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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Narcissa, Krum, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Krum, Ron/Lavender
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2007-02-14 1:28am
Last Chapter
2008-11-26 11:31am
Last Updated
2008-11-26 11:31am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

He didn't want people to hate him, he wanted to be respected, was that so hard to everyone to accept. Draco knew he had changed in some way, whether it be good or bad, he had changed.

1,554 35
2 Memories of the Past

It was never a win win situation anymore for him. He didn't think it ever was.

3,539 19
3 The Dinner Party

Draco had to mingle with the other adults his wife had invited. He hardly knew any of them, he wondered when Pansy had all the time in the world to meet these people when she didn't even have the time to eat dinner with her family.

6,005 31
4 Diagon Alley

Without another minute to loose, the front door opened and Draco Malfoy walked into the Manor!
''Sorry Jade, one of my employees needed me on a certain broom requirement, and I tried excusing myself from him, but he wouldn't stop talking.'' said Draco to Jade.
''It's okay Dad, I understand, stuff like that happens.''
''Draco where were you, Jade had been worried about you! Did you not tell her that you'd be here half an hour ago, and you expect that you can come home anytime you feel like that, leaving me to watch Jade.'' drawled Pansy, with a little bit of anger.

5,138 12
5 Can We Go?

"This isn't over Draco, our daughter can take her stupid dance lessons, but it doesn't mean I'm going to watch her make a fool of herself in front of everyone. If this gets out! Our family name will be ruined and I will have none of that!" said Pansy after careful consideration before returning to the kitchen.

2,589 19
6 Meeting The Teacher

"My mother, a fashion designer, my father a business man of his own company. Now one would think that my life is perfect. But is it really? I mean all those smiles and laughs that are shown, what are they really? Well I'll tell you, their lies, all lies."
She was their teacher, they couldn't believe it.

4,049 18
7 A Dance Lesson

Jade was perplexed for she couldn't believe that this was happening to her. She felt freedom, something she never thought possible. Her broken family was forgotten and all that was left was Laura and this dance class.

3,033 16
8 Interruption

They resurfaced every night, but they weren't just nightmares they were her memories. She couldn't believe that it had to have it happen to her of all people. The thing was she never even found out who the hooded figure was.

3,690 22
9 Interlude: Her Life

^ same as above chapter!

1,903 14
10 Now I Smile

Draco also noticed the change in Jade ever since she'd been going to those dance lessons. She's had a smile on her face when she came back to the Manor. Which he hadn't seen for a couple of years. Sure she loved going to school but he had never seen her this happy before...

5,246 28
11 The Engagement

She hadn't expected this, she didn't think she could have imagined anything more perfect. Here she was with her boyfriend of two years, in a beautiful restaurant and was being proposed too, what more could a girl ask for?

3,481 33
12 Arguments

"And why couldn't you love me?" Pansy asked with curiosity.
"I can't love someone who doesn't care about their own daughter. You don't care about her, and you don't love her, the only person you love is yourself. Your selfish Pansy. This not the life I chose to live, Jade is the only good thing out of this marriage yet you don't seem to get that. Your in your own world, too far behind to understand."

4,107 27
13 Meeting Again!

Draco was about to answer the door when Pansy had opened it, he heard her gasp. He wondered who could possibly be at the door and if it wasn't an auror than he didn't have a clue. But then he heard her say something and that name was definitely familiar.


8,461 41
14 Suspicious

She had never asked him about it, or why he had it. He had told her he placed his scheduled Quidditch games on it. 'But why would he forget it then?' Hermione thought. She wasn't trying to be nosy or anything but Viktor hardly ever talked to her anymore and she wanted to know what was going on.

4,394 36
15 Trouble, or Not.

She wasn’t asking for sympathy, but they had asked and for some odd reason she felt like she could trust them.

1,500 41
16 Dance Benefit

The perfect idea, and it didn't have to take long. A Dance Benefit, seemed to be the only way.

2,766 40
17 Divorce & Unintentional Accidents

Before he could fully comprehend what was going on, the lights turned a flashy red, and he blacked out.

3,622 25
18 Muggle Homes & Conversations

“Listen, in order for us to get along, don’t you think we should start calling each other by our first names, it’s the least you could do, you know!” Hermione said.
“Fine! Hermione, now can you tell me where we’re going?”

2,261 33
19 It's Not Over!

"It wasn't over for me, ...."

3,192 44
20 Custody Trials

“I’m sorry.” This was the first and last apology they’d ever hear from her.

4,062 36
21 Alternate Dreams, Drifting Memories

This is our last night together, and once tonight is over, you know we’re never going to see each other again. I’m sorry we never got our chance.”

6,172 44
22 You're So Heartless

She put the kettle on so she could have a nice cup of tea to drink to relax her nerves that’s when she noticed her pager buzzing on the countertop.

3,438 28
23 Reunion Of Some Sort

She was to leave the room and never come back, but then she wasn’t able to move. A hand had grabbed her wrist and she turned to face the person slowly.

“Hermione? Is that really you?”

4,232 31
24 Content: There's No Turning Back Now

20 minutes, 56 seconds and she’d be walking down the aisle.

4,681 52
25 The Curse; Stronger than Amortentia

"What if...what if Hermione doesn’t make it Draco? What will you do then? Are you going to keep blaming yourself that you didn’t come to the wedding, that you could have stopped Krum? That you married Pansy instead of Hermione? When is it going to get through your head that she needs you, and you need her!”

2,987 45
26 Her Choice

“Yes, quite frankly it happens to depend on the patient. Whether or not she wants to fight the dreams or let them keep coming through and into her mind.”
“So basically we’ll never know.”
“Yes, Mr. Potter, I’m sorry.” The healer went around the corner, and entered Hermione’s room.

3,526 21
27 Anonymous Letters

How could she assume that he wouldn’t love her anymore? How could she have moved on so quickly? Was it still too late for her happy ending?

3,638 31
28 Can You Ever Forgive Me?

“None of us are going to be able to get her to come back. Not I, nor Ron or even Zabini. Malfoy you’re our only hope. I know that if you convince her stay she’ll listen to you.”

6,221 32
29 Falling In Love Was Once A Tragedy

He wasn’t about to let his daughter down one last time, he’d broken promises before and he told himself that this would be the last time. After all the heartbreak he’d been through, he decided he needed his own happiness.

3,776 0
30 Decisions

“I’m home!” The familiar voice carried out throughout the flat, and the silence that was left was gone in an instant was filled with joyous laughter, and Hermione was still stuck in a dilema in which she had to make a decision about what she wanted for once and for all.

2,967 0
31 Pansy Parkinson

They didn’t know what to write, what to say. A loving mother? She hadn’t paid an ounce of care or heart towards her daughter within the past 10 years. A good friend? She was respected, but to call her a friend, a best friend, it was almost unthinkable. A wonderful daughter? Her parents weren’t alive to see her grow, to have her own family, what was the point? Instead they left it blank, and that was fine with her. Her shimmering figure as she watched her daughter and her ex-husband look towards her, at least she knew she wouldn’t be forgotten.

6,289 2
32 Meeting The Family

Draco glanced briefly at the pair; Hermione was too kind for her own good sometimes. He glanced around at the Burrow, he been here only once before briefly. He knew in the past he’d always made fun of this place, the poorest of the poor only could live here. But it didn’t matter; it was a loving family who wouldn’t have cared one bit if they had lost everything as long as they had each other.

6,567 9
33 Do You Believe In Magic?

“I’m a murderer Hermione, why don’t you see that?”

3,380 27


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