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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Luna, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-01-11 12:16pm
Last Chapter
2008-10-18 11:23pm
Last Updated
2008-10-18 11:23pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Summer Holiday

Harry, Ron and Hermione return for year six at Hogwarts but some shocking news from Hermione causes her to go off the rails.

2,045 31
2 Questions

Harry and Ron discover Hermione can see the Thestrals raising even more questions about what may have happened over the summer break. Hermione's weird behaviour causes Ron to take action leading to a shocking discovery!

4,127 19
3 Have you met Miss Granger?

Ron and Harry discover a painful truth.

2,936 21
4 After Discovery

Harry and Ron have to find a way of accepting the shocking news. More secrets are revealed.

3,511 11
5 Magic, Moonlight and Mayhem

Harry has a moment with Mollie. Mollie is late for class but gets an unexpected unwelcome surprise.

3,191 7
6 Realisation

Mollie finds a major clue that she has shockingly known all along.

3,877 6
7 Where to Begin

Mollie delves deep into trying to find out what she can about the mystery, Harry and Mollie get closer, Ron discovers something painful.

3,613 11
8 The sssecret lies with....

Mollie over hears a conversation between Draco and Snape. Dumbledore and Mollie discover another surprising clue to the mystery that starts to piece things together.

4,243 4
9 What dreams are made of

Harry and Mollie get a lot closer. Ron takes a turn for the worse. Mollie finally investigates under Hermione's bed.

6,511 9
10 Grave Situation

Ron is appauled to find out that Harry was out all night with Mollie, Mollie decides it is time to take Harry and Ron somewhere and visits Dumbledore about it and presents him with the new discovered information.

6,785 6
11 Each voice stands alone

Mollie has a confrontation with Draco, Harry and Ron argue about Ron's sudden change of heart, Dumbledore has some bad news

6,929 4
12 The longest day

Dumbledore tells Mollie he has discovered the location of the portal, Mollie has a confrontation with Snape, Mollie has to try and deal with one surprise after another.

7,939 4
13 Stop, Think...Breakaway

Ron tries to make things harder for Harry and Mollie, Ginny almost discovers the truth, Harry has a surprise for Mollie unknowing that she has one to.

6,688 5
14 The Achievements Ball

The night of the achievements ball is finally here but little do they know what lurks around the corner.

6,351 4
15 The aftermath

Commotion fills The Burrow as everyone trys to come to terms with the previous nights events.

7,171 3
16 The beginning of everything else Part 1

The location of the portal is discovered. Mollie opens up to Harry. A few truths are shared.

6,047 8
17 The beginning of everything else part 2

Mollie disapears and finds herself back in 'Sleepless Dreaming' and by Hermione's grave, Harry gets a look at the portal, Ron is awestruck.

3,042 12
18 The Resurrection Stone

Hermione is finding it hard to adjust, everyone has questions about what happened the previous night, The Burrow has a surprise visitor!

3,527 9
19 The Return

Draco's return sends everybody into a frenzy as they try to discover he is the real Draco, Ron breaks down, Hermione conffesses how she really feels about being back, Mollie and Harry share an amusing moment

6,161 5
20 Remembering You

Hermione confides in Mollie about she feels now she is back, Ron and Hermione have an awkward conversation, Hermione thinks back to a special night she shared with Draco, Mollie and Harry finally define thier relationship

5,651 12
21 What you didn't know

The questions that still lingered about the portal are answered by Draco and Hermione, Mollie makes a deal with Dumbledore.

4,614 6
22 A Piece Of Soul

Harry and Mollie share a tender moment, Dumbledore extracts Mollie's missing memories, a horrible truth is uncovered.

3,401 7
23 While you were sleeping

While Mollie and Harry are asleep, Hermione agree's to something that she later regrets, Luna writes an interesting letter to her father.

4,151 6
24 Until Then

Mollie has a visit from her handler, Hermione tries to repair the trio's friendship with little success, Dumbledore finally tells Mollie what has been bothering him, Hermione makes a risky decsion

5,188 4
25 A Slytherin's Destiny

Mollie goes back in time to talk to Slytherin about why he wanted to open the portal and if Voldermort has visisted, Harry and Draco go on a mini quest.

3,660 10
26 Getting Away

Mollie and Dumbledore return from the pensieve after discovering who killed Owen, Mollie decides she needs to get away and takes Harry, Hermione and Draco with her, Ron bonds with Luna

7,150 4
27 Choice's

Away from The Burrow emotions run high, Harry asks a question that stuns Mollie. Hermione and Draco, Hermione makes a choice, Ron and Luna get closer to Ginny's annoyance.

5,550 8
28 For The Rest Of My Life

Harry and Mollie return to The Burrow with some shocking news and a dull day is transformed, Ron discovers the truth, Ginny tries to accept how things, Luna and Ron share an awkward moment, but she has little time to dwell.

6,677 6
29 The Prophecy

After discovering Luna is missing everyone in The Burrow gets to work on trying to discover what Voldermorts next move will be, Mollie, Harry, Dumbledore and Hermione take a journey into one of Mollie's memories and discover more than they bargained for, Ron and Draco get into a fight.

9,448 11
30 Half Breed...Half Blood...

Draco loses his temper with Mollie, Dumbledore and Mollie explain what they discovered in Mollie's memory, Mollie has an unexpected turn and brings back an unexpected guest

5,362 4
31 There's Always A Catch

Dumbledore informs Mollie of what power she really has, Hermione questions Mollie over the resurrection stone, Hermione makes a choice, Slytherin explains about the elixers to Mollie's horror, Lupin has a pleasent surprise.

4,991 7
32 Final Hours

Only one more day before Mollie has to lead everyone into battle and she's beginning to feel the pressure, but with a shocking gesture from Slytherin and some surprise guests the final hours of the waiting game arn't as excruciating as expected.  

7,032 6
33 The Incredible Mollie Granger

Voldermort and Mollie finally meet when they come to blows as the portal is opened.

9,969 10
34 Saying Goodbye

Final Chapter!!! :-( 
Thank you to everyone who has read and reveiwed After Life! 
Hope you enjoy the chapter!

1,609 38


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