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    Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    OC/OC, Sirius/OC
    Drama, Fluff, Romance
    Strong Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2007-01-23 9:09pm
    Last Chapter
    2007-12-18 8:29pm
    Last Updated
    2008-04-27 7:23pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Still Quarrelsome

    You'll fall for me.

    1,243 41
    2 Chapter Two: Lovesick

    So Lily is a bit upset about what James said. It takes him a minute to understand that.

    2,116 29
    3 Chapter Three: Exams

    Just people taking their finals...

    928 18
    4 Chapter Four: Getting Ready

    This isn't terribly informative. I almost decided to add chapter five to this, but I decided not to skew the whole thing.

    1,111 11
    5 Chapter Five: Hogsmeade

    The two groups meet in Hogsmeade...and things get a bit messy.

    1,304 16
    6 Chapter Six: Summertime

    So the summer has started and Lily is determined to have a good one, while James is determined to figure out how to please Lily.

    1,853 16
    7 Chapter Seven: Reunion

    Lily and James are head boy and girl. They meet up on the train and James gets a chance to show off his new composure skills.

    1,014 14
    8 Chapter Eight: A New Leaf

    James and Lily have to start sorting through their problems. Here is the first step.
    He nodded, still absorbed in his book, but when she stood up he suddenly spoke, “I got a proposition for you…”

    1,410 12
    9 Chapter Nine: School has started

    The gang has officially started school again with classes...and homework. Lily and James are acting more civil towards each other. Surprising, huh?

    1,542 13
    10 Chapter Ten: Crushed Hopes

    Just when everything seems alright...James forgets himself and makes a stupid decision.

    912 22
    11 Chapter Eleven: A night of adventures

    When James appologizes to Lily he knows that there will a lot of adventure taking place that night.

    2,598 18
    12 Chapter Twelve: The "truth"

    Last time we saw James, he was plastered to the wall like a sardine. Will he get out or will he be humiliated by the whole school? And if he does get out, what will he do to Snape?

    3,455 20
    13 Chapter Thirteen: A Talk

    Let's take a break from Lily and James and focus on another character in this story.
    She pulled it off the shelf and looked at the space where it had been and noticed that she could see all the way though to what was on the other side of the shelf.

    Sirius sat at a table secluded in the corner.

    1,961 19
    14 Chapter Fourteen: Regulus is cornered.

    Sirius decides to have a chat with his dear brother...

    1,161 22
    15 Chapter Fifteen: Quidditch...Among Other Things

    It's Saturday and the first quidditch match of the season. Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. Typical, huh?
    But the afterparty is what makes this chapter interesting.

    Lily turned to him, “It seems everybody is pairing off tonight.”

    James smiled and put his arm around her shoulders, “Yeah. Pretty soon only you and me’ll be left. Then who are you going to pair off with?”

    2,619 30
    16 Chapter Sixteen: Christmas Surprises.

    James and Lily both get a few unexpected surprises for Christmas. Very unexpected.

    She rose from her chair and started towards the door. James started after her to walk her out. He stumbled over the box of joke products Sirius gave him, threw out his arms and braced himself against the wall, one on either side of Lily.

    1,673 41
    17 Chapter Seventeen: Novel Writing

    “So, we finally have the ending to this everlasting love story. Seven years of catching an episode here and there…and now it’s over…” said Sarah with a sigh.

    “Nah,” said Emma, “It’s just the beginning. Now the episodes will come closer together. The ending’s still far off…”

    “Writing a novel on my life?” asked Lily, grinning.

    ‘But of course,” laughed Sarah, “Who wouldn’t want to know the story of James Potter and Lily Evan?”

    1,481 30
    18 Chapter Eighteen: A day in Hogsmeade

    The group gets back from holiday and spends a day in Hogsmeade. Part way through Sirius gets a bit distracted.

    Sirius looked out the frosty window and saw Regulus scurry by, his hand deep in his pockets and his chin tucked down to his chest to battle the increasing wind outside.

    He started to follow, but then looked back to the table his friends occupied. He watched as Lily and Lana threw back their head and laughed at something Emma had said. They wouldn’t miss him.

