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Crabbe Jr., Seamus, Goyle Jr., Luna, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-01-31 11:13am
Last Chapter
2007-06-22 3:58am
Last Updated
2007-10-08 2:43am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 How i fell for him, literally.

The red Hogwarts express was waiting right beside me like a symbol of the year to come and I enjoyed the whole atmosphere on the platform. Then just as I finally found Katrina, somebody ran into me pushing me over and spreading all my stuff onto the platform.

1,357 26
2 Shields against Cupid

My eyes soon found Malfoy sitting between his two brain-dead companions. He looked kind of nice sitting there all quietly. He looked thoughtful like he had more important things on his mind than the history of unicorns. Mentally he clearly wasn’t in this room, which was probably a good thing, he might have found it a bit peculiar me staring at him like I did. Apparently intelligent people didn’t have an automatically shield against Cupid. It would have made things a lot easier had I had one.

1,280 11
3 Me + Detention = WHAT!?

“Everybody: Dianna just got detention!” she cried loud enough for the whole room to hear her. Every head in there turned to look at us and started clapping. I wanted to murder Charlie. It wasn’t that big that I got detention, it could happen to anyone.
Except it didn’t.
It happened to me!

1,253 10
4 Overreacting

“You are aware of the fact that you are completely overreacting, right?” Katrina asked standing next to my bed watching me flip through the pages of a huge book full of nasty spells with a possessed look on my face.

1,328 8
5 A new side of the ferret

Maybe I looked like I was sorting my notes but really I was just waiting for Malfoy to enter the library to see if my spell had worked, not that I questioned that it would. Malfoy usually came around an hour before dinnertime to make his homework.
When someone behind me gasped I knew he had just stepped inside.

1,350 10
6 Mr. Pink-Ferret

The sight of the tree of them sitting without Malfoy made me set my next plan in action.
No I didn’t intend to humiliate him again! 
I’m on the good side you know. I just wanted to leave him a little note.

1,516 2
7 I know who you are

After this I decided it was probably best to avoid Malfoy for at while.
Okay, maybe not exactly decided more like freaked out and hid every time he was near me. BUT I did it for his own sake, it would be terribly awkward for him to meet me again.

2,667 4
8 Very Odd

The last Hogsmeade weekend in November was a crowded affair. Apparently everyone wanted to go to Hogsmeade to see the beginning of the Christmas decorations and the little booths selling all kinds of strange things, candy and gingerbread hearts.

1,560 15
9 Divide Nota

You seem to have found a great liking in pink lately, I wrote and folded the parchment into a swan with a bit of dexterity. It flew over and landed on Draco’s hand.
Hold on.
Wait a minute.
When did Malfoy become Draco?

1,577 13
10 Chaos Theory

“This year we are introducing something new here at Hogwarts,” Dumbledore said that morning, “During December all years are going to get a secret Christmas friend. This happens by a lot, and you can draw a person from any house to be Christmas friends towards. Then you have to give that person little presents and maybe do a little prank with them. But nothing harmful. Then before we go home for the holiday, you all reveal yourself to your new friend.”

2,469 10
11 Little useful spells

My own Christmas friends had been a little quiet after giving me the tree; maybe she too had a hard time figuring out what to do next.
I figured out it had to be a she, I didn’t know exactly why, but it was my female intuition telling me that such a great work could only be made by a female (or maybe by Ian)

1,681 8
12 The night was made for sleeping

When I woke the kitchen was dark and unbelievably quiet. I swear you could have heard a needle to falling to the floor. But I’m not really the type of person to throw needles, so…

1,291 11
13 Waking up again

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the warmness on one side and the coldness on my other side. There was quite a difference. Then I noticed that fact that I wasn’t exactly lying down, more like halfway sitting and my duvet wasn’t there.

1,293 11
14 Christmas Morning

My bed creaked and moved back and forth as someone jumped on it. Loudly a voice was singing We wish you a merry Christmas. I knew that if I opened my eyes I would se a widely smiling Charlie jump up and down not trying very hard to avoid jumping on my legs.

1,718 9
15 Dare to live

I knew that Charlie and Katrina would both look amazing tonight and I wanted to match or possibly outshine them. Normally I’m not that interested in how I look but tonight I had decided that I needed to do a little extra.

1,375 13
16 Epilouge

For a second we stood together in the door Draco and I seeking the courage to enter but hearing footsteps behind us made us proceed. Never in my life has the way from the door to our table been longer than that night.

1,136 51


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