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Hermione, Draco, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-02-17 3:51pm
Last Chapter
2010-03-14 11:15am
Last Updated
2010-03-14 11:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Just a fling.

Hermione loves it, but it's hard to keep in. She has to tell someone, but it will cause rifts. She's sure it's not going to last long. But does someone else think otherwise?

1,195 10
2 An Apology

“I want to know what happened earlier.” He demanded. He grabbed her chin to force her to look into his pleading eyes. “Please.” The whisper surprised her.
“I said ‘please.’” Draco repeated. Hermione looked down again, uttering a small, “oh.”
“I just, I, uh…” She continued to avoid looking at the boy and studied everything else in the small closet.

1,052 6
3 He Knows

The drapes were thrown apart, and the hand disappeared. Hermione stared at the open space, scared. She flicked her eyes from curtain to curtain, trying to discover what had pulled them apart. She was about to give up and pull them shut, when the air crinkled like fabric....

1,091 3
4 Blaise

He was “Draco Malfoy’s quiet emo friend” who always looked depressed, even when he was smiling. He had shed his robes and was wearing muggle clothes. The tight band t shirt he wore contrasted well with the black cargo pants. Hermione had hardly ever seen Blaise without the robes that made him seem like a floating head, and when she had, he was wearing skinny drainpipe pants. . His face was thin, his black hair falling over his eyes in a side sweep fashion. His eyes, Hermione loved his eyes. They were a beautiful hazel and always outlined with black eyeliner.

1,532 6
5 More Blaise and Then Some Pansy

She opened her mouth to talk, but just then, Pansy Parkinson appeared. “Oooohh, love fest of the freaks! Looks like you found someone who actually appreciates that awful muggle stuff Blaise. She’s a mudblood, you know, she oughta like it.” A pained expression swept across Blaise’s face, and Hermione glared at the Slytherin girl. She was so cruel! Pansy plunked down in a nearby armchair. She feigned an innocent look, “Oh, did I interrupt? I mean, I would never dream of interrupting a little love music session!” She erupted into laughter.

1,162 7
6 Brawl at Breakfast

“Tell me where they are, you little emo freak! Where the hell did that little ferret take the bitch? What are they doing?” Blaise jerked as the student grabbed a handful of his shirt. “Tell me, or I’ll end your life! Oh, wait, I don’t want to do you any favors!” Blaise was thrust forward, and his leg stopped shaking. Hermione reached out to touch it, but he jerked it away.

1,954 4
7 Music Brings Us Together

He was staring directly into her eyes, his gaze soft. She stared back into his beautiful hazel ones. Slowly, he began to move closer. He whispered, “Hermione.” She raised her eyebrows. It was the first time she had heard him say anything close to her name. She had no time to react. Soon, his lips were upon hers, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the kiss.

1,372 11
8 Departure

Hermione helped Blaise stand. The boy wiped his bleeding lip on the back of his hand. She touched his stomach lightly, and he placed his arm around her shoulders, not taking his eyes from the anger-filled ones of Harry. Hermione winced in pain as Blaise’s arm rested on her injured shoulder.

1,345 5
9 Hogsmeade

“Haven’t you heard Blaisie-boy? The mudblood is Drakie’s.” Hermione’s grip on Blaise’s hand tightened, and her other hand curled into a fist. He glanced down at her, wishing he could face his fear of Nott. He wished he could just make the boy move and be on his way. But the only way to make Theodore Nott move was to fight him, and he was much bigger than Blaise. All he could do was give her hand a reassuring squeeze.

1,124 0
10 The Shrieking Shack

When he reached the gray and decrepit door, he looked back to see Theodore and his friends just coming up to the rope. He pulled the door with a loud creak and slipped inside, hoping the noise had not drawn attention. He gently closed the door behind him and turned to look around. He stood in a small foyer. A torn and scratched staircase led upstairs. The banister was hanging dangerously, the support poles shredded. He scanned around and notice just about every inch of floor, wall and furniture was scratched or shredded. Fear gripped him...