    1,700 32
    19 Chapter Nineteen: The Slytherins Hatch a Plan

    The Slytherins have been entitled a task from their master.

    Snape lowered his voice, “You are all familiar with the story of the foundation of this school…”

    2,596 10
    20 Chapter Twenty: Werewolves and Red-Legged Tree Frogs

    Lily sat down next to him, “You’re a really good friend James.”

    He put down his book and looked at her, “You know, I thought we’d advanced at least a LITTLE past friends. I mean if that’s all you consider us then that would make these last few months a bit awkward…”

    1,150 17
    21 Chapter Twenty-One: Freak Dancing

    He danced by Vernon so long that he eventually started nodding his head very subtly to the music.
    ‘There we go!” James shouted. He moved onto the next group of people as Sirius also started jumping around, trying to get people to dance.
    As James was trying to get a man to move  his arms, he saw Sirius trying to teach another person how to freak dance. They caught each other’s eye and started laughing. 

    2,781 27
    22 Chapter Twenty-Two: Petunia's Wedding

    He grinned at her, “Can I ask you something?”

    “If it has anything more to do with last night then I will murder you in your sleep.”

    “No you won’t. The sight of me sleeping will be too much to handle. My sexy frame will drive you mad…”

    “God, shut UP! Just ask the question.”

    1,703 29
    23 Chapter Twenty-Three: Petunia's Reception...among other things.

    A few arguments break out...

    “Oh please,” shouted Petunia, laughing sardonically. “You enjoyed every minute of them fawning over you when you came back over the summer. Don’t try and deny it!”

    “That’s not TRUE!” screamed Lily.

    No less than six of the wine glasses sitting on the next table exploded, sending shards of clear glass flying in every direction.

    "How did you do that?” came a voice from the doorway.

    3,117 24
    24 Extraordinary

    James takes a detour to...well, you guys will have to read to find out. Yes, I'm horrible. Anyways, here's the portion I cut out for you.

    “Do you know where we are?”


    “Are you going to tell me?”


    Lily waited a couple seconds. “Then why aren’t you telling me?”

    “You haven’t asked the question yet.”

    “Okay…James, where are we?”

    1,165 21
    25 Maybe Love

    Here's to an entire Sirius and Emma chapter!!

    With a silent scream of frustration she threw off her blankets and sprung out of bed. She pulled a jacket on over her tank top and strode over to the window, intending to throttle whatever was making that accursed noise.

    Emma froze.

    Sirius’ face was grinning at her.

    1,470 17
    26 Howlers

    James and Lily visit Albus Dumbledore for information about the Order. Afterwords the notorious Marauders play another prank.
    You have to remember, Mr. Potter, that it is one thing to want the glory of being in the Order, but another thing completely to realize what it means to serve and fight. We do not look at grades because test scores do not matter. What matters is the amount of courage and bravery one has. Would you be willing to sacrifice your life for the one you love? "

    1,320 22
    27 A dirty, lousy, cheating quidditch game

    Just as the title says...but James has a few tricks up his sleeve. But the question is, will they work?

    “What are we going to do?” asked Mark, “There’s no way we can win. A confounds charm doesn’t wear off for a few hours.”

    “Yes there is! We can still win,” said James, pacing up and down in front of his team. “Listen, we are going to attempt something that has never been done in Hogwarts history....”

    2,029 30
    28 A Visit to Headquarters

    I think a visit to Order headquarters is in order...no pun intended.

    “You promised us recruits, Dumbledore,” growled a man with grizzly gray hair, “Instead you bring us a group of teenagers.”

    1,473 19
    29 Newts...and graduation memories.

    “Funny enough,” continued Sirius, “I remembered your saucy tongue that day Miss Evans.”

    “Oh yeah? How nice of you to say so.”

    “Mhmm. I remember that day because Jamsie here asked you out.”

    “Honestly Sirius,” laughed Lily, “There were so many of those that it’s hard to keep track.”

    2,409 19
    30 Graduation Ball Rumors

    Sirius pulled Emma forward and spun her around a few times.

