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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Bellatrix, Lucius, Voldemort, Cho, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Ron/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-01-20 12:22pm
Last Chapter
2007-08-10 3:21pm
Last Updated
2007-08-10 3:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One: Confrontations

Harry expresses his love for Hermione, is confronted by the dark side, and is aided by two mysterious wizards.

3,259 26
2 Heartbreak at the Burrow

Let the games begin! Harry obtains knowledge of what happened the night he faced the dark side and who he truely is. Ginny and Hermione begin their struggle to win Harry' affection, leaving Ron in the cold.

2,382 12
3 Chapter Three: Friend Becomes Foe?

Old friends make a surprise visit at the Burrow to play some good old-fashioned Quidditich. However, Ron has a hidden agenda and winds up nearly killing himself. When this is all over, Ron makes a confession that will change Harry's life, and Harry makes a confession that will change everyone's lives forever.

3,167 14
4 Chapter Four: The Bond of Love, The Disturbing News, and The Training

Finally, the H/Hr you've been waiting for!!Ron comes to terms with his relationship with Hermione. Harry begins his training with Aragorn and recieves very distubing news from Legolas. Hermione has had enough of Harry pushing her away, and takes matters into her own hands. Let's watch!

2,437 15
5 Chapter Five:Terror at Diagon Alley

Harry's first feat is finally here! More Mysteries begin to unfold as Hermione finds herself mysteriously bonded to Harry. Terror strikes the nearly vacant Diagon Alley, as Harry puts everything that he learned so far to the test, and the Weasely teens show the Death Eaters that they are not to be messed with.

1,843 22
6 Chapter Six:Ginny's Deception

On the day of the first day of school, Harry already encounters trouble. Cho wants to continue her relationship with Harry, and is determined to knock Hermione out of the picture. Malfoy and the Slytherins taunts Harry, but will be in for a rude awakening as Pansy looks on, begininng to show signs of slowly breaking away from the Slytherins. Ginny finally puts her plan to action and goes to the extreme by telling Harry to hurt the one person she hates-Hermione. Legolas, Aragorn, and Dumbledore reveal their plans for the trio this year.
**thanx to rosie rocks for the banner!

4,024 20
7 Chapter Seven: Snape vs. Potter

Ever since Harry had stepped foot in Hogwarts, Snape had made it his duty to make his life a living hell. He wanted to get James back for always making a fool of him, and what better way to get revenge then getting it on James' only son. Harry had always been pushed by Snape and was forced to take every blow. But when Snape goes too far, Harry will unleash his fury. But Snape has his own fury to unleash.

3,346 23
8 Chapter 8 : The Archer and the Swordsmen

Aragorn and Legolas take the trio to an unchartered location to begin their training. Ron and Hermione are given weapons, and Legolas tells Hermione and Ron of his apprentice. Dumbledore tells Harry to rebuild the League of The Phoenix with Harry himself as the leader, and also gives Harry a priceless item that belonged to his father to help him with his journey.Read and Review.

4,569 22
9 Chapter Nine: The Death Match

Voldemort pulls the ultimate trick right under Dumbledore's nose. Harry faces the greatest Quidditch game of his life. A match so great and dangerous, that he calls upon the help of some old friends to help him win. But is the match really a match?

3,456 11
10 Chapter Ten: The Animagus Within

The aftermath of the Death Match.Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally achieve their animagus forms, while Cho continues her plan to get Harry. Harry gets in contact with his ancestor, Gryffindor himself, and events lead to the unveiling of the first recruit of the League of the Phoenix.

5,221 12
11 Chapter Eleven: Bart Allen

Harry Potter's first recruit for the League of the Phoenix. This action packed chapter will pull it's focus away from Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and into the life of young Bart Allen. Be prepared, as you will go centuries back into one of Merlin's adventures, and into Bart Allen's first adventure.

4,168 16
12 Chapter Twelve: The Inhibition Potion

Cho puts her part one of her plan into motion with devastating results, turning Harry and Ron against each other and endangering their lives. Harry asks Bart to join the League of the Phoenix, and recieves a surprising answer.

3,844 15
13 Chapter Thirteen: Arthur Curry

In order to save the second recruit of the League of the Phoenix, Harry, Ron, and Bart leave Europe and the walls of Hogwarts without Dumbledore's knowledge. But once the three leaves, chaos strikes, leaving Voldemort with the upper hand.

3,972 14
14 Chapter Fourteen:The Rescue and the Warning

Harry and the League of the Phoenix have disagreements with Dumbledore and the Order. Going against Dumbledore's orders, Harry and the league set out to rescue Hermione, Ginny and Cho from the Dark Side. Voldemort pulls another scheme under Dumbledore's nose, resulting in a private meeting between Godric Gryffindor, Harry, Aragorn, and Legolas. The great wizard gives them a life-altering warning, before telling Harry to leave the confines of Hogwarts.

3,786 17
15 Chapter Fifteen: The Crusaders of Hogwarts

The Founders of Hogwarts push Harry's power past his limits. In this long action-packed chapter, the founders sets Harry and Jasper through four tasks. Each one more deadly than the first. Is Harry worthy enough to succeed? In the meantime, during Harry's absence, Aragorn and Legolas train the starting league members, but are encountered with a startling surprise that will bring the League of the Pheonix up to a whole new level of power and cleverness.

6,982 22
16 Chapter Sixteen: Discoveries

For his plan to run smoothly, Voldemort seeks to have Harry, Ron, Neville, A.C., and Bart arrested for destroying the Riddle Mansion. But with the help of A.C. and Neville, the boys were able to escape Hogwarts, much to Dumbledore's dismay. Going back to North America, A.C.'s father introduces the boys to his boss who gives them two life-altering discoveries that will forever change the wizarding world.

7,098 28
17 Chapter Seventeen: The Clash of Two Worlds

Voldemort begins Phase 1 of Project Ares by spreading chaos and tragedy in the muggle world which will leads the muggles into a startling revelation, and the rise of a world war. Harry, Oliver, Ron, Bart, Nevillle and A.C. are caught in the crossfires, fighting for their lives. Dumbledore is left defenseless, giving Voldemort the ultimate opportunity to strike his enemy where it hurts most...Hogwarts.

5,416 17
18 Chapter Eighteen: Ares

Harry and the boys return to Hogsmeade to find something disturbing. One of the Dark Side's warlords is sent by Voldemort to kill Harry... or was he? With the surprise return of two of Hogwarts favorite professors, Harry and Dumbledore join forces to protect Hogwarts while Aragorn, Legolas and the Green Arrow infiltrate the Ministry of Magic.

6,429 17
19 Chapter Nineteen: An Order Divided

Voldemort strikes and kills the heart of Hogwarts, while plunging everyone into complete darkness.

6,809 16
20 Chapter Twenty: Through the Darkness

The final chapter of part 1 of Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix.

1,456 31


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