1,746 3
11 An Old Friend

He ducked out of the tunnel quickly, chuckling to himself. However, the smile was wiped off his face, when he bumped headfirst into something. Something furry. He looked up into bright yellow eyes. He back up into the tunnel, tripped over an uneven spot on the ground and fell on his backside.

1,463 1
12 Return to School

The boy shrugged it off and moved in to kiss her again. She tried to keep it modest, but he forced his tongue into her mouth and ran it along hers. Hermione opened her eyes and found Draco had actually closed his. She reached behind her until she felt Blaise’s hand and squeezed it. The boy started at the touch, obviously lost in thought while watching the dog and kids. He squeezed back and held it.

1,172 1
13 An Uncommon Meeting in the Common Room

McGonagall’s voice rang through the room. “Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention, please!” The noise died out, and all eyes were directed to the professor. “Now, the administration here has gotten word of some rather horrible events occurring outside these walls.” This caused a murmur to sweep through the crowd of Gryffindors. “Please, ladies and gentlemen!” The woman Held her hands up for silence. “Until further notice, we have decided it best for the student body to spend the nights in the Great Hall."

993 1
14 Blaise's Secret

“Grab the guitar! Right now!” She complied and gripped the neck of the instrument. There was a tug at her navel, and she suddenly felt as if she were flying, or falling. She closed her eyes as the portkey whisked them away. When her feet were planted firmly on ground, she opened them to see a dressing room with several other boys rushing around. She stood dumbly in the middle of the chaos.

2,052 1
15 The Truth

His eyes grew small and severe suddenly. “No! Hermione! No one at Hogwarts can know about this! As far as anyone there is concerned, I’m a sixteen-year-old pureblood whose parents were killed when they rebelled against the Dark Lord.” This time it was the band’s turn to look lost. Blaise ignored them and burned holes into her with his bright hazel eyes. “Do you understand? No wizard or witch can know about this, except for you, me and Dumbledore.”

1,767 1
16 Home

She was standing in a rather small kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen opened into a large living room. She gawked at it. Everything was white, the walls, the carpet. A set of white furniture, consisting of a couch, loveseat and armchair, was placed in a an arc around a glass coffee table, facing a grandiose flat screen TV. The room was lit by a bright overhead light that had a ceiling fan attached.

1,764 3
17 Company

In seconds, Pete appeared in the doorway. He looked over the scene before him quickly and asked, “Do you want me to leave? ‘Cause I could just-“ He gestured to the door wit his free hand, while the other clutched the neck of Blaise’s blue and chrome Fender Stratocaster.

1,048 1
18 Returning

She smiled and kissed him quickly before turning to slip through the gates. Hand in hand, they sprinted for the castle, giggling. Finally in the Entrance Hall, Hermione fell against the wall to catch her breath. After a moment, she finally approached the oak doors and slipped into the Great Hall, with Blaise tiptoeing after her.

816 0
19 Sunrise

She pulled away. “No, Draco. I’m going back to bed.” Taking one last look at the forgotten sunrise and sighing, she turned and trudged back down to the Great Hall, where a few students were just blinking the sleep from their eyes. Hermione slipped into her sleeping bag. Her face was twisted to keep the tears in, but as soon as it hit the pillow, they spilled. She sobbed into the white linen and ignored the running eyeliner that stained it.

1,322 4
20 Reconciliation

“You forced me to choose! Right that moment! It was like you were both hanging from a cliff and I only had time to save one of you. And if I waited too long, you would both be gone!” She paused to take in a shaky breath and sob. “Blaise, I need time! I can’t decide whose hand to grab on the spot! There has to be time to panic and then think. Right now, I’m at the point where I’m hoping one of you will just let go to prove to me that you love me enough to die just to make me happy! But Draco doesn’t even know he’s hanging from a cliff..."