    “Everyone’ll know that we’re together,” he informed them, “Emma’s red dress matches my tie.” He flipped up his collar and tossed his hair out of his eyes, “Our outfits are matching.”

    “Good for you Sirius,” said Lily sarcastically, “You’ve finally learned your colours.”

    1,733 13
    31 The Graduation Ball+Marauders=tons of dancing

    They walked back to their dormitory and took one last look around the castle.

    He gave her a long goodnight kiss. Then he pulled away, took a deep breath and said, “Lily Evans…”

    “Yes James Potter?”

    1,910 28
    32 Blood Brothers

    James stared at him, flabbergasted. “You just came through my floor!”

    1,288 30
    33 James and Lily Sitting in a Tree...

    Everyone screeched to a halt. It wasn’t premeditated. It had just popped out...well, more like screamed out.

    In front of them Sarah and Nathan wheeled around, their eyes wide. They stood rooted at the spot, watching for the reaction. 

    Behind them, Sirius, Emma, and Remus also stopped dead in their tracks. They had been talking and laughing. Now they were staring, a smile starting to appear on their faces.

    1,622 44
    34 Settling

    “Ah, it seems like it was just yesterday that you were hating him…”

    1,429 21
    35 The First

    “Let’s go. Oh, and try not to die.” He walked into the building.

    “I’ll keep that in mind,” Sirius called after him.

    2,092 42
    36 Guilt

    "The thing you learn in this business, is that not everyone can be saved."

    2,316 32
    37 Sirius Goes Home

    “Do not call me that. I am not your mother anymore. Orion and I do not raise out children to be blood-traitors.”

    Sirius laughed, but with little humor. “Well Mum, It looks like you and Dad failed at that…because look at me, Blood-traitor to the bone, aren’t I?”

    2,955 39
    38 Tongue Exercises

    “I don’t care. I’m not going to let you boys single-handedly destroy the bakery.”

    “Well,” said Sirius. “There are three of us…that’s six hands.”

    “Wow…you know math too. That’s a shocker.”

    1,609 36
    39 The Receptionist

    James dragged Sirius down the hall. “We’ve been here five minutes and you’ve already got women falling at you feet.”

    “It’s my stunning charm.”

    2,557 37
    40 Funeral Arrangements

    “James!” cried Lily, forcing him and Sirius apart. “You promised—,”

    “I had my fingers crossed.”

    3,158 35
    41 An Eyelash Curler

    “So what do you say?”

    “I say that we’re both going to hell.”

    “Does that bother you?”

    Sirius tipped his chair back on two legs. “Nope.”

    1,992 38
    42 Foam Party

    Sirius grinned wolfishly. “It does the coolest thing when you squeeze it.”

    2,420 37
    43 Return

    The elderly lady gave him a level look. “Look Hun, you’ve got a gorgeous tush, but you’re not my type.”

    2,423 45
    44 Emma's Tale

    “But you love him, don’t you?”

    2,341 29
    45 Wedding Bells

    Sirius twiddled his thumbs and asked innocently, “Well, what exactly were you PLANNING when you proposed to her? To go and join a convent?”

    3,196 39
    46 Some Say The Number Three Is Unlucky

    “Harold sounds like a teddy bear!”

    2,716 44
    47 Three More

    Lily shook her head and whispered. “You can be sure Moody’ll make the first move. And believe me, he’s got one hell of a war cry.”

    2,603 35
    48 The Magic of the Muggle Athletic Cup

    James’ groin had paid heavy consequences during the period when Lily had hated him.

    2,380 37
    49 The Rain Dance

    Emma instantly sobered up. She hadn’t been expecting that. “You were going to break up with me?”

    3,250 33
    50 Harry James Potter

    “You put the fate of our baby in SIRIUS BLACK?”

    3,836 36
    51 The Last

    It seemed that Bellatrix’s curse had found a target.

    4,301 38
    52 Voldemort's Choice

    “I married you!” he said suddenly.

    2,500 39
    53 And Then There Was One

    There comes a time when we cannot turn back.

    2,347 50
    54 Imprisonment

    Some say that revenge is sweet.
    But is it really?

    4,574 112


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