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Harry, Ron, Hermione
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, General, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-02-15 7:57pm
Last Chapter
2012-01-15 9:44pm
Last Updated
2012-01-15 9:44pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Normal Day, for an Abnormal Person.

Anything HP is JKR's, anything else is mine! :)

7,096 7
2 An Early Return

Everything borrowed from JKR's Harry Potter universe is hers... everything else... is mine! Or if you can think of any other standard disclaimer, that'll do too... ;)

8,051 4
3 Emotions and Surprises

I own nothing that JK Rowling does. (Or any other copyrighted material... ::sigh:: someday if I get published... ::gets all misty eyed whilst fantasizing:: ...)

10,246 1
4 Tidying Rooms

Insert Disclaimer Here....

8,795 2
5 Enter: Hermione

If I was in a position to make any money from this, would I really be posting it free of charge? :P I don't own HP, etc, etc, etc.

11,631 1
6 Trials...

I wish I owned these characters, and this Universe... Unfortunately, JKR does instead...

10,129 2
7 Tribulations...

You know the drill - a disclaimer here. (I don't believe in summarising chapters).

10,844 2
8 ... and Their Immediate Aftermath

insert previous disclaimer here...

11,119 2
9 The Birthday Present.

Insert disclaimer...

10,992 2
10 Padfoot and Prongs

(If you are wondering why I keep putting disclaimers here, rather than anything else, it's because I don't believe in chapter summaries, and you have to put something here)

12,385 3
11 The Gruesome Twosome

I'm back. Been househunting without a chance to update until now. As always, I own ... well... everything except the stuff I don't.

9,847 3
12 Professor Aravenne

You know the disclaimer drill.

11,522 3
13 Darkness and Light

disclaimer: insert

13,667 2
14 The Man in the Mask

I own nothing that is someone else's

10,570 2
15 Good News, Bad News

Like the last 14 chapters, anything written here is owned by their respective owners. Including, I guess, my stuff.

11,641 2
16 The Essence of Karma

Usual Disclaimer... And no! I'm not going to give you a summary of the chapter, so nyeh!

12,879 2
17 Heroes, Healers, and Halloween


10,392 2
18 Question and Answer Sessions

Everything that is original is mine; everything that isn't original is someone elses.

14,460 2
19 The Scrivenings of Slytherin

I have nothing to declare except my... Nope, don't own that quote either.

11,155 2
20 A Question of Trust


14,652 2
21 The Grace of Merlin

Insert favourite disclaimer...

10,781 2
22 Christmas Presents

Pah! I'm sick of writing different disclaimers here. If anyone thinks I'm trying to lay claim to JKRs property then they are crazy! :P

8,802 4
23 Duelling Partners

Guess what? No Chapter summary, only a disclaimer! =D

11,311 2
24 Friends and Foes

Disclaimer... Yeah...

10,063 3
25 Explosive Situations

Bah - tired of finding new ways to say the same old things... Disclaimer goes here!

14,153 3
26 Death

A chapter in which nothing is revealed in the summary, except for the fact that I own nothing I didn't create.

14,786 4
27 Reports

I own nothing HP related.

12,745 5
28 Tête-à-têtes

I'm getting bored of writing different disclaimers...

11,242 3
29 Changes of Perspective


I own nothing anyone else does...



12,868 3
30 Tangled Knots

What is this space for?

12,969 4
31 Discoveries

Can I borrow a good disclaimer please, and steal it for my own?

10,692 5
32 The Drawing of Lines

See above.

11,245 5
33 Manipulation

Summary? Pah! Chapter Summaries are for wusses! :P

9,362 3
34 Preparations

One of these days I might surprise you and actually put a summary in this space. Today is not one of those days however.

8,314 11
35 Disaster

See just how long it has taken me to think of something to write in here? This is the reason for the length of time in between updates!

(Disclaimer: the above may not be one hundred percent truth.)

11,960 1
36 d3 x c2+

A chapter summary in which I again state that I dislike the idea of chapter summaries.

15,164 1
37 En Passent

This is the first half of chapter 37. Character limits prevent me putting the entire chapter up in one lot.

So... not my fault... sorry. =/

9,496 0
38 Chapter 37: Continued.

The second half of Chapter 37. Damn, the numbers of the chapter titles are going to be be messed up now, aren't they?

11,972 3
39 An Unexpected Power

The entirety of Chapter 38 is either my intellectual property, or someone else's. Just so you know.

14,139 1
40 Awakenings

You may have noticed my story is now rated mature. That was because of a single line in the previous chapter which a validator told me counted as 'referring to child abuse'. Just so you know: this hasn't suddenly morphed into something completely different - don't expect graphic nudity or something!

13,751 3
41 Demons

A chapter in which I suddenly realise that I won't be writing many more disclaimers in the Summary space. The pages are starting to flick ever closer to the rear cover...

11,170 1
42 Epilogue

The people and places that have been contained in this work are fictional, and any similarities to actual Muggles, Witches and Wizards, Dementors, Centaurs or House-Elves are purely coincidental. J.K. Rowling is the creator and copyright holder of the Harry Potter World, I've just played around in it a little! Hope you've enjoyed reading it - I have certainly enjoyed writing it!

1,902 5


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