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Harry, Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-01-11 5:58pm
Last Chapter
2008-01-01 9:13pm
Last Updated
2008-01-08 10:33pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Beginnings

Well here we go ... pretty self explanatory chapter ... enjoy and review to let me know what you think it isnt too late to ammend something you dont like or something you would like tosee happen xx

4,627 9
2 Arrangements

Well here we are second chapter and considering the event which is due to come up you can take a wild shot in the dark as to what these arrangements are attatched to x

3,459 8
3 Heart to Heart

Condsidering what the girls were talking about last chapter it doesnt take a genius to guess what this chapter is about. Warning: This chapter is solely Remus and Ivy.

2,029 6
4 Till Death Do We Part

Well here it is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited lol x

5,799 10
5 Happy Families

Oh my gosh this is so fun! All of this writing is getting to my head lol ... keep reviewing, I'm afraid this is a wee shortie, but the next one isnt ... enjoy xx

1,386 7
6 Of Speeches and Silk

Okay so sixth chapter ... now this is the reception as you may have guessed ... I am afraid I hyped something which I dont beleiev to be good ... but my chapters are getting validated quicker than I can post aaarrrghhh, I might be a TA I'm not sure havent had the e-mail yet ... do enjoy, you will have to pay attention soon because there will be two endings for every chapter soon ... oh exciting xx love and hugs xx

5,574 7
7 Well Then?

So here it goes, it looks like it might be time for our duo to break their pact ... he he, and where is Ivy and Remus? Will Sirius eventually bump into that person who he has been quite clearly avoiding? Read and find out xx

3,075 12
8 Honeymoon Bliss

Well here you go another chapter, enjoy it is a little short and nothing really that improtant happens ... apart from a really interesting chat ... how could I forget lol xx

1,901 5
9 Caught In the Act ... Again ... when will they learn?

Another chappie for your perusal, once again not much will go on I'm having serious plotline block but I'm getting there with future chapters ... please enjoy and if you dont let me hear about it xx

2,594 9
10 All Grievances Aired

In this chapter a much needed discussion is had and we see a little bit of Remus/Ivy ickiness ... not quite the level of last but then again they arent like their friends. I swear it is the last in quite some time xx

4,700 12
11 Consenting Adults ... what kind of game is that?

Hey another chapter to my growing story. Not much really happens in this chapter, its self indulgent and I am aware of this fact, I'm getting better though, they will grow up soon. Lily and James head off on honeymoon and some more dialogue between the gang xx 

2,358 10
12 In St Mungos

In this chapter see ... well now that would be telling, please read and enjoy. I hate writing this bit it ruins the surprise with every chapter. From now I shall only write in here if it is a warning of sorts ... of thats okay with my readership xx

3,048 12
13 The Blackbird Foundation

Right okay, so here is a major idea I had and an ongoing storyline. The chapter is dedicated to dialougue and character intrigue. I just like people to see normal conversations ... so kill me for not being exciting, the best adventures start slowly xx

3,148 8
14 14. July the first 1979

Okay so we have jumped all the way to 1979, because to be brutally honest I couldnt think of much for Lilys pregnancy months, Also I thought it would be good and effective to show the stark difference between then and now ... things may start to split soon ... you know what I mean if you have read my story through, enjoy xx

4,057 12
15 A Natural Source

Intrigued by the chapter title? read on ...

3,507 8
16 The Aftermath

An appropriately named chapter xx

2,416 10
17 The End is Near

Re submitted and edited to fit the ever changing guidelines at this website, enjoy xx

2,656 9
18 Old Friends

A chapter which is about the strengthening of some relationships in the war time spirit and how other have deteriorated xx enjoy xx

3,428 10
19 19. Double Crossed … Triple crossed … Maybe even quadruple crossed

Well here's the big twist ... what will Ivy do??? Ooooh cant wait to read the reviews after this one ... you are either going to love it or hate it let me know either way xx

2,907 11
20 A Fresh Start

Here you go ... what is Ivy going to do next? What was that conclusion she had come to? Oooohhhhh cant wait xx

3,531 6
21 Of Treachery and Comedians

I have changed the format in this chapter, as you will come to see, instead of having two separate chapters one AU, one real life, I have decided to put both outcomes in the same chapter, AU always comes first ... unless I have stated otherwise ... one other thing ... enjoy!!

3,186 11
22 She Is Dead

Chapter starts with what happened in my little Potter world if things finish differently from JK, the second part, sadly is written to come to same conclusion as JK

1,177 11
23 Severance

MASSIVEAPOLOGY GIRLS AND BOYS, I AM SO SORRY FOR KEEPING YOU WAITING. Here you go your next chapter it's a bit of a filler but I was just feeling bad for not having anything new up, I am a really bad person lol

2,653 6
24 Rush

Okay, I cant even believe it myself, four hours and its done, I think it's quite long so please excuse me. I found this hard to do, dont hate me xx

2,461 7
25 Venting

Hey this is the chapter you've been waiting for. Also a quick note I have skipped a chapter because it is an action chapter and I am struggling with it xx

3,538 9
26 New Beginnings

Hey guys, hope you are getting used to the new format now, it's been a while xx Hope you enjoy the chappie xx
Forget that new format scrapped enjoy this story as it was always intended to be enjoyed xx

2,733 7
27 Last Breath

Hello, hello, please enjoy this, I am now allowing anonymous reviews now folks dont abuse it xx

6,028 11
28 The Darlingest Brat

Hey, back again with some suburn xx Hope you like this chapter it is rather self indulgent lol xx

7,665 11
29 A Heroes Death

Not as bad as it sounds trust me. This chapter has a bit of everything you might like to read xx

6,650 7
30 The Lollipop Guild

Dont be put off by the title it isnt explanatory of the chapter xx enjoy

5,242 13
31 Married Life Begins in Earnest

So ... whats this chapter about? I'll tell you, it's Christmas time xx

5,762 18
32 The Most Romantic Man in the World

Hey, sorry for the wait, here is a little look into the private lives of others, pretty boring but I've got to keep up with you guys xx

3,664 4
33 The Transparent Girl ... and The Glorified Embryo

Okay so you are thinking what the hell right? Well read on ... I am not too pleased with this effort but I have to write something.

6,455 10
34 A.S.R.E.B

Okay so I eventually got around to finishin this chapter it has been a long time waiting but we got there xx

6,870 7
35 The Fidelius Plan

Posted much quicker, just shows what I can do when I put my mind to it.

2,935 3
36 How Thin The Cloth

Well here it is the last chapter.

6,717 16


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