Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
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Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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2007-01-11 16:17:29
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Seeing the Unseen

James Potter and Lily Evans have been in the same house for going on seven years. They have been on the same Quidditch team for almost three years and they perform Head duties together every other night. But James never really took note of her, most people didn't.  Things change though. Sometimes one moment is all it takes.

6304 21
2 Reluctance relenting

At the afterparty, James and Lily end up spending the evening together which to their mutual surprise, turns out quite well.

9971 13
3 On Hallow's Eve

Bella and Nia both have dates for Halloween, leaving Lily quite alone or so she'd thought. A suprisingly fun afternoon is spent with even more surprising companions followed by a rather eventful round with James.

10508 15
4 This Life Thing

Nia and Sirius become embroiled in a double plot to make the other jealous, leaving Lily to sort out their mess. Along the way, she makes interesting discoveries which only serve to further complicate the web and contrives a plot of her own for Remus.

11721 9
5 Low Point

Things are not going brilliantly for Lily. She feels terrible and is plagued by the thoughts of the latest muggle massacre, on top of which it falls to her to save her quidditch team in a catastrophic match which could make or break Nia and Sirius.

6831 1
6 Stained Glass Windows

A letter from her mum does nothing to surprise Lily but gives James plenty to think about. And during the party she so meticulously planned, Lily is once again stuck with the job of sorting everyone else out. But for once in her life, has a plan of her making backfired?

11165 5
7 The Lights Are All Out

It's Christmas and Lily's over at Bella's. She's looking forward to the Ministry party, avoiding work and just generally being away from anything real. But nothing ever goes the way you want it to, does it?

12074 5
8 Hometown Glory

Christmas and her birthday have always gone hand in hand for Lily and while Christmas has always been pleasant enough, her birthday was an event she had never been made to relish much. But perhaps for her eighteenth, traditions could change.

10730 6
9 James


10726 13
10 Any Other Name

Valentine's Day is not a happy day for a hitherto unconcerned single Lily. However this year has been unlike any she's so far experienced, and this happens to be no exception.

8867 4
11 Spiralling

Lily and James return from their spree of mischief-making with bizarre outcomes. Perhaps a trip home will bring her back to what's supposed to be real?

7406 17
12 August

Lily is fast realising that the future gets closer and closer every day and while her own seems pretty set, Bella seems to be much less fortunate. Nia appears to be coping with a few struggles of her own, some of which even Lily and Bella don't know about and the highly anticipated semi-final match arrives with bittersweet results.

9723 16
13 Beth Leighton's Riverdance Ballet

Nothing works like it's supposed to. James and Sally don't seem right. Bella falls flat on her face and it's beginning to look like every day is like another day lost when it comes to Nia.

9569 19
14 Three Old Dances

Everything is coming to a head. James has a realisation forced upon him. Lily is faced with unavoidable observations.

9406 24
15 Vin and Poppy

They've managed to make it to the Easter Holidays. But only just. And things are by no means looking up.

11658 17
16 The Spectacular

The Easter holidays are coming to an end and everything seems to have saved itself for last. Lily panics, tries to figure things out and tie up loose ends (sometimes all at once), James is trying to work himself out of his embarassing inertia. The fog on the road ahead starts to clear for Bella while Nia's road finds itself at a junction.

8602 55


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