1,067 6
21 Reconciliation, Part 2, Boy 2

“I see how he looks at you, at you and me. He likes you, Mione, a lot. And yesterday, when Potter yelled at you and you cried, you cried into his shoulder and not mine, and I just…And today, when I came back from the Tower and found him holding you again…Mione, I’ve never wanted to punch a kid more than at that moment…” His eyes were pure now, clear of any anger and pleading.

1,703 3
22 Joke Me Something Awful Just Like Kisses On The Necks Of Best Friends

Blaise’s tongue caught up with him finally. “Wait, does he know you like me?” Hermione cast her eyes away from his. “You do like me, right?”

She turned back to him, teary-eyed. “Oh, I don’t know anymore…It’s sure hard to make a decision like that when your two choices have each made you cry twice in one day…” She tried to throw him an accusing look, but failed.

699 1
23 Party Like A Rockstar, Or Crash One Like A Fan

Although the door stood open, she still felt the need to knock. After rapping the door twice with her knuckles, Hermione stepped in with Draco behind her. Blaise, who had been sitting on the couch with his head ducked, looked up and glared at them reproachfully. “Why are you here?” he grumbled, lowering his eyes to the floor again.

1,388 3
24 A Different POV

His hope was smashed with a vigorous shake of Blaise’s head. “No, I can’t do that.” He stopped and looked Pete in the eye. “Pete, I- I love her.”

sry, i probly picked the worst time to take a small break from this to put up my songfic :-

1,133 4
25 Don't. Just Don't.

Blaise watched her, torn between love and hate. It’s odd how such two opposites always come hand-in-hand. You can never have one without the other. You could feel completely in love with someone, but there will always be a part of you that hates them. He stared at the girl he hated to love. Finally, he gave in and sat next to her, pulling her into his chest. However, when he wrapped his arms around her, she pushed away. He gazed at her with worried eyes. “Mione, what’s wrong?”

1,605 7
26 Six Feet Under The Stars

“I’ve always wanted a baby.” She spoke more to the lake than to him. Something jumped out of the water, as if acknowledging her. He looked back at her to see if she had noticed, but she had lowered her eyes to her abdomen. “I just thought I would be older, you know?” With the last words, she raised her head to see his face. It was then he saw the confusion there. The longing. The fear.

1,953 4
27 I'll Make Your Past Regret Its Future

“I’m trying!” Hermione cried. Tears were stinging her eyes now. “Draco, I’ve-“ She was crying, the tears now streaming down her cheeks. “Blaise and I-“ The words kept getting caught in her throat. “I’m…”
“…pregnant.” Blasie finished her sentence, despite what he had said earlier. Hermione stared up at him, shocked at his bluntness. He was staring straight at Draco, expressionless. The blonde boy was watching her carefully. She tried to avoid his gaze.

1,353 10
28 Which Came First, the Music or the Misery? Part I

He hesitated. “Okay…” He flipped the phone open and stepped away from Hermione. He didn’t know why Pete would be calling him. He had wanted little or nothing to do with Blaise in the past couple of weeks of the tour, and it was really starting to affect the latter’s stage show. He pressed the phone to his ear apprehensively. “Yeah?”

1,805 8
29 Which Came First, the Music or the Misery? Part II

Damien called them back over and went down the line. “Pete, Andy, Mike, Blaise and-“ He stopped at Hermione and gave her a quizzical look, glancing at the techies for an explanation.

“-and Hermione,” Blaise gave him, “my girlfriend.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Hermione,” the host said slowly. “I’ve heard that name before.” He turned to the crowd. “How many of you have read the newest issue of Kerrang!?”

2,136 9
30 This Was No Accident, It Was A Therapeutic Chain of Events

“What the hell?” Blaise swung at Pete, who ducked, so Blaise kneed him in the stomach. The boy doubled over but soon stood again. He lunged at Blaise, thrusting his fists at every part of the boy he could reach. Blaise retaliated with his feet, drawing blood. Finally, he got away and jumped to his feet, fumbling in his back pocket. Pete made for him again but stopped as the boy pointed the long slender wand at his chest.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Don’t test me,” Blaise threatened.

