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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Sirius, Lily, James, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Other Pairing
    General, Action/Adventure
    Mild Language, Mild Violence
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2007-01-12 3:20am
    Last Chapter
    2009-05-16 9:15pm
    Last Updated
    2009-05-16 9:15pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Chapter 1: The Burrow

    In this chapter, Harry remembers events that took place at the beginning of his journey to find the Horcruxes.  We meet several key characters in the story, and the timeline is set.

    1,382 4
    2 Chapter 2: A Special Delivery

    Harry finds out that his parents are expecting a surprise delivery

    1,035 2
    3 The Man in the Portrait

    Harry discovers who is in the portrait. They discuss what happened at the Department of Mysteries.  They discuss Priori Incantatum.

    973 2
    4 Snape’s Misfortune

    Harry learns about what really happened during and before Dmbledore's death in regards to Snape.

    1,101 2
    5 Chapter 5: Recollections

    Harry remembers what happened this last time he visited his Uncle and Aunt.

    577 2
    6 Chapter 6: An Unexpected Guest

    Lily decides that she wants to stop and visit her sister and her family on their way to the Leaky Cauldron.  Will Petunia be receptive?

    956 2
    7 Chapter 7: The Leaky Cauldron

    Harry, Lily and James meet everyone at the Leaky Cauldron, Hermione almost lets a secret slip, and Ron is disgruntled. Amid all the chatter Harry once again loses himself in his memories of the previous month.

    1,341 2
    8 Diagon Alley

    Harry visits the Weasley Twins, and has a chat with Olivander.  While at the Icecream parlor Harry has another flashback of time spent in Godric's Hollow

    2,300 2
    9 Happy Birthday, Harry

    Dobby has a surprise for the Potters, Harry has a dream that is actually a memory of 12 Grimmuald place, he wakes up on the day of his birthday, has a meeting with Dumbledore.  The group goes to the Burrow to go on Harry's surprise birthday present.

    3,945 1
    10 A Flying Great Time

    Harry enjoys his surpise birthday present.  He remembers his first battle on his mission to destroy Voldemort.  They get word to meet Dumbledore at Hogwarts.

    1,519 3
    11 Rights of Passage

    Harry makes his way into the depths of the castle to meet the Founders of Hogwarts (their Portraits anyway) with Dumbledore.  He goes through a series of trials to show he is worthy. (The italicized parts are part of the effects of the potion, not a memory)

    3,327 2
    12 The Founders

    Harry finally meets the Founders of Hogwarts.  He goes to his Birthday party

    2,729 3
    13 Flight of the Phoenix

    Harry and the other kids sit in on their first Order of the Phoenix meeting, a New order is started, Harry goes over the Founder instructions. The group heads to the Ministry of Magic

    6,407 0
    14 The Ministry of Magic

    The group head to the Ministry of Magic attempt to extract Sirius, only to discover an unwanted visitor.

    2,152 1
    15 Sirius’ Surprise

    Harry and Minerva shock the Weasley's by arriving unexpectadly at their home.  They head off the Head Quarters while Harry heads off to see Dumbledore.  Peter Pettigrew Meets with the New Dark Lord, who entrudes in his mind to find information.

    1,317 1
    16 An Enemy Revealed

    During a meeting at Grimmuald Place, one of the memebers rudely interrupts the meeting and is asked to leave.  Minerva decides to tell the others about the happenings at the Department of Mysteries, for a good reason,  Lily recounts the night of their murders in order to clear Sirius' name, and Lupin find out the truth as to why they chose Peter to be their Secret Keeper,

    2,291 1
    17 In Memory of the Veil

    In oder to find out who the intruder at the Ministry of Magic was, the Order members all visit the memory of the veil, where Harry sees who the intruder is and why he had exclaimed, "Merlin's Beard!"

    748 0
    18 Rescue Mission Impossible

    Harry tells the others that the New Dark Lord already knows about them and about Sirius, he is of course met with disbelief.  Moody and Minerva tell the group about a special rescue mission, and a new addition to Grimmuald place.  After receiving orders, the group heads out, where they are met with a disturbing surprise.

    4,030 0
    19 The New Dark Lord

    Harry finally meets the New Dark Lord.  The Order Member's barely escape from Malfoy's house.

    908 3
    20 Unfinished Business

    Harry has a meaningful conversation with Moody.  Harry aggrees to help Minerva with Draco. He also finds out who's head was in Grimmuald place.

    2,321 0
    21 The Reunion

    Harry wakes up feeling somewhat better after his long day to find Sirius had been released from quarantine.  Sirius asks Harry to do him a favor and Harry takes Sirius to go see Lupin and his parents.  Sirius wants to see his mother.  Harry remembers when Ron figured out the last Horcrux.

    2,539 0
    22 The Marauders

    Sirius talks with his mum.  Sirius takes Harry to the place where the Mauraders metwhile in school. Minerva and Moody find them.  Harry agrees to become an animagus.  Harry and the others get a shock when the twins reveal a secret

    2,548 0
    23 Draco Malfoy

    Ron finds out that Harry is the new Headboy. Minerva has a special task for harry involving Draco. Draco awakens

    5,500 2
    24 Nightmares and Dreamscapes

    Harry dreams about the Final Battle with the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort.  They learn a surprise about Draco and a piece of important information about Severus Snape

    4,184 0
    25 The Legilimens, the Occlumens and the Animagus

    Harry and other students begin taking Occlumency lessons to fortify their minds from invasion.  For exchange of Legilimans lessons, Harry agrees to let Draco learn to become animagus with him and the others.

    5,489 1
    26 Murder on the Hogwarts Express

    Harry and the other students, under the protection of the Ministry of Magic make there way to the Hogwats Express.  They are suprised by countless Aurors at the station inspecting everyone entering the platform.  Snape still somehow manages to get onto the train.

    2,382 1
    27 The Great Snape Escape

    Harry and Snape talk, Harry finds out the whole story.  Lily interrupts there discussions.  Next to the last chapter.

    2,567 1
    28 Epilogue: 12 years later

    The lives of people 12 years after the story takes place

    956 1


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