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Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Snape/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-12-31 6:37pm
Last Chapter
2008-02-26 11:11am
Last Updated
2008-02-26 11:11am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Tip of a Quill

History begins with a single event. For Harry, the end of one only begins another. At the end of the war he was given a piece of parchment that held the words his father had written him almost twenty years prior. Those words are only the beginning of a journey. Find out, along with Harry, about the tale of the Seventh Years, and how their lives changed the future.

4,258 39
2 The Last Days of Summer

It usually seems as though the days fly by and before you know it - summer is over. For James and Sirius, its hard to believe that its their last summer before they become real men. How do they truly feel about that? What are some of their plans for the year? For the Marauders, every year is special. The summer is just the beginning of the interesting ride.

4,559 23
3 Brothers at the Crossroads

The end of the summer is here. It's time for the Marauders to go back to Hogwarts. Is this just the beginning of everything? What kind of changes happened over the summer? For James and Sirius, they already know what's up ahead. Or do they?

4,775 22
4 Fate Steps In

Fate is an interesting force. Once you think its going to go one way, it goes in a completely opposite direction. For the Marauders, their plans are already set in stone. Peter just wants to be Peter. Remus wants to be the prankster. James, of course, wants Lily. But what about Sirius? For him, Fate is about to throw him way off course.

5,077 19
5 Fear Reborn

Now that the students have returned to Hogwarts, the professors are wondering what the year will bring. Poseidon was introduced in the Great Hall as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Who is he? Do all of the professors trust him? And who is the new Ancient Runes and Divination professor for the 7th years? Will this professor bring about a change in the tide? The year is just beginning. What happens next is no longer in their hands.

4,479 19
6 A Splash of Jealousy

The first of many days at Hogwarts begins today. Will the Marauders get off on the right foot? Has anything changed from years prior? Green can be someone's color. But for others, its just not the right shade.

4,777 14
7 Hero for a Day

Hogwarts is sort of like a playground - the popular kids can take the entire place over. But what happens when the bullies weasel their way into the picture? It leaves a vacant spot for a hero and possibly for feelings to flurish. Join the fun!

4,712 19
8 A Sight to See

When jealousy and revenge combine, does it make the right mixture? For the Marauders, revenge is a dish best served cold. What happens when Sirius and Remus go to Divination for the first time this semester? The stars align to make someone, hopefully, a little more wiser.

5,277 14
9 The Path to the Past

Everyone has a past - a history that some wish to forget. What is it about Isis's past that everyone wants to know and she wants to forget? For her, the past is painful and full of memories she wishes to push aside. For others...her past is the key to their future.

3,771 14
10 A Brief Pause

The story stops, for just a moment. What do Harry, Ron, and Hermione think about what's happening thus far? What about Sirius and Remus? Is Isis telling an accurate tell of the Seventh Year? Let's listen in and find out.

2,514 15
11 A Walk in the Moonlight

With the full moon rising, Remus is in for a very long night. Now that the Marauders possess the Marauder's Map, will it truly help them in the end? This is the night where Remus is tested. Will he come out on top or will something from the darkness make Fate bend the other way?

4,508 11
12 The Darkness Weighs In

What happens when the Darkness begins to overwhelm? For two students, Darkness decides its time for them to make a choice. It's time for them to see what the world is through its eyes. Maybe we should try to do the same...

4,550 20
13 When All Defenses Fail

After a huge announcement in the Great Hall, it is up to James to decide how to approach a very big opportunity. Will he fall flat or will James finally succeed in something other than a prank?

4,396 13
14 Not Simply Black and White

Where lines begin to parallel, the others criss cross. For Professor Dumbledore, there are two lines traveling on a path parallel to one another. What will it take to get them to cross and finally see that they need to in order to survive? It will take a lot of thought and questions, but he is ready to give it a try.

4,064 8
15 Trick or Treat?

With Halloween upon Hogwarts, what sort of mischief will the Marauders get into? Maybe its just one that will find the means to torture another soul. However, it only takes one to destroy a plan and change the perspective of how one sees things.

4,424 8
16 A Thankful Snowfall

Hogsmeade can be just a place where many students gather to shop and have fun away from Hogwarts. But for Remus, Hogsmeade has become something else entirely.

4,439 7
17 Full Moon Rising

Just when everything seems to be going right, days are happy again, there is that one dark cloud that seems to loom over everything. Defense Against the Dark Arts seems an appropriate place for that to happen. What does the dark cloud seem to have in store for the Marauders this time?

4,736 13
18 Legends Better Left Untold

For Lily, a legend is like a mystery that intrigues and mystifies. She enjoys a challenge and will take Professor Binns's assignment very seriously. The question remains...will everyone allow her to do it?

3,258 10
19 The Color of Night

The night of the Yule Ball is just beginning. Everyone in Hogwarts is sure to be excited and thrilled with the upcoming event. But perhaps...not everything is what it seems. Everyone feels differently just like almost everyone is sure to wear a different color to the event of the year.

4,264 11
20 Masquerade

The Yule Ball is finally here. It is a night of enchantment and fairy tales. But yet, the darkness is all around them. Will it truly be a night that none of them will forget?

4,869 15
21 First Steps Toward the End

It's the beginning of a new year. The downhill slide just becomes more grave as the Marauders continue on their journey. What's to become of them now since the Yule Ball seemed to be the change in the tide?

3,302 7
22 Never Say 'I Told You So'

The Yule Ball was not the best night of Sirius's life. Ali had just walked away without any explanation. It's only right that he finds out what's going on before anyone tells him 'I told you so'.

2,953 9
23 The Beginning of the Fairy Tale

James and Lily head to Hogsmeade on their first date. Madam Puddifoot's seems the ideal place. All fairy tales do begin with...'Once upon a time'...

2,169 9
24 The Right Hands of God

Through the darkness they march. For one his fate has always been tied to the darkness. What will happen when he is given no choice of what is to become of him?

3,041 10
25 Hunter's Moon

With Trista finally understanding who and what she is, it's time for the Marauders to help her through this new phase in her life. But with the Hunter's Moon wishing to peak over the mountains, is its red glow a sign of things to come?

3,828 9
26 The Brush Fire

Fire is strong, burning whatever it touches. But is it finally strong enough to come out of the darkness it always seems to hide in?

3,362 15


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