2,228 5
31 I'll Be Stuck Fixated On One Star When The World Is Crashing Down

McGonagall turned to Blaise, then looked at Hermione. She gasped, and Blaise directed his gaze to the girl as well. The sweatshirt she had been desperately trying to pull down to hang loose had slipped back on her shoulders, constricting and showing off her rounded belly.

2,046 6
32 My Heart Is Empty Without You, Sometimes I Just Don't Know What to Do

Blaise agreed with a nod. He put his arm around her and started to pull her close, but a sudden realization hit him. He looked at he with wide eyes. “Mione, I’ve never met your parents…”

She looked at him. “So?”

“So? So? So, we’re going to your house because you’re five months pregnant with my child. I can’t say I expect them to be happy…Mione?”

2,101 11
33 I'm Not Paralyzed, But I Seem To Be Struck By You

She took a deep breath and started again. “Mum, Dad, I’m…I’m…” Another deep breath. “I’m pregnant.” She looked up. Neither parent looked surprised, but her mother was crying. It wasn’t a noisy crying, but silent tears that rolled down her cheeks.

2,067 11
34 Hey, Moon, Please Forget to Fall Down. Hey, Moon, Don't You Go Down

He sighed and hung his head. “Pete…I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened…in that dressing room…after I found out-“

1,980 15
35 Guilt Plays Favorites

“Why are you doing this? Go back to Hermione, Blaise. She needs you. We can play a show in LA at the end of the tour…Blaise, don’t get into this habit.”

“What habit?”

“Putting the fans first. You have-“

“I put Hermione first,” Blaise retorted heatedly. “I didn’t leave that hospital until she said she fine and I could go-“

2,362 6
36 Waiting For A Day You Hoped Would Never Come

“Agh! Blaise!”

“I-I-uh…Mione, I-I-I can’t feel my hand. I- ow! Okay, I felt that…”

“You’re lucky that’s all you can’t feel!” Hermione snarled at him.

“I…oh.” Her fierce expression silenced him on the spot.

2,292 3
37 Allow Me To Exaggerate A Memory or Two

Blaise scribbled out another phrase, crumpled the paper and threw it at the TV screen. It hit him right in the face on the music video that had just come on. He snatched up the remote angrily and switched it off, throwing the remote to the couch beside him. He didn’t mean to be angry, but he was running on minimal sleep and couldn’t get any decent lyrics out.

1,217 4
38 Feel Like the Stars Are Getting Closer, and The Sky Is Closing In

He stepped away and looked at her with raised eyebrows. “I don’t know ‘bout that…I think I’ve done pretty well for myself so far. Unless you consider two penthouses, three cars, two motorcycles, a job I love, and a fan base that spreads across North America and Europe unsuccessful. And if you want me to quit all that to get a boring Ministry job, sorry, honey. I’m getting out of this wizard world as soon as I can.” Everyone was silent. He shrugged. “So, there it is.”

1,716 2
39 Whatever you say can't get you out of this

He was just three stairs from the top, when his bedroom door started to open. He pulled out his wand and had a hex on the tip of his tongue. "Ahhh!” Pete jumped back. “What are you doing?”

Blaise frowned. “Me? This is my place. What are you doing?”

1,014 4
40 Pete a Deux

Blaise crossed to him. “Pete, please. I feel horrible. What can I do?”
Pete saw an opportunity and said, “Just stand still.”
“Wha-“ Pete pressed his lips to Blaise’s quickly.
Blaise backed away. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing. You’re making it up to me.”

757 2
41 Let's Do This Right

And Blaise knew he had found what he needed. He would always feel those feelings for Pete in the back of his mind, but his feelings for Hermione would always pull through. Though it may take a while, he hoped Pete could forgive him. He pulled away and looked softly into Hermione’s eyes.

623 5


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