Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Ginny
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
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First Published
2007-01-21 12:39:13
Last Published Chapters
2007-07-18 15:18:47
Last Updated
2007-07-18 15:18:47
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 At the Begining

See Story Summary. Hermione reflects on the pst days events, and Ron seems to notuce something's not right. Read and REVIEW people. Chapter Two should be up soon...

1419 4
2 A wand+depression= bad things

Hermione is still plagued by the voice in her head, and decides that she wants to try to end it all. But what happens when Ron catches her? And what confessioncomes out that could change everything? Read and review and then you'll know, (P.S. there's a cliffie at the end an if you don't review then I won'tcontinue it! Hahahahahah don't you love black mail?)

1066 6
3 Kisses, Lies, Photos and Letters.

How does Hermione react to Ron's confession? How does Ron react to  Hermione's reaction? Not to mention how Hermione reacts to her own reaction? What's going on with Harry and Ginny? Is Ron okay? You'll get all thwese answers and more if you just read and reveiw!

2634 6
4 As The Storm Rolls In...

Hermione remains in the woods as Ron goes mental. Search parties are out looking for Hermione, and Harry and GInny are hurting badky about there frineds. But the come up with an idea that could help snap Ron out of it...the only problem is that there is a possibiliy of it back firing and they have to decide. Is it a risk that they're willing to take?

2907 6
5 Chapter 5...

Hary and Ginny decide what should be said to Ron and how they should handle breaking the news to his not quite there self that Hermione's gone and Mrs. Weasley reflects on her children and there present situation.

1883 4
6 Of Medi-Wizards and Ministry Officials

Ministry officials come to give the Weasley's bad news and Harry and Ginny find out that maybe they shouldn't have said anything to an oblivious Ron...but are they right? Read and review PLEASE!!!

1410 2
7 Battles and Photos

The Medi-Wizard tells Molly and Arthur what hapenped to ROn, and the battle is underway. Plus, Tonks uses her metamorphugus and Sirius's death is avenged.

1594 2
8 Only one thing's missing...

They use Veritesurium, the Medi-Wizards make there last visit and ROn's side of the story comes out.

1709 3
9 Search Parties

Will Hermione be found or will they give up the search? And why is Ron really sleeping on the couch?

1093 9
10 A Long Morning

They may have found Hermione but she's in a terrible condition.

1844 7
11 Of Songs and Staying Awake

Ron stays by Hermione's bed.

1465 7


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