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McGonagall, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, AU
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2007-01-07 9:03pm
Last Chapter
2015-01-05 4:34pm
Last Updated
2015-01-05 4:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Brief Introduction

Henria begins her little adventure at platform nine and three quarters. Then she is introduced and everyone picks up her accent...

1,465 2
2 The Head Girl

A nice surprise bright and early in the morning. Along with some worms and a bit of creatve sowing.

1,400 2
3 The Begining of Something

In this one, classes begin and Drao is actually somewhat nice. *gasps* Shocker, I know.

2,404 2
4 A Surprise

Henria and Draco fight...surprise, surprise. He ends up falling on his butt and then he gets the crap beat out of him. Henria then receives a visitor who knows how to control her.

3,093 2
5 A Heart Break

Henria gets a little ticked, she accepts a challenge and Denali gets soo pissed...he flies off. Find out what poor Ms. Sownbinder does to him.

2,806 1
6 Draco Interferes...Yet Again

Henria is worrying...and Draco contemplates. Not before there is some Old English exchanged between the two. And who comes knocking at midnight?

2,079 2
7 Questions

Henria wakes up and is presented with a piece of parchment. Her and Draco...again...duke it out in the bathroom. All in all, Henria's second day is turning out to be some-what normal.

3,202 2
8 Draco Comes to Realize

Henria has an encounter with Draco in the...Dun Dun Duuuunnn...And Draco learns a little more about Henria.

2,980 0
9 Keep Running Until You Can't Run Anymore

Henria decides that exercise is something to relieve stress. But over exercise could lead to death...

1,973 1
10 The Hospital Wing

 Anger might by her best tool.

2,350 1
11 UnControlable

Henria is in for a wild ride.

2,127 0
12 Secrets and More Secrets

Too many secrets has gotten Henria agitated.

2,222 0
13 Going Home For Christmas

Who knew going home was such an adventure?

3,479 0
14 Vacation

Finally, HOME!

1,378 1
15 Teardrop Kisses

And all too soon, Christmas Holiday is over and Henria returns to the castle. Will she survive being on Hogwarts Express?

2,383 0
16 Assassination Attep #1

I guess they will not pull their punches, since I do not pull mine.

2,284 0
17 Ice Cream Soup

"Funny, I didn't peg you as a screamer, but yet, the whole castle heard you."

2,078 0
18 Intrusions and Sacking

Someone tries to be sneaky but ends up on the floor. And then everything that Henria has grown to love falls apart.

2,007 0
19 Post Sex Cuddle

It is the beginning of the end...

1,800 1


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