapter 34 – A Point of Departure

Harry, still suffering the injuries caused by Draco, struggles to understand what he must do -- tries to comprehend what devastation he has caused. Still, he does not see the insidious nature of absolute power, when we becomes I.

4,471 1
35 Chapter 35 - Light to Darkness

Leaving Gabriella, Harry travels to the Mountain of Singehorn to retrieve Voldemort's cloak. He will turn the Horcrux to his own purpose, to solidify his power and ensure his victory over the coming darkness. But will Harry lose Sirius again, this time to serve his own selfish needs? Or can he bring light to darkness?

5,951 1
36 Chapter 36 – The Quality of Mercy

Cho and Tonks apparate from the devastation in Greece and arrive in Hogsmeade.  Cho must choose to feed her thirst for revenge, or protect the child and, in turn, the Wizarding world.

5,634 0
37 Chapter 37 – Alliances

Jamie is protected by the Centaurs in the Forbidden Forest, but is he truly safe? Dakhil Barghouti has captured Draco Malfoy and now has plans for the youngling vampire. Gabriella reveals to Harry that she wears Voldemort’s first Horcrux, but he insists the cloak be destroyed. Hermione remains bitter after being attacked by Ron even though it was Voldemort that controlled his mind. Three vignettes set into motion alliances that may lead to saving the Wizarding world, or may lead to its destruction.

6,407 8
38 Chapter 38 – The Road Rejoined

Harry confides in Cho that he was the one that killed Anthony, not Lucius.  Gabriella, secretly following Harry to ensure he fulfills his vow, offers Cho a very special gift.

5,292 2
39 Somewhere Between Life and Death

Reunited with Ron and Hermione, Harry must face losing a dear friend at Voldemort's hand.

4,258 1
40 Chapter 40 - The Second Battle

Two vampires... the pupil and the teacher hover in the Carpathians considering the future of the Wizarding world.  Meanwhile at Hogwarts, Harry is so weak after saving Hermione, he may not be able to help defeat the darkness now descending upon the school.

5,833 1
41 Chapter 41 - Betrayal

On his way to the battle in Hogsmeade, Harry discovers that the dragons he thought were his allies have all along been planning to destroy this Wizarding world.  Their plan -- attack the wizards while their power is weak from fighting each other.

7,191 0
42 Chapter 42 - Retreat

Hogsmeade is under attack and Harry must convince the wizards to retreat before the dragons join the battle and destroy them all. 

6,366 1
43 Chapter 43 - Diplopia

Cho believes she has finally discovered the truth about her vision, while Harry is greeted by an old friend.

4,444 0
44 Chapter 44 – Flight to the Falls

While Harry watches as Voldemort's arming breaching the gate to Hogwarts, both Ron and Hermione have a battle of their own.

4,411 1
45 Chapter 45 – To See Again

While Voldemort’s forces close in around Hogwarts, Harry flees to find his son and protect him as best he can. The only thing standing in his way – a flight of dragon’s hell-bent on the destruction of all Wizardom.

5,560 1
46 Chapter 46 - Girl's Night Out

Gabriella must convince the Centaur, Macleta, to help her save Cho from death… a death set about by the wearing of the white robes – Voldemort’s final Horcrux.

4,928 1
47 Chapter 47 - Twins

Harry and the Votary make a pact with the dragon Singehorn just as wizards arrive to try and save the burning Centaur village of Terntalag.  Harry's place is with his wife and his child and right now they are being attacked by Voldemort atop the magical falls of the Forbidden Forest. 

7,144 1
48 Chapter 48 – The Death of Harry Potter

Voldemort begins his final dance with Harry.

7,340 0
49 Chapter 49 – Three’s Company

Harry thinks that he's destroyed Voldemort, but what he's done is open the gate the other plane.  It is a gate that can let Voldemort pass through... in either direction.

5,213 1
50 Chapter 50 - Love Lost

Gabriella and Ron struggle to defeat the whit robes of Voldemort as they emerge from the magical falls of the Forbidden Forest.

5,144 0
51 Chapter 51 – The Death of Tom Riddle

You wanted to know how it's supposed to end?  Not with a special wand, or a magical rock.  No, this is how Voldemort was really defeated.

6,918 4
52 Chapter 52 – Love Found

Now that the souls of Tom Riddle have passed to the other plane, we discover what has become of Harry, Gabriella and the others.

4,838 1
53 Nobody’s Perfect

Harry and Draco have emerged safely with Patrick.  But there are still lives to be saved, burried beneath the front gates of Hogwarts.

6,818 1
54 Chapter 54 – The Chimes of Hogwarts

At last... the wedding of Ron and Hermione

7,583 1
55 Chapter 55 – Mother Maia

Leaving Britain to visit Sirius in Greece and prepare for Singehorn's ceremony in the Carpathians, Harry and Gabriella meet an old friend.  The nymph Maia has plans that neither of them care for.

4,901 1
56 Chapter 56 – Lost Hope

Harry grieves with SIrius over the loss of Gabriella and learns more about his father and their family's connection to the nymphs. 

7,987 0
57 Chapter 57 – The Birth of a New Sun

A new battle erupts between the dragons and Harry must stop it before the world turns to chaos once again.

6,953 2
58 Chapter 58 – Home at Last

Harry and his friends must return to Greece to save Harry's family.

7,265 9


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